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For over 25 years, FreedomWorks has stood to support and protect limited government, minimal taxes, free markets, personal autonomy, and the rule of law.

FreedomWorks supports a variety of political reforms that include...

1. TERM LIMITS-Sever incumbents' ties with special interests.

2. EDUCATION REFORM-Bring private competition to public education. Give kids and parents real choices and opportunities.

3. DIGITAL BILL OF RIGHTS-Ensure that the U.S. Constitution's protections are included in the cyberworld.

4. REGULATORY ACTION CENTER-Stop bureaucratic power-grabs. Repeal burdensome job-killing regulations.

5. SOUND MONEY-Allow citizens to use anything they want as money, including cryptocurrency.

6. WORKPLACE FREEDOM-Protect people and businesses from union power grabs.

7. ENERGY & ENVIRONMENT-Stop abuses and regulations that hamstring our economy.

8. ENTITLEMENT REFORM-Roll back massive and needless entitlement programs that reward freeloaders, entice illegal aliens, penalize and tax the productive, and can bankrupt our nation.

9. BUDGET & SPENDING-Stop reckless spending and needless programs. Minimize taxes and expenditures.Washington now borrows 40 cents of every dollar it spends.

10. CIVIL LIBERTIES-Protect civil liberty and privacy.

11. JUSTICE REFORM-Ease burdens on taxpayers. Give nonviolent offenders the opportunity to become productive citizens. Stop prosecution and punishment for victimless crimes.

12. HEALTH CARE REFORM-ObamaCare is a disaster. It should be replaced with free-market, patient-centered reforms.

13. FUNDAMENTAL TAX REFORM-Scrap the current complicated code and make taxes low, simple, and honest.

14. JUDICIAL REFORM-The judicial branch of government has overstepped its bounds and increasingly ignores the precepts of common law.

To educate the American people and to preserve liberty, justice, and free markets, FreedomWorks documents and publishes the votes of our House and Senate members on key legislative votes. Any person can check their honesty and integrity with a few mouse clicks.

FreedomWorks gives each one a "scorecard" of his performance, very much like a school teacher gives each student a report card. Those who perform well can be re-elected. Those who fail can be voted out of office.

Back in March 2020, I reported and illustrated the Republicans' and Democrats' lifetime performances. Unlike what George Wallace had claimed fifty years earlier, there was a huge difference between the two parties. Today, that difference has expanded even more.

During this past year (2021), the House Democrats were absolutely dismal. Only two made flat zeros, but a whopping 198 barely bettered them with 6%. Their top scores were 11 members with 13% and 3 with 19%.

Their Senators were even more pathetic. Forty two made goose eggs. Six made 4%. One made 8%, and one topped out at 12%.

Every last Democrat made an "F"-a very low "F"-all of the way down into the bottom of the sewer with the Nazis and totalitarians. We could call every one a TRAITOR-completely unfit for any kind of public service.

The Republicans performed very well and stepped up with a new record.

Twenty five House members each made a perfect 100%, and 37 more followed with 94%-all strong "A" grades. One hundred and thirteen made 88%-a "B+." Twenty three made 81%-a "B-," still a decent grade. Four made 75%-a "C." Four made 69%-a "D+." One made 63%-a "D." There were no Republican "F" grades, not even one.

The Republican Senators did almost as well. Twelve made a perfect 100%, followed with 10 with 96% and 6 with 92%-all "A" grades. Ten made a "B" (6 with 88%, 3 with 85%, and 1 with 81%. Six made a "C" (4 with 77% and 2 with 73%). Six made a "D" (3 with 69%, 1 with 65%, and 2 with 62%). Again, there were no "F" grades.

How well did Alabama perform? Fortunately, six of our seven House seats and both of our Senate seats are occupied by Republicans. Every one scored at least 88%. Mo Brooks (Dist 5) and our ex-Auburn football coach, Freshman Senator Tommy Tuberville, each scored a perfect 100%. Alabama's only rotten egg was District 7's Democratic Representative Terri Sewell, who earned a pitiful 6%.

FreedomWorks does not have the capacity to grade state and local office holders, but from their performances here in Alabama, many do not rank well. Among our governor, legislators, judges, county commissions, and various others, we have too many dirty Democrats and even some Republicans who are well below par and should be replaced. Check out their records. Get ready to dump the socialists and authoritarians.

Finally, after four years of suffering from abuse and wringing our hands, we get to vote the bums out in a mid-term election this year. In the primary, we must select strong fiscal conservatives for all offices-people who will give their utmost to protect individual liberty and autonomy, repeal abusive laws, and minimize taxes, spending, and regulations. Keep the ones who perform well. THROW OUT the rotten eggs-the ones who gave us the gas tax increase, shutdowns, lockdowns, mandates, travel restrictions, "Stay at home" orders, expanded budgets, corporate welfare, the proposal to blow millions on three new mega-prisons, and an extreme anti-abortion law that will surely be challenged in the courts and cost us millions more.




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