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One of the obstacles most hunters and fishermen dread is the wind. A light wind is not a factor – it’s even helpful, but a windy day is burdensome to the fishermen and causes most game to stay out of sight. Most of the time, I complain about the wind like everyone else. But there are a few circumstances where the wind adds excitement to the hunt and gives me the edge. One of those circumstances is when I’m turkey hunting. As turkey hunters know, this particular bird has excellent sight and can distinguish colors as well. The least movement will turn an otherwise successful hunt into a what-if story. When the wind is still, I’m still, but when the wind blows, I use the opportunity to do a little stalking. I can remember one morning be able to crawl within fifteen yards of nine jakes without ever calling. And after they recognized something was not right, they came closer for some investigation. I could almost touch them with the end of my gun. Now that was exciting!

Many times, we assume the worst when the wind is involved. We use clichés like the “winds of change,” or we offer encouragement by saying “keep the wind to your back,” as if a headwind is a negative thing. The truth is most of our growth happens when the winds are against us.

These gusts challenge our normal and comfortable way of doing things. They make us decide whether we will curse our circumstances or use them to find another way. They reveal to us our fears and our ability to adapt and overcome. They show us who or what is controlling our life. Perhaps the winds of difficulty are blowing against you right now. Perhaps it seems they are so strong that your boat is standing still. It may be God is simply causing you to move in another direction, or it might be He is using these gusts to reveal to you a fear you need to relinquish. The wind can be your friend if you will always remember God is at its helm. He will determine its length and strength. He will use it to bring you new successes in different ways. And in doing this, He will cause you to have a greater trust in Him.


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