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Call Her Kat... Privett-Duren, that is

(Courageous Victim of AU Corruption to Remember)

Feedback from last month's postscript compels writing more on Kat Privett-Duren who was the first courageous soul at AU to stand against the malicious administrator recently disciplined in federal court by upholding Professor Stern's First Amendment civil right. How little local Lee County media covered this unlikely victory against such abusive power is revealing. Helps one understand how wrongdoing of this sort in our city/county government, hospitals, school systems, etc. continues unchecked. The Stern victory has earned enough national attention where accreditation agencies appear to be taking AU corruption more seriously. Little hope for correction from BCA Ivey neglecting her gubernatorial duties over the Board of Trustees; even less hopeful recently installed lobbyist Katie Britt will care about students and taxpayers. On the other hand, little doubt Ms. Britt will make sure her master's name remains to enshrine Shelby's corruption and lack of oversight on wrongdoings at AU, most notably a failed banker trustee (who mentored Felon Hubbard) responsible for one of the biggest FDIC bank failures in US history.

My eldest Goddaughter contacted me completely incredulous at her Alma Mater supporting a Dean abusing a so-called 'witch' who was among her most cherished professors; by many accounts Kat enjoys a well earned repute as one of the best instructors in the college. Fascinating my Goddaughter thousands of miles away knew about something unreported/unspoken of in my own college. This was before Facebook decided/managed what information users view. Few things tear at a Godfather's heart more than a Godchild wanting someone to stop a bully. Kat is indeed of good Spirit, sad how many malicious politburo members like this undisciplined administrator think it OK to use their position and tax-dollars to destroy others of faith they're too ignorant to understand, don't use the exact incantations they demand, etc. The trial which landed a decisive blow on this malicious administrator commencing on All Hollow's [Saints] Eve was a little 'ironic icing' on the verdict.

As a fellow victim of administrator abuse and adding insult to injury, when Felon Hubbard minions made sure I was not rehired, it was at a time I wanted to teach this Goddaughter economics. Professor Stern's efforts to reduce Hubbard minion deleterious impacts on his department as chair allowed teaching my younger Goddaughter years later. Stern's success shielding his unit from expanding corruption would attract even more abuse and effort against one of the more honest, productive departments known to do sound research on failed command and control policies/programs to improve the general welfare of citizens. Objective economists with an eye to see financial improprieties and request documents and explanation on fraud (some may recall the Gazette column exposing 'Grand-theft Auto Allowance' to trump up RSA checks) at AU made the assault on Stern's First Amendment civil rights all the more pressing. I pray the federal court sees fit to protect Prof. Stern and his unit from further administrative abuse using the colour of authority and our taxpayer dollars to destroy exemplary academics like Kat.

The assault my Goddaughter spoke of against this outstanding English instructor was true and even worse. The most petty act I recall the Auburn Family (a.k.a., Mafia) committed against Prof. Privett-Duran was refusing to release her graduation records for securing employment elsewhere after this malicious Dean took her job, against the better informed department chair's determination. The group supporting fraud, theft and civil right violations at AU are worthy of RICO investigation if we're serious about removing enough of the corrupt politburo members to make a difference. Instructors with stellar records like Kat have no problem getting hired elsewhere to illustrate how wrong this malicious (now confirmed by a federal jury) Dean has been. When I was not rehired (thankfully more publicly reported in those days) universities immediately made contacts wanting to hire me... fortunately colluding AU administrators couldn't hold my Clemson graduation records 'hostage' as our ugliest pillagers on the plains did to Kat.

After much effort and explanation I convinced an attorney to take Kat's case to federal court. God bless attorneys of this sort who go the extra mile to take on these high paid harassing politburo thugs. Difficult to educate (even with Prof. Stern's help) those outside of the academic industrial complex differences between chair, dean, installed dept. head, instructor, president, professor, provost, etc. We did have the benefit of illustrating just how unusually obscene it was for a Dean to reach down and destroy a highly regarded instructor over the decision of a duly elected department chair and provide sound explanation how this Dean singled out the 'witch' he wanted burned... OK, fired. Sadly, the career and life of this accomplished, productive instructor has been irrevocably harmed in this columnist's observed opinion while the overpaid, malicious, incompetent administrators continue to be a growing parasitic cancer in Lee County.

The best report [11/23/22 LaFayette Sun] I've read on the Stern verdict (again, well outside Lee County's media black-out/underreporting) was penned by John Brice who noted, ' settlement paid out by AU as compensation for the improper firing of Dr. Katharyn Privett-Duren by Aistrup may have been the past that served as prologue to Stern's case..." By some accounts Dean Aistrup's deposition on his 'witch-hunt' was devastating to confirm his malice, yet this Dean was not fired to stop him these past years; certainly a just outcome for one that enjoys harassing and wrongly firing others. AU has a well earned repute of paying well for poor performing administrators, coaches, deadwood professors, student advisors/representatives, etc. instead of very publicly removing them as an example for all to observe.

Shepherding attorneys to grasp AU wasn't simply obviating broadcast of this specific 'witch-burning' morass but putting a lid on airing many other things this malicious Dean connected to/exposed throughout our corrupt university is a daunting task. The relentless PR campaign and veneer paid to Matrix type political hacks and columnists on university payrolls seem impossible to overcome at times. If AU had to suffer more substantial settlement/verdict payments or actually begin to air more wrongdoings in federal court, perhaps things would've improved. I'm unaware of any settlement offer(s) to Stern, but confident it would've been rejected (as me and my bride refused a $2 million settlement offer from politburo members to avoid property rights being reaffirmed in federal court) without removal of the most corrupt, malicious AU administrators.

Two upcoming cases in federal court promise to shed more disinfecting light on our corrupt Governor, Board of Trustees, President, Legal Counsel, upper administrator etc. pattern and practice of civil rights violation with glee, greed and malice. In spite of successful efforts to expose and remove this malicious cancer from AU and attenuate further harm, many of these unprosecuted criminal actors/activities remain employed at student and taxpayer expense. Another $700,000 for this corrupt administrator's malice (rewarded with handsome paychecks and continued harming and polluting AU) provides further public awareness our politburo and local media are finding harder to conceal.

Some forecast two more civil right lawsuits filed against AU administrators will be similarly successful at curbing 'Auburn Greed.' Expect this same malicious administrator (still employed - i.e., not publicly fired for his wrongdoings) to be disciplined again in the federal courts this summer. A much less complex case than the Stern victory, but nonetheless vulgar to a outstanding, productive professor. Those aware what this harasser has done to Professors Privett-Duren, Stern and others are not surprised by serial malefactors undisciplined by our governor, BoT, recent presidents, legal counsel, upper administrators, etc. at AU. The other civil right lawsuit against another Dean (installed now as president, to further blatantly illustrate how corrupt things are at AU) is the longest in waiting a trial date and will illustrate how deep the corruption and outside influence has become to attack sound scholarship and academic freedom/integrity of our most productive, honest scholars and faculty.

I requested Prof. Privett-Duren consider sharing some perspective/thoughts on the recent verdict exposing this malicious Dean in federal court. Honoured this courageous victim provided the following quote:

"At long last, some justice has been won in the case of Michael Stern's battle against the corrupt underbelly of a university that I once held in high esteem. For some of us, that justice was not soon enough, nor comprehensive enough, to make a difference. The loss of career, retirement, reputation, and a long-held conviction and faith in AU's mission statement was irreparable. And, as is often the case with unprincipled systems of governance, we still appeal for the return of fair, honorable, and holistic policies that protect and support the instructors and professors whose lives are/were dedicated to teaching. The world is changing and no longer hides the prejudices and systemic ideologies of "good ol' boys" within the skirts of bureaucrats and administrators-- nor should it have ever done so. The emperor, indeed, has no clothes. The longer we affect that illusion, the deeper the fracture grows between what our university could have been and what it has become. As part of my agreement within my settlement against Auburn University, I cannot speak to what I have suffered, nor experienced, at the termination of my fourteen years within those beloved walls. I can say that I loved teaching, and that I was once loved by my students, and that my heart will always be just a little broken by the loss of it all.

And so, I stand with Michael Stern, and am ever grateful that he had the fortitude to fight the battle that I could not. May we one day see Auburn University brought back around to the noble core that built its foundations. And until then, to everyone still struggling to stand under the weight of an administration that no longer considers its bearings: may the odds be ever in your favor." - Dr. Katharyn M. Privett-Duren

It is hard to 'firewall' such over-powering corruption within a university in our once lovely, small college town... now overgrown with so many political parasites and government subsidized, unsustainable expansion destroying our once wonderful quality of life. Marguerite Middlemas [4/7/22 Villager] report on Auburn City Council board appointments explained installing Dean Aistrup to fill Mack Lazenby's unexpired term on the Planning Commission over five other applicants some thought may be of better character and Spirit than one with this (now jury determined malicious) repute. Public servant, Mayor Ron Anders emphasized the impressiveness of the applicants and the importance of the Planning Commission. Anders was quoted with, "We had three outstanding interviews and I appreciate everyone seeking this position," and also said, "Planning is so important to our community and there's so much going on and you really have to dig in and want to be a part of it." Planning in Lee County has been another hub of 'dug in' corruption and cronyism created for the Auburn Mafia, many awaiting Felon Hubbard's return from prison this month. To install Dean Aistrup speaks volumes of what Anders, et al on the Council really want over other applicants.

The most indelible comment I witnessed from this malicious Dean awaiting an Econ Department meeting, "May the Wings of Corruption Carry You Far." In retrospect, I can say Aistrup's wings have indeed carried him far from continued employment after AU paying settlements and verdicts for his malice to being installed among the Auburn City politburo to further spread corruption and malice as a public servant outside his academic sphere of influence. This malicious Dean clearly belongs with our most antithetical to the letter and Spirit of The Auburn Creed.

In closing, I'm the person who directs much effort getting things in court to solidify the corrupt from the righteous, knowing evil usually prevails in our State and my county. I'm not a good organizer, social media presence, facilitator of 'Go Fund Me' type endeavours, etc. I implore those of good 'Auburn Creed' Spirit to start a blessed New Year flooding AU with requests to restore this outstanding instructor's employment and rally to restore Kat's losses (esp. to her retirement) these past many years. The Auburn Mafia Family does well at paying failed coaches, corrupt administrators, faculty who allow our student athletes to be raped and clustered into sham degrees. Time for the Auburn righteous to make a stand and take care of their own... voters are going to keep installing the Bentley, Ivey, et al types who care more of prostituting wealth transfers than our education, safety and quality of life.


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