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Our Congressional Report Cards

After a disputed, bitter, (and in several cases possibly fraudulent) general election this past November, let’s take a look at what we might expect for the next two years.

We could ask ourselves, “What happened to the expected red wave? Why did so many Democrats win elections that had been in Republican strongholds?”

The clear evidence points directly to the Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe vs Wade combined with large numbers of extreme social hard-liners in many states recently pushing for draconian limits, or even outright bans, on abortions. Some have proposed a nationwide ban. Now deprived of the protection of Roe, women’s rights advocates and numerous moderates—ones who would otherwise support free market Republicans—have been frightened into voting for Democrats who would protect their reproductive options. On Quora, Neil Baxter wrote, “ was likely opposition to abortion that cost Republicans the last election.”

In other words, many Republicans have shot themselves in their feet with their anti-abortion mindsets. This is their Achilles heel. If they had been more pragmatic and not inserted their noses into people’s private affairs, they would have won enough seats to dominate both the House and the Senate.

A word to the Republicans: Learn how to quit meddling—in both personal and economic matters. Learn how to leave things alone and just get out of the way. You are supposed to be the party of less government. We have been voting for you to get government off of our backs. Get off of your high horses and quit intruding into people’s personal matters, and certainly don’t criminalize them. Let the women and God decide whether their decisions with their own bodies is murder or not. Understand that NOBODY has a right to dictate what a person can or must do with his or her body (Remember the COVID vaccine mandates). Ask yourselves, “What woman would want to be forced to bear the child of a rapist and pass his violent genes onto future generations?”

The Republicans have suffered a hard lesson. In 2024, we will see if they have learned anything.

Now, aside from abortions, let’s see how our leaders in Congress have been handling their official duties.

I don’t trust just anybody to provide an accurate report on this, especially the mainstream media. One of the very few sources that can provide honest and accurate evaluations is FreedomWorks. It ranks our members on the specific criterion that really matters—their voting records. How they vote is what makes the difference between tyranny and liberty.

FreedomWorks records their votes on key issues every year and judges them accordingly. Their scores rank anywhere from zero percent (totalitarian) to 100 percent (pure libertarian).

The U. S. Senate’s top performer is Utah’s MIKE LEE, with a score of 100% for his entire tenure. Today, he is the only one with that distinction. Ron Paul’s son, RAND PAUL is a very close second with 98.4%. Both made 100% for the 2022 session.

The Senate’s bottom performer is Arizona’s MARK KELLY, with a lifetime score of 1.4% and a 0% for 2022.

Until recently, America’s champion House member has been JUSTIN AMASH (MI), who has earned a perfect 100% voting record for ten years (2011 - 2021). In April, 2020, he left the Republicans, joined the Libertarian Party, and became its first member of Congress. He did not seek re-election in 2020, and has now retired.

The top House members today are Republicans Dan Bishop (NC), Lauren Boebert (CO), Mike Flood (NE), Bob Good (VA), and Chip Roy (TX), all with perfect 100% scores.

The bottom House dregs were Democrats Mike Levin (CA), Kim Schrier (WA), Mikie Sherrill (NJ), Elissa Slotkin (MI), and Jennifer Wexton (VA), all with lifetime scores of 2% and 0% for 2022.

For the most part, Alabama’s delegation has performed well. In the Senate, TOMMY TUBERVILLE, our ex Auburn football coach, racked up an impressive 98.5% since he was elected in 2020—a record unequaled by any Alabama senator since the late Jim Allen, who heroically battled Jimmy Carter’s Panama Canal giveaway and passed away in 1978. Tuberville’s 2022 performance was slightly less at 91.7%, but still above any other senator from Alabama in recent decades.

Richard Shelby’s 2022 score was a solid “B” grade at 83.3%, but his decades-long lifetime score was considerably less at 68.8%—a high “D”, largely depressed by his earlier experiences as a Democrat.

Overall, our House members were well above average. Our top performer was BARRY MOORE, with a lifetime score of 93.3% and a 92.9% for 2022. Mo Brooks was close behind with 88.2% (lifetime) and 92.9% for 2022. Gary Palmer racked up 86.4% (lifetime) and 85.7% for 2022. Jerry Carl earned 83% (lifetime) and 78.6% (2022). Robert Aderholt received 66.3% (lifetime) and 78.6% (2022). Mike Rogers was almost identical with 65.7% (lifetime) and 78.6% (2022).

Our one black sheep was district 7’s Terri Sewell. Her scores have been pathetic—9.7% for her tenure and a huge goose egg for 2022. The really sad part is that she just got re-elected by a large margin. What were the brain-dead voters in district 7 thinking?

Overall, as we already know from past records, the Republicans are far ahead of the Democrats on protecting our sacrosanct Constitutional rights. Nationwide, six Republican representatives and one senator made perfect lifetime 100s, and 36 representatives and six senators earned “A” grades of 90 or above. About two thirds of all of the Republicans made passing grades of 70 or above.

The Democrats, as they have done in the past, failed miserably. Almost none scored greater than 20%, and half of them fell way down into the single digits. Over the last several years, their scores have continued to plummet.

Last year (2022), seventy eight of the Democratic representatives made absolute zero. Ninety three others made barely more at 7.1%. Forty six of their 50 senators also zeroed out. Their top senate score was 16.7% by Bernie Sanders.

They keep getting re-elected again and again. About half of the American people have voted to sacrifice their most precious right—individual liberty—for the “free lunches” and other enticements that shackle them into the slavery of an authoritarian state.

If the mindsets of our Democrats and even some of our low-ranking Republicans gain dominance and impose big government oppression, our entire nation could degenerate into a despotic cesspool unfit for any civilized society. There are plenty of past examples all over the world—North Korea, Afghanistan, Iran, Somalia, Yemen, Venezuela, Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia), and Post-Apartheid South Africa.

When will this insanity end. Why do millions of people whine about “reparations” for slavery that disappeared more than a century and a half ago and no longer exists, but keep voting to enslave themselves to government masters again and again?


1. FreedomWorks.


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