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Witness: Economic Lynching in Lee County

In the Spirit of 'never again' a few painfully addressed an ugly past of lynching documented by the Lee County Remembrance Project - specifically Messrs John Moss, George Hart, Charles Humphries, Samuel Harris and Charles Miller. As mankind evolves... cloaking evil to fool oneself and others, a 'new and improved' lynching method was witnessed by observers willing/able to understand the destruction of Willie Philpot, an accomplished young entrepreneur squashed by the anti-business/pro-political theft politburo in our State.

Before " I Believe in Mike Hubbard" Republicans championed ACCA, BCA, et al wealth transfers to crony contractors, developers, financiers, vendors, etc. Lee County was evolving into a pro-competition 'sanctuary' promoting market driven growth over typical govt. subsidized, corrupt and unsustainable outcomes. An 'outlier' unpolluted by Felon Hubbard minions, Lee County was indeed rare with such competitive, effective curbside trash pick-up service. Mr. Philpot's successful business was evidence the old vulgar days of corporal lynching wouldn't work at keeping competitors out. Philpot's lack of fear further threatened the usual old corrupt entities which couldn't compete. In short, one-sided hysteria over 'cat-calls' and progressives murdering someone registering voters (the current rigged duopoly result is now easily controlled) doesn't matter this century; political thieves get their desired wealth-transfer via less vulgar methods.

The path to Philpot's lynching became public when he courageously stood against the smear campaign leveled against ViroTek of illegal dumping into Lee County trash bins. This was before Lee County's Probate Judge and other politburo members blocked citizen comments on taxpayer provided audio/video feed. Citizen concerns were properly included following meetings' call to order - i.e., many at that time could observe this evil unfold. Further evidence of purposefully keeping modern lynching of this sort in the dark... there was no video of the 5/24/21 Public Hearing for monopolizing Lee County curbside pickup to a crony contractor.

Mr. Philpot's courage to stand up for his growing, thriving business had to be destroyed by all means legal or illegal; ethical or fraudulent. Those who understand economic lynching realize an honest, competitive business like ViroTek (owned/operated by a young black entrepreneur unwilling to sell his soul) is more of a threat to ACCA, BCA, type 'public servants' - the grand wizards of modern lynching aided and abetted by Kay Ivey, Shelby Britt, et al politicians.

This case is simple. ViroTek was a private entity who directly billed customers who contracted with Philpot's company (or any other competitor) wanting curbside pickup of their rubbish to County trash bins. All contracted with Philpot's private curbside service directly/independently paid $222/yr. via property tax bills to legally use County dumpsters. If Lee County wasn't properly collecting from any property owner(s) when trash sites were operational, it is not Philpot's fault/responsibility. Wrongful dumping at County trash sites was/is indeed a problem - again, not Philpot's responsibility, it does appear roadside trash has become much worse under the politburo's monopoly outcome these past months with ViroTek now destroyed. Citizen requests to Commissioners the Sheriff draft a plan of trash site modifications (including cameras, staffing, etc.) to enforce/reduce wrongful dumping have been completely ignored these past years.

Lee County Commission Watchers did request an estimate of wrongful dumping in the process of Mr. Philpot's economic lynching. Illegal dumping was undoubtedly a problem but the smear campaign asserting Philpot/ViroTek had anything to do with it is yet another stain on Lee County. Shameful how observers in the press chose not to report on this economic lynching, yet played an active role in promoting the wrongdoings associated with this debacle, most notable justifying fraudulent bills being sent via USPS. Some residents are awaiting enough bills to establish a pattern of soliciting payment for services they've not contracted for via US mail to turn over to Federal Postal Inspector's Office who can determine if the County or the vendor granted the monopoly is purposefully mailing these fraudulent bills.

A County administrator submitted an estimate 30%-40% wrongful dumping. Lee County Commissioner Watchers found it a sound estimate with reasonable assumptions. If true and the problem of illegal dumping was effectively addressed, net reduced cost, fewer tipping fees, etc. would likely offset expenses of modifying dumpster sites, enforcement equipment and personnel... of course this wouldn't achieve the goal of economic lynching/transferring wealth to crony politburo contractors.

To readers wanting me to provide solutions more clearly, steps to undo this economic lynching are as follows:

• Apologize to Mr. Philpot and pay to repair the harm done to ViroTek and others damaged to accomplish this shameful outcome

• Reopen County trash bin sites once modified to discipline/enforce wrongful dumping. Prorate $222 bills for remainder of 2023 that Lee County property owner(s) are obliged to pay when trash sites are operational again. Resume proper yearly payments as was done before this monopoly contract with the County. Stop mailing fraudulent bills via USPS immediately

• Direct County Attorney Stan Martin to determine exit costs of dissolving their Arrow monopoly contract and pay the shameful amount. Also have County Attorney Martin identify all cost to dissolve 'public servant' Commissioner Robert Ham's corrupt five truck lease contract ($1,012,236.50) purchased for large pick-up requests citizens were told would be allowed up to twice a month by monopolist Arrow

• Undue vote to use County resources (Billing Clerk/Chief Clerk position, County Courthouse office space/utilities) to send fraudulent bills through the USPS as a collector for a third-party, private monopoly company. Individuals did NOT contract with Arrow, the County is obliged to pay this corrupt monopoly contract they put in place

• Once residents/property owners are able to dispose of their rubbish at reopened trash sites or contracted with some other PRIVATE curbside service, Arrow must remove trash cans from those not contracted with them. Some citizens despair seeing a daily reminder of this economic lynching and reduced quality of life in their county

• Instead of immediate elimination, consider using newly created bureaucratic positions (e.g., Billing and Chief Clerk) for transition toward legal billing from Arrow Disposal office to those who directly/voluntarily contract for Arrow's curbside pickup. These County bureaucrats could become an integral part of addressing wrongful dumping, monitoring trash sites, submitting cases to the Sheriff, etc.

I doubt younger readers will connect with my Billie Holiday 'strange fruit' reference. The cruel fruit I've observed in Lee County, destroying businessmen like Willie Philpot along with wrongful allocation of CARES Act, ARPA Funds, etc. snubbing other small business and closed churches has become less strange a sight these past years of economic lynching. The Lee County Remembrance Project evoked thoughts from my youth of what was in the mind of those shown in those violent, horrific pictures of brutal corporal lynching. Photos often included those who appeared to have the colour of authority... some wearing badges, appearing to be local judges and politicians sending exactly the message desired. As for citizens surrounding the central image... was it agreement? - curiosity? - fear? I suspect many in the photos had little idea of the what, why and how but were still in the mix. I imagine most in Lee County don't understand the economic lynching they're validating paying a bill for something they've not contracted for, aiding and abetting their corrupt politburo members going outside their authority. Does it really matter if done in fear, ignorance, indolence? The deleterious result is the same.

In closing, I do know I've been pictured at Lee County Commission Meetings witnessing this economic lynching and experienced the gripping pain it puts on my soul and sick feeling in my stomach difficult to endure. I pray my final Judge doesn't find me fearful, ignorant, lacking, lazy, etc. in my efforts to stand against lynching of this sort in my county.


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