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"From Betrayal to Forgiveness"

So often in this life when we are wronged, betrayed, offended, or treated unfairly. In the moment, we want to rise up to defend our rights and on our own point of view. Or we fight to get even. Or even stew in silence while nursing our wounds and getting angrier. It’s hard to extend the same grace and compassion that Christ Himself extended to others in the midst of His own pain. Yet He set the example, the way for us to walk.

To be betrayed or wronged by one who was trusted is a difficult hurdle to get over. It can sometimes leave us stuck right where it happened, we spin it over in our minds a million different ways, asking all the why's, but there's usually no adequate answer to even satisfy. Jesus knew the trap of betrayal and unforgiveness. He saw through its lies and the deep wounds of the soul that it could cause. He chose the better way, stepped over its grasp, and chose to love and to forgive.

Unforgiveness, even towards ourselves, will keep us prisoner to the past, to the wrong, to the betrayal, to the offender. It will never allow us to move forward in the freedom of where God wants us to live. And even hidden resentments, the ones we think no one sees, or knows about, safely tucked away into a secret place in our souls, will weigh us down, trapping us in the very place we wish to let go of. But we don't have to live there. We can make the choice to move forward.

Though forgiveness may never "feel" right, it will always "be" right. Because in it you will be set free. Choosing to forgive doesn't mean that the wrong never happened. It just means you refuse to allow it to control your life anymore.

Christ was betrayed by many. One of His own dear friends was given 30 pieces of silver in exchange for His life. Yet, He forgave. Huge love covering all the wrong, all the sin, all the barriers that block our way to God. He whispered these words up to His Father, grace words, breathing out love, through the suffering and the pain. He spoke them out loud. For those that persecuted Him. For us. For the world.

Jesus said, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.” And they divided up his clothes by casting lots. Luke 23:34

My friend, I pray that God will help in healing those places where you may have been deeply wounded. He knows our pain, He understands. By His own wounds, He promises healing and restoration. Take the first step today. Confess your need for His touch of grace, give Him all that has caused you pain. He never intends for us to stay stuck in our hurt but will bring us through to the other side.

Many Blessings!

P.S. Happy 15th Wedding Anniversary to my husband, Brian! I love you!! “I have found the one whom my soul loves” Song of Solomon 3:4


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