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Thousands of Lee County dissidents

A most stirring column this year explains the economic lynching of Mr. Willie Philpot and his growing business [ViroTek] killed by Lee County. This anticompetitive, ACCA/BCA type clown-show of politburo members is currently led by the most corrupt ‘public servant’ Commissioner Gary Long. Lee County voters removed the previous anti-business/pro-cronyism ringleader [Ham] in the 2022 primary run-off.

‘Follow-up’ to my March 2023 Gazette column [] is prompted by reports of 6,818 Lee County dissidents who’ve never paid/stopped paying the fraudulent bills County Commissioners are sending via USPS. A few property owners/residents requested Postal Inspector Office investigation into using USPS soliciting payment for bills that the individual receiving the mail has not contracted with Arrow Disposal for curbside pickup. No political mugger at the 7/31/23 Commission meeting appeared more enraged about victims fighting back than Gary Long, red faced and visibly apoplectic.

Last checked, these mail fraud investigations remain open. Some speculate bills aren’t being sent across State lines to avoid more serious federal wire fraud charges. If true, sad Commissioners didn’t put as much thought into following the law w.r.t. providing trash disposal and offered a little wisdom addressing the real problem - i.e., wrongful dumping into county dumpsters -- the excuse used to promote this monopoly wealth transfer to their crony vendor. Little surprise dumping in Lee County has increased these past months, contra to Commissioner Long’s flawed logic and poor understanding of how our real world functions.

Lee county observed further vulgarities since the March Gazette column publication. Commissioners are providing county government labour, office space, etc. to collect bills for a private vendor [Arrow] where no individual has contracted with them to provide curbside trash service. August 17, 2023 article by Hannah Goldfinger is entitled: Lee County Sends Delinquent Notices On Trash Contracts. Note the plural. Lee county residents/property owners have constantly asked commissioners to provide a copy of their specific contract (giving the number used in USPS solicitations for payment) that Goldfinger reported are in delinquency.

The only contract (not plural) I have any knowledge of is the monopoly contract with Arrow commissioners obligated the county pay and is in fact regularly paying (with Lee County tax dollars) to this private crony vendor. There’s no evidence whatsoever my County is delinquent in spite of this newspaper’s pro-politburo reporting. There were many Lee county residents who contracted with and paid private vendors for curbside trash pickup these past decades before commissioner monopolization to their crony contractor. Several made it very clear to commissioners once county dumpsters are reopened (hopefully with sound enforcement of wrongful dumping) they’ll happily pay the $222/yr. as they’ve done for decades.

One Lee countian [Lance Farrar] despised and heralded for actually reading the Lee County agenda packet requested name and address of so-called ‘delinquent’ garbage customers. Probate Judge Bill English told commissioners he asked the ACCA’s opinion… this Judge has shown himself an incompetent public servant on matters of this sort for many years and a long time sycophant of ACCA, BCA, et al political theft. ACCA legal counsel directed this inept Judge [public servant English] to an attorney general. Mr. Farrar also questioned commissioner authority/justification for imposing criminal actions/penalties in this civil matter. This was in reference to text on Commissioners’ continued solicitations for money via USPS sending ‘delinquent notices’ threatening mail fraud victims who continue to refuse paying; asserting ‘delinquents’ must appear in court, “If you do not appear in court on that date, a warrant will be issued for your arrest.”

Once again, the ACCA isn’t held accountable for their actions in court as this parasitic organisation uses English and Long type sycophants as ‘firewall protection’ while sucking the wealth and quality of life out of Alabama. With Commissioners paying their monopoly contract using Lee County taxpayer dollars and sending out fraudulent bills to individual(s) NOT contracted with Arrow, seems the courts will have to determine if collections from these fraudulent bills soliciting money for a private vendor are double billing or comingling funds. Pray for no ‘Sonny Brasfield’ judges to navigate toward a righteous result which upholds contract law and rebukes corrupt policies and/or statutes in violation of lawful contracting.

A more factual assessment of Lee County Commissioners’ trash monopoly is entitled, “Lee County is One Million Dollars Short on Garbage Fees, Prepares Crackdown,”] in an East Alabama Examiner report. Below are some excerpts:

Lee County Chief Administrative Officer Holly Leverette delivered sobering news to the Lee County Commission regarding a one million dollar revenue shortfall in the first year of its ill conceived garbage collection scheme during their meeting on Monday, July 31st of 2023. Couched in boilerplate euphemisms and almost lost amidst her monotone monologue addressing the “Solid Waste Billing Office Transition”, Leverette dropped the bombshell revelation that Lee County had come up one million dollars short in collection of garbage service fees due to 6,818 residents of Lee County who have not paid for the unwanted regime that has been autocratically foisted upon them. Those nearly seven thousand residents account for roughly forty percent of the total number of 21,000 hapless citizens of Lee County who have been railroaded into a tour of duty with a slapdash ad-hoc curbside pickup program helmed by the LCC that they did not ask for.

Some highlights of Leverette’s grim lecture included an unyielding emphasis on the dire need for a newly created position of a “Commission Billing Office Manager” for “developing enforcement protocols to be used as needed for delinquent accounts”. Under the County’s updated collections focused final solution, a new “department of Commission Billing Office” would be established within the County Commission Office. Quoted below are excerpts from Leverette’s presentation; Finally, the outlook of the operation has evolved from being a short-term in-house operation to the need for a more permanent solution.

Worthy of note, the Examiner isn’t beholden to the Lee County politburo for legal and other ad revenue. The Commission has done its best to make sure others were ‘black-balled’ from buying ad space in local newspapers to inform taxpayers. Furthermore the Probate Judge and Commissioners no longer allow citizen comments into the record or broadcast on taxpayer funded video for public viewing. Another abomination first moved and championed by ‘public servant’ Gary Long.

John Brice, featured writer for the LaFayette Sun newspaper in Chambers County (due north of Lee County) helped break a similar story of several residents being arrested by the City of Valley for unpaid garbage bills due for payment to a private contractor. Most renowned among them was 82 year old Martha Menefield, whose infamous case made both national and international headlines. Menefield’s charges were dropped by the District Attorney of Alabama’s 5th Judicial Circuit along with dismissal of identical charges against her neighbors

Knowing the result of that similarly shameful trash debacle north of Lee County, it is revealing Judge English, Commissioner Long and the politburo members who aid and abet them are more beholden to ACCA political theft than trying to limit further embarrassment to our State and Lee County. Looks like more shame is headed my way…

In closing, I asked John Brice to provide some context for this ‘follow-up’ column after reporting on similar charges/tyranny dismissed in the courts up in Chambers County. Little surprise this righteous reporter immediately evoked Scripture in reply:

“In the Spirit of Verse Sixteen from the Book of Luke, Chapter Eight, we are shining a light on the Truth hidden by shadow in Lee County through the work of the East Alabama Examiner. ‘For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open’ as the Scripture instructs us.”

Postscript: Some asked my thoughts on Trump in Montgomery… felt like Felon Hubbard 2.0 - even more Déjà vu with every “I Believe in Mike Hubbard’ minion I saw attending. My forecast is Alabama voters (wasting votes on big government/modern Democrats like Biden and Trump - yes I know he’s “Donning’ the Red Jersey at the moment) will re-install Trump with all his corruption. A rational forecast to those who recall voters’ adoration and support of Hubbard before Mike was finally removed by the courts instead of more efficiently in the polls. Sadly, the Biden crime family corruption is on par with Trump, who didn’t ‘clear the field’ for Hillary 2016 as planned, but Trump still got his desired protection. Hard to imagine our court system put Butts, Hubbard, Siegelman, et al political thieves in prison; even harder to imagine a day when top politburo members like Biden and Trump are imprisoned for even one of their many wrongdoings.


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