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Appeal to Judges Manasco, Moorer & Marcus; Mapping Our Future

As expected, the three Judge panel in Birmingham rejected another disingenuous Congressional district voting map submitted by our Montgomery politburo. Much ink has spilled w.r.t. keeping ‘communities of interest’ intact… one manifestation of ever cascading collateral damage driven by addressing symptoms instead of repairing the problem as population continually increases. We’ve witnessed far too much rhetoric evoking the 14th Amendment’s Equal Protection Clause and Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 instead of adherence to Constitutional [Article 1, Section 2] representation to address and resolve the problem.

I pray Judges Manasco, Moorer and Marcus give this specific [Article 1, Section 2] Constitutional design to the ‘special master and cartographer’ to complete their work. Start with one for 30,000 round-up districts and construct two districts to meet the guidelines for two black majority Congressional Districts. The political problem with more Constitutionally correct districts? …decreased likelihood of reinstalling corrupt public servants like Congressperson Sewell to keep duopoly graft churning. Political gaming to protect this specific incumbent may proffer the result of no black congressperson from Alabama the first election cycle.

Imagine how many black, female and other diverse congresspersons would result if we had a Constitutionally correct result approaching 170 members (with an Alabama population of 5 million divided by 30,000) sent to DC each session where elections may again have competitive consequences. It would be interesting to determine how many of our ‘magnificent seven’ currently installed politburo members (under the currently rigged, hyper-gerrymandered districting) would retain their US House seat in Constitutionally correct, competitive districts instead of our current politically correct result to concentrate power in DC and protect the duopoly parties under the unconstitutional 435 limit. Some may find it difficult to retain their seat in their current address without the gerrymandered result where politicians pick their voters instead of voters picking their congressperson.

I’ve observed an incompetent probate judge crowing about drawing each district within a one to four person difference between the five districts he’d drawn instead of the much more difficult task of keeping neighborhoods and communities in the county intact as designed by the percentage tolerance allowed. Wouldn’t it be refreshing to see someone map what our future would look like under a Constitutional (one for 30,000) districting result which indeed kept ‘communities of interest’ like counties and municipalities intact and then make clear why they must construct a meager seven districts out of the +/-170 design because we no longer have a representative US House under the 435 limit.

After witnessing Al Gore’s failure to argue abolishing this unconstitutional result in 2000 (with big govt./modern Democrats like Clinton and Trump in the chorus to instead end the Electoral College) it is clear the duopoly wants this concentration of power. Trump’s ‘two-step’ on the Electoral College shows it doesn’t matter what jersey he’s wearing at the moment like most of the Reaganesque flip-floppers ratcheting us ever more tightly down toward the leviathan result these past several score.

Little doubt why the Moscow on the Potomac wants the ever increasing concentration of power from an unrepresentative HoR. Following Article 1, Section 2 would make the US House representative again and little would make it through this body except what’s representative of the people. Constitutional scholar James Hines describes it best as picture of the US designed to have THOUSANDS of pixels and growing stuck at 435 pixels and the picture getting less clear every census.

Judges Manasco, Marcus and Moorer have a wonderful opportunity to map our State and nation toward a clearer, brighter future. How they shepherd us toward a Constitutionally correct result will attenuate many other pressing problems beyond districting and hyper-gerrymandering. I further pray the federal courts will show more sagacity than when ending 49 years of wrongdoing under Roe. Sad the court didn’t think to make clear Dobbs would restore the laws in place at the time of the flawed ruling for each State’s legislature to revisit knowing all the pandering ‘trigger laws’ which evolved over half a century. Similarly, a wise undoing of the 435 limit would be to gradually return to the Constitutionally correct result (e.g., increase 1,000 each census) until accomplishing the one for 30,000 result.

It took a century to get this far off course to witness the absurd Biden/Trump, et al results at the executive level and AOC/MTG results in Congress, it will take much time and wisdom to get back on course.

SCotUS, we have a p_ro_b_lem


Postscript: appreciated comments on Tuber-head as some dubbed our “Third Senator from Florida.” Not sure my column triggered resurgence of those recognizing this potato-head hypocrisy and history, nonetheless hopeful to see more comprehending the Teletubby show. One disabled veteran (a victim of friendly-fire) wrote me of his sojourn to the Frank M. Johnson Jr Annex to speak with Senator Tuberville’s office about investigating civil right and HIPAA violations experienced in Tuskegee Alabama Veterans Affairs Medical Center. Two federal police officers (seemingly unable to provide Official Bond or Public Oath of Office) appear to have impeded this disabled veteran [on camera] while seeking medical services to acquire insulin for his service-connected injuries.

Upon entering the Johnson Annex, our injured veteran proceeded to Sen. Tuberville’s office [Suite 500-B] until stopped by the security desk to deny access to this U.S. Senator Office asserting those without an appointment were not allowed. An effective way to deny/impede a citizen(s) seeking redress of grievances to their elected federal officials in keeping with a tyrant’s ‘fatiguing into submission’ Mr. Jefferson penned of when enumerating reasons to break from the ‘divine’ monarch.

Once through an over-zealous security check this veteran suffered more efforts toward demeaning citizens and further fatiguing. After restoring items into pockets, etc. and belt upon his pants, this undaunted veteran returned to his duty of attenuating civil right violations. Upon completing his tasks in a most authoritarian environment with employees one can only assert are acting in such a deleterious manner with the blessings of their employer (Mr. Tubberville, et al) this veteran left one of our ‘flagship’ [pun intended] federal court houses with clearer understanding his First Amendment civil right to redress the government for grievances as well as his fourth Amendment right to be secure in his persons, houses, papers and effects were systematically destroyed by those affirming an Oath to God to defend and uphold the Constitution.

Does Sen. Tuberville know (or care) how his staff treats citizens and veterans? This poor performance is little surprise where our uncompetitive elections have such similarly deleterious consequences to the productive citizen who pay their incomes and for the institutions which empower them. Some political parasites prefer inept Doug Jones to the incompetent replacement; the BCA prostitute replacement for Sen. Shelby will similarly accomplish wealth transfers to our political criminals (think Biden, Bush, Clinton, Trump crime families) at the expense of our decent hard-working productive citizens and veterans who’ve sacrificed and endure life-long injury. Some assert they ‘need’ Sen. Tubberville - this may be true for parasites who cannot survive without the political theft and largess sustaining them. It would be a pleasant change to see less “Teletubby” political circus and some adherence and deference to the Constitution. A lot to ask from an over-paid, under-performing football coach who couldn’t state the three branches of our federal government.

A humble closing celebrating the Alabama Gazette’s 24th Anniversary; I pray the Gazette sees fit to allow this poor wordsmith’s contribution to their blessed endeavour. When Gazette pieces are submitted to federal court along with articles from the Wall St. Journal and Chronicle of Higher Education, it is undeniable this independent press outlet (not dependent upon revenue from governments) is making a difference. Hard to imagine any other press in Alabama having the courage to print a column like what this lowly citizen has penned above. Many thanks to all the wonderful souls who’ve made the Gazette what it has matured into these past 24 years… especially all the readers and those who purchased ads. As the Greeks say, “Chronia Pola!”- i.e., may God grant the Alabama Gazette many more years filled with blessings!


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