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As I write this Robservation, I must admit that I am angry. I once got some words of wisdom from a writing mentor and he told me that you should never write when you are angry. Once your words have been set loose, they can never be recalled. It is much like the spoken word. That is exactly the reason I refuse to argue with my wife. We have been married for 38 years now and I cannot tell you the last time we had an argument about anything. 30 years? Probably. When I was young and dumb no doubt. This is NOT to say we never disagree about something because of course we do. But argue? No. I will not. I tell young couples who ask me about marriage that there is almost nothing worth “fighting” over. Almost nothing. I am not of course talking about you bringing your boyfriend/ girlfriend home to meet your spouse or any such craziness, but the color paint in the bedroom? Dinner? What movie to watch? Please. All I am saying is that most “arguments” can be settled through mature discussion. No name calling. No breaking of things and definitely no violence.

No matter how much you try to avoid “arguing” or “fighting,” there comes a time when you must. Do you remember Kenny Rogers’ song, “Coward of the County”? No, you don’t have to fight to be a man but sometimes you must fight when you are a man. How many people out there reading this column love this great country of ours? I know I do. I served in the military for 25 years. Flew my missions during Desert Storm and other operations. I love this country. Do I think it is worth fighting for? You betcha. What sickens me is that there is a large group of people in this country who do not think so.

Anybody who has been watching or reading real and relevant news stories or programs this past week is certain to be disgusted with our border situation. Every now and then I will turn on the alphabet networks to see the news they are reporting. Just yesterday, amid all the turmoil at the border, throughout the day, many of their main news stories was about Rupert Murdoch stepping down at Fox. Then they gave only a cursory snapshot of the border crises. Sometimes their coverage was more but for the most part, it was lacking. How can that be?

I will be honest. In my opinion, there is no other issue in this country more important and more critical than our borders. Nothing. Certainly not abortion, not Iran, not China, not North Korea, not the economy; nothing. Not a darn thing. Why? Without a border and with the continued influx of illegal immigrants, we will not have a country as we now know it within several years. Those other issues listed above will be null and void. The term “dereliction of duty” once again raises its ugly overplayed head but what else do we call what our elected officials in Washington are doing? It is maddening to watch on the news every morning. Someone once said, “If Biden was intentionally trying to destroy this country, what would he be doing differently?”

Can someone please tell me how we can continue to allow 9,000 – 10,000 illegal immigrants to cross our border EVERY day? Every day people. That is where we stand today. That equates to 3.2-3.6 million people per year. Do you remember when Bill Clinton capped immigration to 675,000 per year back in 1990? And yet, so many of our worthless politicians sit on their overinflated rear ends and do nothing. They argue and chant the same empty mantra of “comprehensive immigration reform” while they do nothing to enforce the laws we already have in place. The insanity of their stupidity is much like telling a person who just found out they have lung cancer that they need to stop smoking and they will be enrolled in a smoking cessation class. How about you first cut the cancer out, heal the body and then embark on a longer-term preventative solution. Their call for comprehensive reform does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to address the problem we face at the border today. The bleeding has to stop, NOW!

Many call for the removing of the term “illegal alien” and replacing it with the nicer terms like “undocumented,” “unauthorized,” “non-citizens,” “unlawfully present” or “without status.” All this while ignoring the fact that they are still in fact illegal immigrants. It is like no longer wanting to call “pedophiles” by this term but rather calling them “minor attracted individuals.” You know what? They are still pedophiles. Deal with it.

So many in Washington are afraid of offending the illegals that they will go to extreme lengths to avoid the truth. But do you want some truth? The TRAC/DHS database says that since Biden has come into office, a total of 3.8 million people have crossed our border. In 2023 thus far, that number, legal and illegal is 1.8 million. The number of getaways? Those who just bolted across the border and disappear into the great beyond of America? Over 530,000. In August of this year alone, over 180,000 migrants were admitted. What about the great sanctuary city of New York? This year, the city has witnessed the arrival of 94,892 migrants. Although Mayor Adams blames Texas, only about ten percent of the migrants have been sent from Texas. The federal government is responsible for the rest. Oh yeah, on the first day of school this year in New York alone, 20,000 immigrant children went to public schools. What are the chances that most if any of these kids speak fluent English? Do you think this might put a strain on the education of American children?

I find it “funny, not funny” how so many blue states and cities are now crying foul. I will be honest. There was not one red state or red city that I can think of that was in favor of this stupid ideology of sanctuary status. Now that these cities and states are being overrun, they are beginning to wet their pants. It was all fun and games while the problems remained in the desert southwest. Letting Texas, Arizona and New Mexico get swamped was okay. These liberals could sit in their closeted and sheltered states and not deal with the reality of what every intelligent person knew was going to happen. Just look at how the people in Martha’s Vineyard responded. After the first busload showed up, within several days they were all gone. Their attitude was clear. “Not here!” I was watching “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner” last night for the millionth time and when Spencer Tracy is talking with Monsignor Ryan, the priest said something along the lines of, “I love it when a long-term liberal comes face to face with their beliefs. I always believed there was a reactionary bigot in there always trying to get out.” This is what we are seeing within these areas.

It is unbelievable the way the current administration simply ignores the truth about the borders. It was like when White House spokesperson Karine Jean-Pierre answered a question by Fox News’ Peter Doocy last year. When he questioned why people who come into the country via airplane must be vaccinated, but people who just come into the country don’t. Doocy asked how is that different? After a terse exchange, Pierre said, “But that’s not, it’s not like somebody walks over and . . .” Denial. Hey, just watch the news. That is exactly what is happening every single day in this country. They are walking and sometimes swimming over the border. And yet, our elected officials continue to do nothing.

I did see this morning where President Biden is predictably blaming the Republicans for the border crises. This is the man, who just like Hitler refused to see the bombed-out cities that resulted from his policies (yes, I used an accurate Hitler analogy again), Biden still refuses to visit the hardest hit and most affected cities that are being decimated by his ineptness. Sergeant Schultz of Hogan’s Heroes; “I know nothing. Nothing!”

No, people. This great country of ours cannot support this. We can’t. Our national debt is a staggering $33 trillion and now we are expected to help millions of illegals, many who will never contribute significantly to this country. The other day, the president of Columbia said he plans on sending 1 million of his citizens to the U.S. in 2024. Just two days ago, Biden granted temporary status to 472,000 immigrants most of whom are from Venezuela. These people are coming from almost every country on the planet yet we are to believe it is strictly because of some humanitarian crises. Yes, let’s destroy this country so it can become like the place they came from.

So, I ask. When will it be enough? At what point do we fight for this country? It cannot possibly end well with years of unfettered illegal immigration numbering in the millions. Terrorists coming in, criminals that their countries are more than happy to send here, people who will have to be cared for through our tax money while Americans who need help find it ever increasingly difficult to do so. Yes, we have a mess but inaction is not an action. Do nothing is never a valid strategy. Once these people are here, good luck getting them out. We may have no choice to suck up this huge mistake. I personally think we can do something about them. I heard one person ask how you can deport millions of people? I say, find a way. At a minimum, an unmistakable wall must be dropped on ALL future illegal immigrants. To do nothing is shameful and every politician who does not work toward securing our border should be hauled out of office. No more pay, no retirement, you have disgraced your oath.


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