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The Legacy of Lyndon

In my November article about the JFK assassination and

others, some people might conclude that Lyndon

Johnson’s misdeeds, or at least most of them, had

already been covered. After all, his assassinations alone

were worthy of a dozen public executions. What more

could he have done? There is much more—as Amazon

would say it, “A Truckload More.”

LBJ was not a nice man by any stretch. He was a heavy

drinker and had no qualms about maintaining simultaneous sexual partners. He

was very ill-mannered and was probably the most uncouth president in our entire


He was a compulsive liar. In college, the other students nicknamed him

“Bull”—for bull ****. He was also “exceedingly vain.” He always had to be

the center of attention. In his first races for the House, and later the Senate, he

committed “massive fraud” and then bragged about how he cheated to win.

He boasted about the size of his penis and named it “Jumbo.” Sometimes he

unzipped his pants in the middle of a meeting and plopped it onto a desk to show

it off. He frequently urinated in front of people while having conversations and

even urinated in the House Office Building parking lot. Whenever someone

objected, he replied, “That's all right, son. It's my prerogative.”

Johnson liked women a great deal—too much—and he frequently sexually

harassed them, even in public. He hated pantyhose because it made it harder

for him to finger them. He skinny dipped in the White House pool while

dictating to his secretary and interviewing with women reporters. If anyone

mentioned JFK's flirtations, he pounded his fists on his desk and screamed,

“Why, I had more women on accident than he ever had on purpose!” Johnson

brought pretty young ladies from Texas to work in the White House, even if

they couldn’t type. He installed a buzzer in the Oval Office that the Secret

Service used to warn him when his wife, Lady Bird, was coming.

Johnson was overbearing, power-hungry, and imposed devious measures to

control his underlings. He hovered over them with his six foot three inch frame

and ordered them to perform useless menial tasks, as if they had no lives of their


He did not tolerate opposition. He demanded absolute loyalty and surrounded

himself with “yes men” to enforce it. One of his quotes was, “I want

LOYALTY. I want him to kiss my ass in Macy’s window at high noon and tell

me it smells like roses. I want his pecker in my pocket.”

As Senate Majority Leader, he violated fundamental Constitutional principles,

accepted bribes from Brown & Root, and utilized blackmail. He maintained a

filing cabinet containing sexual and financial “dirt” on the other senators.

Whenever he needed their votes, he let them know the consequences of voting

against his policies.

However, these antics were penny ante mischief compared to LBJ’s actions on

public policies and the creation of apocalyptic programs and agendas.

Johnson had no sympathy for frugality in government. If he wanted a new

program, he ordered and got it, whatever it did to the nation’s economy and

whatever it cost the American people.

When LBJ wanted to conscript more of our young men to be cannon fodder and

die and/or suffer debilitating wounds in Vietnam for the military industrial

complex, he got them. In addition to mass murder, he ordered the destruction

of 5.5 million acres of forests and crops with the widespread application of

11 million gallons of toxic Agent Orange—“a chemical holocaust.”

In 1967, in an attempt to promote a regime change in Egypt, Johnson committed

an act of TREASON by positioning the USS Liberty off of Israel’s coast and

then ordered Israel to attack and sink our own ship with all 294 men on board.

The ship survived, but 34 crewmen perished, and 174 others suffered debilitating


Johnson’s greatest catastrophes stem from the Civil Rights Movement, which

he claimed would end segregation. Congress passed three major national

disasters—the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Voting Rights Act of 1965, and the

Civil Rights Act of 1968—all approved and signed by LBJ. They combined the

legislative and executive branches with the judiciary, which allowed the federal

government to impose numerous oppressions against the American people.

Their long-term aftermath still violates us today.

Here is where two-faced Johnson really showed his true colors. In his heart, he

had always been a racist. He did not like black people and used the “N” word

as freely as a drunk sailor. He aggrandized himself on how he could control the

black voters, and even said, “I’ll have them n****rs voting Democratic for

200 years.” He concocted policies to agitate them in devious manners, such as

AFFIRMATIVE ACTION. Instead of just repealing segregation laws and

allowing voluntary integration to take its course in a sensible manner, he insisted

on forced integration.

In work places across the nation, affirmative action prohibited employers from

hiring the best qualified people. They were forced to hire a certain percentage

of black people, no matter how unqualified, to satisfy arbitrary quotas.

To impose racial quotas in schools, Johnson supported FORCED BUSING to

transport millions of white children to black schools and millions of black

children to white schools—most of them to locations far from their own

neighborhoods. It created massive civil unrest and violence, and of course it

cost tons of money that was diverted from useful and needed school programs.

It also wasted much of the children’s time.

On the surface, MEDICARE sounds like a great idea. But like practically every

government program, it cost a great deal more than health care in the private

sector. Prior to Medicare, in a free market,

health care costs were reasonable just about

everywhere. Since Medicare was created,

these costs have exploded far beyond the

norm for anything in the private sector, where

government meddling was absent.

WELFARE was the really big one.

Although “relief” programs began under

Franklin Roosevelt, LBJ was the one who

cranked them into high gear.

Government welfare programs destroy civilized

society. They are a serious disincentive

to work for a living. They entice people to

fabricate “disability” or “need” to receive

welfare checks every month for years and years with little hope of self-sufficiency.

It imparted the mentality of “Why work for a living when I can vote

for one?” They have literally TRAINED people to become parasites instead

of salaried productive employees.

This is the tragedy of all government-run public assistance programs. For this

fundamental reason, aid to help poor and disabled people should be limited to

private charities. They are far better able to distinguish the differences between

the truly needy and the freeloaders.

The most hideous parts of public welfare are programs like AID TO FAMILIES

WITH DEPENDENT CHILDREN—(AFDC). They incentivise the ultimate

tragedy—RECKLESS CHILDBEARING, which is the primary cause of grinding

poverty in third world countries.

AFDC was structured to pay more and more for each additional child, thus encouraging

poor, irresponsible women to bear numerous children to inflate their

welfare checks. As a result, non-marital birth rates have skyrocketed. Sadly,

even with additional money, they had no time to take care of them and teach

them to be responsible. The more children they bore, the more neglected they

became. Many have grown up to become dangerous gang members and criminals.

Generations of feral children are beginning to overwhelm our population

and they could soon outnumber and outvote the responsible people. Dramatic

increases in crime and violence since 1964 have verified this. It is

certain death for civilization.

AFDC has destroyed families. Statistics have proven that beginning in 1964,

when Johnson began his authority, numerous poor families, and especially poor

black families, declined from two parent to only one parent. Back then, 87%

of black families were two-parent. Today, it’s only 25%.

Welfare programs destroy personal responsibility and productivity. In the

1960’s, 40% of blacks had their own businesses. Today, they have dropped

down to 7%. LBJ’s policies have been largely responsible for it. They have

destroyed ethics and responsibility for millions of Americans, and especially

for black Americans.

Welfare programs create more crime. Black people have been particularly

vulnerable to their siren songs. As a result, black people commit most of our

crime. According to the FBI, blacks compose 13% of our population, but they

commit 36% of our violent crimes, half of our murders, and over half of our

physical assaults.

Welfare programs do not eliminate poverty; they enhance it. They don’t mitigate

poor people; they create more of them. Welfare causes dependency, and as benefits

increase, recipients and freeloaders increase. Welfare also dilutes our gene

pool by the enhanced breeding of people with low IQs. LBJ’s programs have

created an explosion of poverty. And today, they are also enticing hundreds of

thousands of destitutes from abroad to storm our borders and invade our country.

Once here, pregnant women get free hospital care to bear their “anchor babies.”

Reckless childbearing is a heinous crime. It should never be rewarded. There

is one, and only one reform that can make AFDC workable. INSTEAD of paying

poor people to bear children, our government should do everything possible

to PREVENT unwanted pregnancies, especially teenage pregnancies. All types

of CONTRACEPTION should be made readily available for everybody.

One final note: Most of the American people were also responsible for LBJ’s

crimes. In the election of 1964, we had one of the finest presidential candidates

in our history—BARRY GOLDWATER. We could have voted for him, and

some of us did. But he only won six states. Most of the horrible carnage of

Vietnam and our devastating fiscal policies could have been averted. We the

people committed national suicide in that election.


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John writes:

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