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The Threat from Hamas

Just before dawn on Saturday morning, October 7, 2023,

about 4000 people gathered in a remote part of southern

Israel north of the Re'im kibbutz, about 3.7 miles east of

Gaza and began celebrating the last day of the Sukkot

holiday with a Supernova music festival. Organizers had

promised a "journey of unity and love" with dance,

music, art, and drinks. The people were happy and

cheerful as they danced and prepared for the gala event.

Without warning, Hamas militants arrived in motorized

paragliders, each carrying a pilot and a gunman armed with an AK-47. As they

began shooting, other militants drove bulldozers through multiple locations of

Israel’s perimeter defenses and drove numerous trucks loaded with gunmen into

their southern cities. Soon they massacred hundreds of innocent victims and

kidnapped dozens of others, screaming and crying, as they assaulted, tied them

up, loaded them onto their trucks, and hauled them away back into Gaza. The

surviving patrons evacuated the area as rapidly as they could.

Hundreds of militants were “everywhere.” They quickly surrounded the site

and blocked all of the roads going in and out. People ran in all directions, but

many were still within range of the gunmen, who shot and killed them. The

militants methodically prowled around and shot everyone on sight. They fired

at every car that tried to flee and made certain that nobody survived. They

dismembered and burned victims and took photos and videos for social media.

They decapitated children and babies and crushed their skulls. They tied

children together with wire and set them on fire. In front of her parents, they

gang raped a girl and gouged out another’s eyes and chopped her fingers off.

A “dead” body by a car began to stir. As he raised his head, a militant ran up

and shot him point blank into his head.

A woman, thinking help was arriving, jumped up and waved her arms. Then

bullets bounced around her, and she fell dead onto the ground.

Soon, every accessible victim had been killed or kidnapped. The militants

finished their field day with a binge of looting from the victims’ pockets,

handbags, backpacks, and suitcases. During this time, other Hamas back in

Gaza fired over 5000 rockets into Israel. Wikipedia described it as “the largest

terror attack in Israel's history, and the worst Israeli civilian massacre ever.” It

was Israel’s 9/11.

Military informants say about 90% of Gaza’s population of 2.2 million supports

Hamas, which makes a peaceful settlement very problematic. Nearly half (47%)

of its people are under age18—essentially children, and easily persuaded to

learn the lifestyles of terrorist anti-Semites. As early as age 5, they learn how to

shoot, kill people, and make bombs and suicide vests. They actually have comic

books to show them how. Every year Hamas runs summer camps where it trains

children in weapons and military tactics and to endorse “martyrdom” against

Jews and Christians.

Arab World for Research and Development (AWRAD), an internationally

respected research and consultancy agency based in Palestine, stated that the

great majority of Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank are against peace with

Israel on any terms, that 75% support the October 7 massacre, 85.9% reject

coexistence with Israel, 71.1% are committed to the restoration of “historical

Palestine” as a final resolution, and 74.7% support the creation of a Palestinian

state “from the river to the sea” as the only acceptable resolution of the conflict.

What should we do to STOP this carnage?

The first action for us for us is to STOP ALL AID for Gaza and its allies. That’s

ALL aid, no matter how desperate it might be. Those people are too cruel. Rael

Wissdorf reported, “The deeds of Hamas surpass even the atrocities of the

Waffen SS.”

Bombing the Hamas tunnels may not be a good strategy. Hundreds of hostages

in them could die. Claire Jordan, secretary to the Defense Desk at The Daily

Telegraph, said: “My boss, Major General Eddie Fursdon, did a big article about

how chemical weapons don't need to be lethal, or even especially unpleasant.

Something which makes enemy soldiers vomit or hallucinate for a couple of

weeks takes them out of the fight, in the short term, just as effectively as killing

them, while tying their own side up with caring for them.... I'd find one end of

the tunnels and pump pepper, itching powder and ipecac down there.... That lot

would make the tunnels unuseable for DECADES.”

We should NEVER put American boots on the ground. Let Israel fight its own

war. It has a very strong military and is able to do what it needs to take care of

itself WITHOUT American involvement.

A ceasefire will only provide time for Hamas to regroup, reorganize, re-supply,

make new plans, and build up strength to continue the conflict for many extra

years. Israel has specifically stated that it will not agree to any ceasefire until

the hostages are released.

So far, Israel is gaining ground. It has much experience in rooting out terrorists,

destroying their infrastructure and gathering intelligence, all while suffering

minimal casualties.

With a Gaza population of over two million and its estimated 75-90% likely

Hamas supporters, Israel is faced with a huge task to exterminate the threat.

Some people have stated that the only workable solution would be to kill them

all—as Borat said, “Every last cockroach.” Collateral damage would be enormous.

Innocent people and hostages would die. But like Sodom and Gomorrah,

some might consider it the only workable action.

But maybe not. Jack Zohar suggested a simple alternative: “What they (Hamas)

really ought to do is stop trying to kill Jews and a miracle will occur. None of

them will ever again be attacked by the IDF. It really is that simple... Leave

the Israelis alone. They just want to live their lives unmolested.”

The big problem we must address at home is the multitude of Hamas-type

terrorists who have set up networks onto our own soil. Their hateful fruit is

now ripening and spreading like wildfire. As soon as the news reached America,

as expected, Jewish demonstrators held rallies in our major cities. But hundreds

of anti-Semites also covered the streets across the nation. Some became violent

and blockaded public highways and bridges for hours. Some picked fights

against the Jews and even spat on them. A history professor from Cornell

University called the Hamas attacks on Israel “exhilarating” and “energizing.”

This was a big wake up call to inform the American people how corrupt our

own government has been by allowing unvetted terrorists to immigrate here for

the past several decades. It was a reminder of the frenzied crowds that screamed

and cheered on New Jersey’s north shore as they watched the World Trade

Center towers collapse across the Hudson River. Today, the top three American

cities with the most Hamas supporters are Chicago, Dallas, and Washington,


We should take the UTMOST care with our own immigration policies. We

should NEVER admit anybody who even might be a terrorist. Why should we

allow even ONE of them into our country? We should do everything possible

to excise all terrorists who are already here.

Accepting Palestinian refugees is a very stupid idea. When Jordan allowed

some, they tried to set up a state of their own within it and attempted to

assassinate King Hussein bin Talal. Therefore, they got kicked back out. Then

Lebanon accepted them, and they started a ten-year civil war. Kuwait also

accepted some. There they helped Saddam Hussein take over. Since the Muslim

Brotherhood assassinated its leader, Anwar El-Sadat, for making peace with

Israel, Egypt has no desire to be next. WHY SHOULD WE?

And after all of this, Joe Biden plans to give Gaza and the terrorist-training

Palestinian Authority 100 million dollars of our money for “humanitarian aid”

and even allow Gazan “refugees” to import more terror over here with NO


Can you run to Washington and scream, “HELL NO?” Could we impeach

Biden and our Congress for aiding and abetting the enemy? And finally, don’t

forget the 2024 election.


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