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The Greatest of Our Generation Maybe Any Generation!

The earth shook in the college football world as Nick Saben announced his retirement on January 11. First the stats:

At Alabama his record was 201-29 with seven national titles. Saban and Bryant are the only two head coaches to win

national titles at different FBS schools. He dominated the SEC with a record of 107-18. He has sent more players to

the NFL (123) than any other head coach, those players amassing over $2 billion in player contracts.

These stats were not built on money but on a disciplined style of coaching that focused on developing the character

of a young man while pursuing the greatest competitive goal, victory.

Few people can locate Croatia on a map (on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea and across from Italy), but

that is where his family originated with his grandfather emigrating to Oregon in 1895. His father was a coal miner in

West Virginia, who taught him life lessons he would never forget including his strong Catholic upbringing. He

married his childhood sweetheart, Ms Terry, in 1971. They have two children.

"Saint Nick" may take an employment break at Lake Burton in Georgia or stay in Jupiter island, Florida for a while,

but with his many divers business interest from a Ferrari dealership and a tuscaloosa hotel along with his Nick's Kids

philanthropy, one can be assured he has just turned another page in a wonderful life.


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