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Aderholt and Palmer applaud the impeachment of Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas

On Tuesday, the U.S. House of Representatives voted to impeach the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas. Congressmen Robert Aderholt (R-AL04) and Gary Palmer (R-AL06) both released statements to explain their decisions to vote for the action.

"I cast my vote to impeach Secretary Mayorkas because he has failed to stop the invasion of our nation by illegal immigrants, human traffickers, drug smugglers and terrorists," said Congressman Aderholt in a statement. "His failure to stop this invasion most definitely meets the criteria of a "high crime and misdemeanor."

"Secretary Mayorkas took an oath to 'support and defend the Constitution of the United States.' He took an oath before giving congressional testimony to tell the truth," said Rep. Palmer. "Secretary Mayorkas has violated his oath in both counts. In an effort to cover up his failure to do his job and secure the border, he committed perjury by lying to Congress under oath. Our border is in chaos and the only enforcement is from the drug cartels imposing their will on the American people. Secretary Mayorkas may have a right to believe in open borders, but he has no right to keep his current employment."

"Since Mayorkas and President Biden began their respective roles three-years-ago, more people have entered our country illegally than the entire population of Alabama," said Rep. Aderholt. "Our government is a system of checks and balances. In that system, the Secretary is entitled to his own policies, but not his own laws. Republicans promised to hold the Biden Administration accountable, and we are working every single day to fulfill that promise."

Tuesday's 214-213 vote in favor of impeachment is a reverse of last week's vote rejecting impeachment of Mayorkas. The Mayorkas impeachment has been a priority for House Republicans.

The vote was made possible only by the return of House Majority Leader Steve Scalise (R-Louisiana), who missed the last due to undergoing treatment for blood cancer. .

The vote was still opposed by GOP Representatives Mike Gallagher (R-Wisconsin), Ken Buck (R-Colorado) and Tom McClintock (R-California).

Rep. Tom Suozzi (D-New York) was on the ballot Tuesday in New York to regain his old seat following the removal of former Rep. George Santos (R). A victory for Suozzi could have made getting this result more difficult for the GOP.

Rep. Blake Moore (R-Utah) changed his vote to "no" last week in a procedural move that allowed for him to ask for Tuesday's reconsideration.

Democrats argued the articles fall well short of the legal standard for impeachment.

"Republicans have failed at making a constitutionally viable case for impeachment," said Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-Mississippi). "Neither of the impeachment charges are a 'high crime and misdemeanor'."

McClintock argued that Mayorkas was just following Biden's orders – which is his job as a Cabinet Secretary.

"The logic should be obvious," Rep. McClintock wrote. A cabinet secretary's job is to carry out the will of the president. How can he be impeached for not doing his job because he is doing it?"

It is highly unlikely that the Senate will hold a trial of Mayorkas; thus there is little likelihood that Mayorkas will be removed.

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