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Jim Jordan endorses Barry Moore: headlined two events

Congressman Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) spoke at two campaign events in Houston and Baldwin Counties recently to support Congressman Barry Moore (R-Enterprise) in the March 5 Republican primary.

Jordan was the Founding Chairman of the ultraconservative House Freedom Caucus. He is also the current Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee. Barry Moore represents Alabama on the Judiciary Committee. Moore is also a member of the House Freedom Caucus, and he was a vocal supporter of Jordan's bid to be the Speaker of the House in October. Ultimately a small group of GOP moderates thwarted Jordan's Speaker campaign. All six GOP members of the Alabama congressional delegation, including Moore's primary opponent – Congressman Jerry Carl (R-Mobile) – supported Jordan on multiple House floor votes. Rep. Mike Johnson (R-Louisiana) was eventually elected to be Speaker.

Over 350 people attended a rally for Barry Moore and Jim Jordan in Robertsdale. Chairman Jim Jordan also visited a Dothan fundraising event supporting Moore. Jordan was joined by his wife, Polly Jordan; while Moore was joined by his wife, Heather.

"Barry Moore is a dear friend and a good man, you know that," Jordan told the crowd. "Barry Moore will do what he says he's going to do, just like President Donald Trump."

Jordan, quoting Governor Sara Huckabee Sanders in the GOP response to the state of the union address, said, "Her best line I thought is when she said: 'the divide in America today is normal versus crazy.' I thought so true. Normal people like here in South Alabama we view things and the way the crazy left thinks about them. Think about it - It is crazy to defund the police. That is just stupid. It is crazy to think we shouldn't have a border and that is frankly the situation where we are in right now. This is something we are focused on as a body and frankly on the Judiciary Committee that Barry and I sit on. It is crazy to think that noncitizens should vote. It is crazy to think that boys should compete against girls in sports. The list is almost endless in what today's left wants to take this great nation. One of my favorites is It is crazy to think that you should let a Chinese spy balloon fly clear across the continental United States and then shoot it down. I told a group this morning I am just a country boy from Western Ohio I think I would have shot it down before it went across the country. I know folks in Alabama would of. Most importantly, I know President Trump would have shot it down."

"It is so important that we have people involved," Jordan said. "I tell folks we can recover from all the stupid things that Joe Biden is doing. Think about what has happened in four years. We literally went from a secure border to no border. We went from safe streets to record crime. We went from two-dollar gas to four- and five-dollar gas with the crazy energy policy. We went from stable prices to record inflation frankly in three years of Joe Biden. We went from President Trump who projects strength from the Oval Office to Joe Biden who projects....Joe Biden; but we can recover from that."

"What scares me the most is what they are doing to our fundamental liberties: how they have taken these agencies and turned these agencies against we the people," Jordan continued. "They are supposed to serve we the people, but instead have been weaponized against we the people. That's what scares me. Coming after your second amendment liberties coming after your fourth amendment rights."

"What really frightens me is what they have done to your First Amendment rights," Jordan said. "The most fundamental rights we have – five: Your right to practice your faith, your right to assemble like we are doing today, you right to petition your government – to come up to your member of congress and yell at him and tell him what needs to be done- that is your right under the First Amendment, free press, free speech – five rights. Every single one has been attacked."

"Think about during Covid we had local governments tell American citizens you can't go to Church on Sunday – in America – that is as scary as it gets," Jordan said. "I remember Nancy Pelosi closed the Capitol. You couldn't go to your Capital to petition your member of congress to redress your grievances because Nancy Pelosi wouldn't let you in the building you paid for."

"Think about free press - I remember Jen Psaki," Jordan recounted. "I was sitting in our office. Our office is in the Rayburn Building. We were sitting in the office with some of our staff there and Jen Psaki came on for the daily press briefing. The White House is considered the center of freedom on Earth. In the West Wing in the press room of the White House the press spokesperson for the most powerful person on Earth, the President of the United States. That person with the press right there. She says these two sentences: 'Most Americans now get their news from social media platforms. We the Biden Administration are trying to limit what they can see on those social media platforms.' I looked at our staff and said Did she just day what I think she did? Did the press spokesperson for the President say she wants to limit the press? That's where the left wants to go."

"The most important one is your right to talk – your right to speak; because if you can't speak you can't practice your faith, you don't have a free press, you can't petition you government," Jordan said. "It is the most fundamental liberty we have and that is the one they are really going after. That is why it is so important that you are involved in the political process. I told a group this morning the main reason I come out and talk for good guys like Barry Moore is to say thank you to the people who are in the game. You are in there fighting."

"When you got involved in politics today, you are running the risk of getting attacked," Jordan said. "The cancel culture mob, they come after Barry and I; but they also come after people like you. If you are in business and talk about it and help conservatives get in office, they will come after you They will try to boycott you sometimes. Thank you for getting off the sidelines and getting in the game. Only in the game can you make a difference."

"Cal Thomas says 'I read my Bible and the New York Times so I can see what each side is up to.' A lot of truth to that," Jordan said. "Thank you for helping Barry Moore. There are people like Barry and Heather Moore who you are glad chose public service. They care about and fight for the things that made our country special, and different, and the best country ever. Anytime his name is on the ballot, anytime he's running for something, you just keep sending him there because he truly is fighting for the things you care about."

Moore told the crowd that he's the best candidate to represent Baldwin County and a district that is now the sixth most conservative district in the country.

"I tell people all the time, the fight is not in Washington, D.C., folks, it's with Washington, D.C. We've got to protect your liberty - that's our number one job," said Moore. "We're members of the House Freedom Caucus. We're not there to gain the power. We're not there to go along with the lobbyists. We're simply there to save this nation."

Moore and Carl were redistricted into the same district by a federal court. Both are in their second terms in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Jordan also endorsed incumbent Congressman Gary Palmer (R-Hoover) at an event in Prattville. Palmer is running for a sixth term representing Alabama's Sixth Congressional District.

The Republican primary is on March 5.

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