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Republicans hold winter meeting in Birmingham

The Alabama Republican Party (ALGOP) state executive committee met for its Winter Meeting in Birmingham on Saturday. The ALGOP is optimistic that they can prevail in the November 5 general election and that former President Donald J. Trump (R) will defeat current President Joseph R. Biden (D).

John Wahl is the Chairman of the Alabama Republican Party.

This is not a battle between Democrats and Republicans; but a battle between darknesssss and light," Wahl said. "It is an honor to fight by your side as we fight to restore the principles that made America great!"

Even though the Alabama Republican Presidential Primary is not until March 5, the executive committee pass a resolution endorsing Trump.

Alabama GOP Endorses Donald Trump

The motion, made by State Representative Mack Butler (R-Gadsden).

"The Alabama Republican Party believes that the outcome of elections and the decisions of political leaders have serious consequences for the American people. We recognize that Donald Trump's track record as President provided increased economic opportunities for each individual, kept our communities safer, made our borders more secure, and reduced inflation as well as gas prices. We believe in the American first policies that made these successes possible, and we fully support Donald J. Trump's campaign for President of the United States of America," the resolution stated.

"While we appreciate all of the Republican candidates who put their names forward to the people of American this election cycle, we believe now is the time to unite around President Trump as the right choice to restore America."

"Today, Alabama's Republican Party sent a clear message that we are united behind President Donald Trump as the 2024 Republican nominee," said Wahl. "We respect the other candidates, and we thank them for running, but the Alabama GOP believes Donald Trump is the clear conservative choice. He has proven time and time again that he will never stop fighting to put America first and defend the values that made America great. The bottom line is that Donald Trump has a clear track record of improving the economy, creating jobs, strengthening our national defense, and pushing back on the socialist agenda being forced on Americans. Those are the values we need in the White House to get our country back on track. The Alabama GOP believes it is the time to unite behind President Trump and focus our time, energy, and resources on defeating Joe Biden and his disastrous policies in November."

The Alabama State Executive Committee voted to sack longtime national committeeman Paul Reynolds over concerns about his effectiveness at the Republican National Committee (RNC).

Reynolds faced challenges from Montgomery multi-millionaire John Blanchard and Autauga County Party Chair Bill Harris.

Blanchard was eliminated in the first round of voting. Harris was elected over Reynolds in the runoff.

National Committeewoman Vicki Drummond was re-elected. Former Ambassador Lindy Blanchard, the wife of John, was nominated for the position; but declined the nomination and endorsed Drummond.

The executive committee passed a resolution sponsored by Ashley Hillburn to urge the Legislature to pass legislation that would give the Governor the power to appoint the Chief Medical Officer of the state. Currently the State Health Officer is appointed by a board of physicians, and the position cannot be removed by the Governor.

A resolution urging the Legislature to pass an anti-obscenity enforcement act targeting age-inappropriate materials in children's sections of libraries passed.

A resolution to urge the Legislature to make Juneteenth a state holiday was postponed indefinitely. Josh Dodds said that the state had enough holidays already.

Trump campaign consultant Kelly Ann Conway was the featured speaker at the Winter Dinner on Friday night.

The summer dinner will be held on September 13, followed by the Summer Meeting on September 14. It will be held in Montgomery at the Renaissance Hotel and Conference Center.

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