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Saban Center announces strategic alliance with architects

On Tuesday, the Saban Center, a transformative hub for education, science, arts, recreation and discovery, announced that they have forged a strategic alliance with five prominent architectural and cultural planning firms on the forefront of innovation and successful implementation. This consortium of local, national and international talent will collectively contribute to designing and building the state-of-the-art facility.

The distinguished architecture and cultural planning firms joining forces with the Saban Center are Steinberg Hart, Davis Architects, CambridgeSeven, Theatre Projects and Lord Cultural Resources.

Ms. Terry Saban said that she believes that "with the alliance and expertise of these architectural and planning firms, a brighter future for everyone in Alabama is not just possible, but inevitable."

Steinberg Hart has been dedicated to innovative design that sculpts space and shapes life for nearly 70 years. Operating from offices in New York, Los Angeles, San Jose, San Francisco, San Diego and Austin, the firm specializes in education, arts and cultural projects that stimulate the imagination of young people. Steinberg Hart brings a wealth of experience to this project with an impressive portfolio of over 300 education, arts, museum and cultural event commissions across 48 states.

Malcolm Holzman from Steinberg Hart shared his thoughts about the project.

"I am thrilled for Steinberg Hart to join forces with the Saban Center in collaboration with Davis Architects," Holzman said in a statement. "This partnership presents a unique opportunity to weave our collective expertise into the very fabric of architectural innovation in Tuscaloosa. I am eager to witness the transformative impact the state-of-the-art Saban Center will have on the educational landscape of Alabama and beyond."

Davis Architects is a nationally recognized architecture, interior design and planning firm in Birmingham, Alabama. Founded in 1912, Davis Architects has worked on projects at: the University of Alabama, the University of Florida, Samford University and Auburn University.

Neil Davis is the president of Davis Architects.

"It is a true privilege to collaborate with Steinberg Hart in shaping the architectural vision and aesthetic direction for the Saban Center," Davis said. "Being involved in a project that not only champions STEM education but also positively influences Alabama's future workforce fills me with pride."

Together, Steinberg Hart and Davis Architects are tasked executing the Sabans' vision for the exterior of the building, ensuring the Saban Center stands as an architectural masterpiece.

CambridgeSeven was founded in 1962. The Massachusetts-based architecture firm, is globally recognized for its proficiency in designing diverse and award-winning structures worldwide. They have designed: school buildings, museums, exhibits, hospitality, transportation, retail, office and aquarium facilities, with projects spanning North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

Theatre Projects has collaborated on more than 1,800 venues, impacting communities in over 80 countries. They have designed venues for arts and entertainment, education, retail and hospitality, sports, corporate events, and more. For 65 years, Theatre Projects has worked closely with clients to create and support innovative spaces that promote dialogue, build community and inspire human interaction.

The Theatre Projects team is providing strategic planning guidance and developing the organizational structures for both Tuscaloosa Children's Theatre (TCT) and the Saban Center Foundation. As West Alabama's premier performing arts organization, TCT provides educational programs and theatrical experiences for all Alabama families – enhancing the cultural landscape of the Saban Center. The Saban Center Foundation, upon opening, will manage facility operations, ensuring a seamless and quality experience for attendees, guests and students across the entire campus.

The Theatre Projects team is also focused on providing venue planning and room design, performance equipment design, acoustics, and audiovisual and integrated technologies design for the new facility.

Lord Cultural Resources has been a leading global authority in cultural-sector planning since 1981. They have been instrumental in the creation, planning and management of cultural spaces and venues in over 460 cities in 57 countries across six continents. They are a key partner in this endeavor, as they are instrumental in crafting the operational framework of this educational campus.

The Sabans believe that the collaborative vision of these cultural planning leaders promises to elevate the Saban Center to new heights and establish it as a beacon of excellence in STEM education.

The Saban Center is a first-of-its-kind STEM & the arts campus where education, experience and innovation meet. It includes community partners at TCT and Ignite, formerly Children's Hands-On Museum, a rich partnership with the state of Alabama through the STEM Hub and public-private educational partnerships spanning the state of Alabama. The Saban Center will be a hub for education training, arts participation and academic support for teachers and families alike.


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