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Ainsworth says that CNN attacked Katie Britt because she scares them

On Wednesday CNN had to retract a story that it had written attacking the truthfulness of a story told by U.S. Senator Katie Britt (R-Alabama) in her Republican response to the state of the union address. On Thursday Lieutenant Governor Will Ainsworth (R) slammed CNN for the attack on Britt and said that it was because she (and the demographics she represents) scares them.

"Its liberal bias is bad enough, but CNN was forced to retract, rewrite, and re-edit a story about @senkatiebritt after its blatant dishonest reporting was exposed," Lt. Gov. Ainsworth wrote on the social media platform now known as X. "Liberals know Katie represents the next generation of strong GOP women leaders, and it scares the heck out of them."

Britt had told the story of a sex trafficking victim, who was later identified as Karla Jacinto. Jacinto was then interviewed by CNN to cast doubts on the accuracy of Britt's recounting. In the interview, Jacinto appeared to say that her teenage sexual abuse all had occurred in Mexico; but this claim contradicted previous reporting including Jacinto's own statements.

CNN also claimed in its reports that Britt claimed that Jacinto was trafficked by Mexican drug cartels, which was not an accurate restating of what Britt had said. After multiple outlets reported on the inaccuracy of CNN's reporting the cable news channel retracted and revised their story.

"The liberal media isn't interested in the truth they are interested in burying the truth about Joe Biden and his border crisis," Britt said after being widely attacked for her Republican response speech. "They want to silence a conservative woman for speaking out on this topic. They don't want to bring light and help the women that are actually being trafficked."

In her nationally televised speech, Britt repeatedly drew attention to what she viewed as the weaknesses of the Biden administration. The border has been a frequent topic of concern for Britt and she has made multiple trips to the border and sponsored or cosponsored several pieces of legislation to improve border security. Britt, while taking a somber tone in her speech last week, continues to maintain that with a change in leadership and some policy changes there is still hope for the nation.

"Despite the current State of our Union, I firmly believe that our best days are still ahead," Britt said. "It's our turn to stand up and prove ourselves worthy of protecting the American Dream. Together, we can reawaken the heroic spirit of a great nation."

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