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Alabama Republican Party Thanks State House of Representatives for passage of three Priority Bills

On Thursday the Alabama House of Representatives passed three Senate bills that were priority pieces of legislation for the Alabama Republican Party. The Alabama GOP released a statement on Friday thanking the Legislature for addressing the bills which they say "secured significant conservative victories."

These bill were:

"SB48 - Parents Right to Know: Sponsored by Senate Pro Tem Greg Reed, SB48 champions parental rights through greater transparency in school curricula. This legislation ensures that parents have unrestricted access to their children's course of study and related materials, allowing them to be in the driver's seat of their child's education."

"SB129 - Banning Taxpayer Funding of DEI Programs: Sponsored by Senator Will Barfoot, SB129 blocks taxpayer funding for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) programs. Additionally, it designates bathrooms in public institutions based on biological sex."

"SB1 - Protecting Election Integrity: Sponsored by Senator Garlan Gudger, SB1 fortifies election integrity by reforming the Absentee Voting process to guarantee the security and integrity of every ballot, ensuring that no one's vote is lost or stolen."

The House's passage of these three high priority bills followed the passage of the historic school choice bill passed that was passed on Wednesday and signed into law by Alabama Governor Kay Ivey (R) on Thursday morning.

"The Alabama Republican Party is committed to advancing legislation that underscores our commitment to safeguarding election integrity, empowering parents in their children's education, and ensuring responsible use of taxpayer dollars," said Alabama Republican Party Chairman John Wahl. "We are thankful to Senator Garlan Gudger, Senate Pro Tem Greg Reed, and Senator Will Barfoot, along with all members of the Alabama Legislature, for their dedication to advancing these critical initiatives. Their work and leadership on these important issues have propelled Alabama forward on the path that reinforces the state's reputation as a beacon of conservative values. Each of these bills represent a common sense approach to issues we are facing."

Thursday was day 15 of the 2024 Alabama Regular Legislative Session. The Legislature is taking a week off after the midpoint of the session – the regular session cannot last more than 30 legislative days. They will return on Tuesday, March 19. The Senate will then have to vote whether or not to concur with House changes to these pieces of legislation.

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