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Barry Moore sends a letter asking that appropriations bill not fund Biden's migrant resettlement efforts

House leadership from both parties, Senate leadership from both parties, and the White House are working on crafting a bipartisan bill to keep the federal government funded through September 30. Congressman Barry Moore (R-Enterprise) joined 41 of his Republican colleagues in a letter to his colleagues asking for an appropriations deal that does not fund Biden's ongoing border crisis.

The letter states that the failure to negotiate a deal that includes H.R.2 means that if Republicans support this legislation, they fund the mass release of millions of illegals into the United States, unlawful mass parole programs that have allowed the release of criminals such as Laken Riley's murderer, the dismantling of Trump's "Remain in Mexico" policy, sanctuary cities, and the halting of Texas border wall construction.

"Republicans can't fix Biden's border crisis if we're funding it," said Moore. "We must be willing to use the power of the purse and say we will not fund a deal that allows this crisis to continue. American families are counting on us to protect them, and they deserve real solutions, not just talking points."

Rep. Moore is a member of the ultra-conservative House Freedom Caucus.

Congressman Bob Good (R-Virginia) is the Chairman of the House Freedom Caucus. He led the Caucus in the letter urging the larger total House Republican Caucus to use the power of the purse in this week's government funding bill to block Biden's "open borders" policies.

"At some point, border security has to be more than a talking point or a campaign promise," Chairman Good said. "What are House Republicans prepared to do? When will we say "not on our watch" and back up those words with action? Stop funding the invasion!"

Without the House Freedom Caucus's votes, the Republican Speaker of the House Mike Johnson (Louisiana) will have to rely on Democratic votes to get the bipartisan budget bill out of the House. An all-Republican funding bill would be dead on arrival in the Democratic controlled Senate and would never be signed by President Joseph R. Biden (D) even if it did.

Over 8 million people crossed the U.S. border in the three years that President Biden has been in office. The vast majority of them have been resettled in communities across the country, often at taxpayer expense. Congress has already passed 6 of the 12 funding bills. They pass the other 6 funding bills to avoid a partial government shutdown.

Barry Moore has served two terms in the Alabama House of Representatives.

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