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Foundation for Moral Law is fighting gender ideology in schools

The Foundation for Moral Law recently announced that it has filed an amicus brief on January 4th with the United States Supreme Court in the case of John and Jane Parents v. Montgomery County Board of Education, fighting for parents' right to direct their children's upbringing.

The Montgomery County public school system in Maryland is part of a "woke" policy trend that is happening across the country. School officials are allowing, same say encouraging, minor children to reject the biological truth of the male and female genders. These schools are adopting what are effectively "secret gender transition" policies where the school facilitates and encourages students to be transgender while keeping this fact hidden from the children's parents.

The Foundation for Moral Law submitted a brief in support of the parents that affirms what they consider to be the constitutional history of parental rights and the biological reality of male and female.

The Foundation's lead staff attorney is Talmadge Butts. He is the primary author of the brief.

"Gender identity ideology is all-pervasive in our modern secularized culture, and it is ripping people's lives and families apart while big pharma profits billions," said Butts in a statement. "Schools have no authority to promote such a harmful ideology to children, and doing so is an unconstitutional violation of parental rights."

Foundation Senior Counsel Colonel John Eidsmoe stated, "Policies such as secret gender transitions are used to wage war on God's good design of male, female, and the family. The Foundation will continue to fight to ensure gender identity ideology has no place in our public institutions.

The LGBTQ+ community argues that there are a multitude of genders and that individuals, including minors, should be allowed to transition at will and are not concerned with the deeply held moral and religious beliefs of the parents or their concerns that puberty blockers and extremely high levels of hormone use will damage their child's long-term health.

Children are being given these experimental drug cocktails by school nurses without the knowledge of parents.

According to original reporting by the New York Post's Pedro Gonzales the pharmaceutical industry is making a fortune prescribing these drugs to kids. Typically used drugs include Medroxyprogesterone acetate, a common drug in "gender-affirming therapy," has long been used to chemically castrate sex offenders; Lupron, a controversial hormone blocker. Lupron manufacturer AbbVie made $726 million on the drug alone in 2018.

Transgender people never get off of the drugs, They become life-time dependent on the drug companies and the healthcare sector.

Kayla Moore is the President of the Foundation. She is the wife of founder and President Emeritus Roy Moore.

The Foundation for Moral Law is based in Montgomery Alabama. It describes itself as a nonprofit organization dedicated to the strict interpretation of the Constitution as intended by its Framers,

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