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Jeana Ross and Alan Miller advance to the Republican runoff in HD27

Republican primary voters went to the polls in Alabama House of Representatives District 27. Just 3,579 Republicans voted in this special election – even though there were six very different candidates on the special election ballot.

According to preliminary results, Jeana Ross will be in a runoff on April 30 with Alan Miller. Miller beat out Bill Stricklend by 205 votes according to the numbers at the Secretary of State's website at press time.

Ross had 1,404 votes (39.23%), while Miller had 737 (20.59%). Stricklend managed just 532 votes (14.86%). Bill Hancock received 484 votes (13.52%), Billy Todd had 312 votes (8.72%), and Stacy George 110 votes (3.07%).

"It was amazing to have so many outstanding individuals who wanted to serve our Party and represent the people of Marshall County," said Alabama Republican Party Chairman John Wahl. "Congratulations to Alan Miller and Jeana Ross for advancing to the run-off election. I look forward to watching this next phase of the campaign process. The Republican Party is committed to defending individual liberties and enacting legislation that puts people first. I am confident that both of these candidates will be strong leaders, dedicated to upholding our traditional, Conservative values and protecting the people of Alabama from the radical, left wing agenda."

"As a career educator, continuing Alabama's improvements in our public schools is a passion of mine, but I will also focus on other important issues like combatting illegal immigration, creating jobs, and protecting our traditional morals and conservative values," Ross said in her announcement statement. "I believe strongly that if we begin teaching our children essential life skills at an early age, they will be prepared to fill long-lasting, well-paying, 21st Century jobs as adults, which keeps Alabama's economy growing well into the future ."

HD27 became vacant earlier this year when Rep. Wes Kitchens (R-Arab) was elected to the Alabama Senate District 26 in a special election to replace Clay Scofield who left to go to work for the Business Council of Alabama (BCA).

Alan Miller is a longtime employee of Redstone Federal Credit Union. He is the treasurer at United Methodist Church in Arab, Alabama. He has a finance degree from Florida State University. He is a native of Arab, Alabama.

"Alabama has done a great job of incentivizing new industries to come into the state, and we've also done a lot of work to make the business climate more friendly to the companies already here," said Miller. "One area we need to improve is labor participation. The governor even mentioned that in her State of the State address. Alabama's labor participation rate is 57%, which is the third lowest in the country."

"We have to find the friction that keeps people out of the workforce, whether that's folks who don't want to go to work or factors such as childcare, housing, or other factors, and get those folks back into the workplace," Miller continued. "If elected, one of my top priorities will be working with my colleagues on how we can improve this for our state, and House District 27."

Jeana Ross is the former head of the Alabama Department of Early Childhood Education. She is a retired educator and has been endorsed by the Alabama Forestry Association and Lieutenant Governor Will Ainsworth.

District 27 is in Marshall County. HD27 includes Arab, Asbury, Grant, Guntersville, Union Grove and a portion of Albertville.

There is not a Democratic candidate qualified in this race, so the winner of the Republican primary will be the eventual representative.

Ross will face Hancock in a special runoff election on Tuesday, April 30.

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