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Palmer and Aderholt are critical of Biden's State of the Union

On Thursday, President Joseph R. Biden (D) delivered his fourth State of the Union address. Congressman Gary Palmer (R-Hoover) responded to the to President's speech saying that the state is "In danger." Congressman Robert Aderholt (R-Haleyville) said that the "state of the our union is shaky at best under Joe Biden's leadership.

"In just three years, Biden has opened our borders and allowed over 8 million migrants to enter our nation illegally," said Rep. Palmer. "Among those are 361 individuals apprehended at our border who are on a terrorist watchlist. There are thousands of migrants here illegally who have serious criminal backgrounds. Since Biden has been in office, there have been 165 noncitizens convicted of homicide or manslaughter and over 1,200 sexual assault convictions. Deaths at the hands of noncitizens in the first 44 days of this year were averaging almost one every three days. Clearly, the Biden and Democrat open border policy is a major national security issue and a major public safety problem."

"This is the fourth time I've heard President Biden give an address to a joint session of Congress," said Rep. Aderholt. "And all four times, it's been the same overall message: deflect, mislead and play the blame-game with intense partisanship. The reality is that the state of our union is shaky at best under Joe Biden's leadership.

"Biden and the Democrats have pushed legislation and regulations that have added trillions of dollars to our national debt, raised energy cost and the cost of housing and essential household expenses," Palmer continued. "The cost of groceries is up over 21% because of Biden and his Democratic coconspirators in the House and Senate. As a result, senior citizens are having to take jobs or rely on charitable food pantries in order to have enough to eat and still be able to pay their utility bill and afford their medicine."

"The American people continue to suffer under high inflation, our porous southern border is an unprecedented disaster, and our allies are worried by our so-called leadership abroad, while our adversaries laugh," Aderholt added. President Biden could directly address these problems, but he chooses to use House Republicans as a scapegoat. President Biden also continues to push previously unimaginable leftist policies and an aggressive woke agenda. For example, the days when even Democrats thought abortion should be "rare" are long gone. Now, President Biden and Democrats push for taxpayer-funded abortion every chance they get, even in Defense funding. And while I deeply sympathize with Kate Cox and families facing challenging prenatal diagnoses, the reality is that not even her doctor would sign off to certify a medical exception to enable her abortion."

"No, Mr. President, the American people know the state of the union is not strong," Palmer concluded. "It is in danger because of the policies of your administration and the Democrats in Congress."

President Biden used the speech to go after his Republican opponent, former President Donald J. Trump, without ever naming him.

"January 6th and the lies about the 2020 election, and the plots to steal the election, posed the gravest threat to our democracy since the Civil War, but they failed," Biden said. "America stood strong, and democracy prevailed. But we must be honest that the threat remains and democracy must be defended."

"As I've done ever since being elected to office, I ask you all, without regard to party, to join together and defend our democracy," Biden said. "Respect free and fair elections! Restore trust in our institutions! And make clear that political violence has no place in America."

Biden also attacked Republicans for their Pro-Life stance.

"Many of you in this Chamber and [Donald Trump] are promising to pass a national ban on reproductive freedom," Biden said. "My God, what freedoms will you take away next?"

He even bashed Alabama for the in vitro fertilization ruling by the State Supreme Court – an issue that was handled by the Legislature in a bill that the governor signed on Wednesday.

"The President also chose tonight to sow division and fear where there should be none: among families struggling with infertility. This is a pain that has touched many families, so it's essential to be clear that fertility treatment is not threatened by a ruling that reaffirms the value of human life. In Alabama, we support life-affirming treatments of infertility including responsible IVF. We also recognize the need for common-sense regulation of the fertility industry on behalf of parents who have trusted them."

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