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Trump receives 320,816 more votes that Biden in Alabama

After Super Tuesday, Nikki Haley is reportedly dropping out of the 2024 race for President – having only won the Vermont and District of Columbia Republican presidential contests. Former President Donald J. Trump (R) dominated across the map including in Alabama where he cruised to victory with 83.3% of the Alabama Republican primary vote.

The Alabama Republican Party Executive Committee had made the unprecedented decision to endorse Trump a month ahead of the primary – correctly recognizing that his was the only credible Republican presidential campaign in Alabama/.

"I want to offer my heartfelt congratulations to President Donald J. Trump on another big win in Alabama," said Alabama Republican Party Chairman John Wahl following the election results. "The State GOP endorsed President Trump, and we are proud that he revived his biggest Super Tuesday win right here in Alabama. Republican primary voters sent a clear message that they support his stand for bold conservatism. Alabama and President Trump have a special relationship, and we are ready to get started on the general election as we fight for the future of country. It's time to put America first policies back into the White House."

The Democratic side closely paralleled the Republican primary. President Joseph R. Biden (D) received 89.51% of the primary vote. Congressman Dean Phillips is still in the Democratic presidential race; but no one really knows who as he has not had the successes that Nikki Haley has. Phillips has no victories to date and finished third in Alabama – behind uncommitted.

It is obvious that unless something tragic health wise happens or one of them bows out of the race for some reason that the 2024 general election will be a repeat of the 2020 with Trump versus Biden 2 being a near certainty.

Democratic turnout in Alabama continues to be unimpressive. Only 184,973 Democrats voted in the presidential race and Biden got 165,567 votes. 57,129 of those voted in the tightly contested Second congressional district. There Shomari Figures and House Minority Leader Anthony Daniels are headed to an April runoff for the Democratic nomination for Congressional District 2.

On the Republican side, 584,524 people voted in the Alabama Republican primary. Trump got 486,883 votes. According to those numbers, Trump starts his presidential campaign in Alabama with 320,816 more voters than President Biden does.

In CD2 former State Senator Dick Brewbaker is in a runoff for the Republican nomination with attorney Caroleene Dobson for the Republican nomination. Dobson edged out State Senator Greg Albritton (R-Atmore) by just 641 votes. There were 161 fewer Republicans voting in CD2 than Democrats illustrated the challenge that the eventual Republican nominee will have in that federal court drawn Congressional district.

"The Alabama GOP had many competitive primary races across the state, and we want to thank each of our candidates for their commitment to serve the people of Alabama," Wahl added. "It's not easy to put yourself forward, and we appreciate their sacrifice. We especially want to congratulate those who won their races outright and also to those who are headed to the Run-Off Election. We look forward to working with each of our nominees in the general election."

Obviously both Biden and Trump will have many more votes in the general election where many more voters participate; but the Alabama Democratic Party starts out this race with a huge voter apathy problem in just motivating their voters to turn out – before even dealing with swing voters or trying to get Republican leaning voters to switch sides in November.

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