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Tuberville says that Laken Riley is "just another sacrifice on the altar of woke ideology"

On Thursday, U.S. Senator Tommy Tuberville (R-Alabama) called out President Joseph R. Biden (D), Biden's handpicked Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas, and the Democratic Party for their willful refusal to secure America's borders. Tuberville went on to say that the deaths of thousands of Americans, most recently young Laken Riley is due to Democrats' refusal to defend America's borders.

"Just imagine that you are Allyson and John Phillips. Last Thursday afternoon, you get a phone call from law enforcement in Athens, Georgia," said Sen. Tuberville said. "The voice on the other end of the phone says that your daughter has been murdered by an illegal immigrant. I cannot imagine what that feels like. I cannot even begin to understand the shock, the sadness, and the anger. Laken Riley was a nursing student at Augusta University in Georgia this past year. Wednesday morning, she went out for a jog on the campus of the University of Georgia. She never came back. Police found her body in the woods a few hours later-around noontime. She was covered with blood and injuries from head to toe."

"An autopsy found that she died of blunt force trauma to the head. The charging documents in the case say that her skull was disfigured," Tuberville continued. "This was a brutal murder of an innocent young woman. Laken Riley was just 22 years old. She had her whole life ahead of her. She had a bright future. Now that future will never be realized."

"Our number one commodity in this country is our young people," said Sen. Tuberville. "Laken's death is even more heartbreaking because it could have been prevented-and it SHOULD have been prevented."

"On Friday night, police arrested and charged Jose Antonio Ibarra with malice murder, felony murder, aggravated battery, aggravated assault, false imprisonment, kidnapping and hindering a 911 call," said Tuberville. "Jose Ibarra is an illegal immigrant from Venezuela. In other words, he should never have been in this country in the first place. This brutal and horrific murder would have been prevented if Joe Biden and Democrats had done their job of enforcing the law."

"Jose Ibarra crossed our Southern Border into El Paso in September 2022, a year, and a half ago," said Tuberville. "He was PAROLED into our country-we'll talk more about parole in a minute." "According to ICE, he was arrested just five months ago in New York City and charged with "acting in a manner to injure a child" and for driving without a license. Specifically, he was arrested for allegedly endangering a 5-year-old child. Athens police called the murder of Laken Riley a "crime of opportunity." In other words, this was essentially a random act of violence. It could have been ANYONE's daughter. She did absolutely nothing wrong."

"Soon, the Senate will hold a trial on articles of impeachment against Secretary of Homeland Security Mayorkas. The guy that is in charge of our border," said Tuberville. "To Democrats, and this administration, Laken Riley is just another sacrifice on the altar of woke ideology. The blame for this crime lies with this Administration and with the Democrat Senate majority. Democrats run Washington right now. The buck stops with them. Democrats could have stopped this-if they had secured our border."

"Just yesterday in my state of Alabama, Albertville police arrested two illegal aliens for alleged child exploitation," said Tuberville. "The list goes on and on. I could be up here all day. Americans are dying due to our open borders at the southern and northern border. And they are dying every single day. Since taking office, Joe Biden has taken 94 executive actions against immigration enforcement... Meanwhile he's saying he can't do anything to fix the border. He can start by undoing all 94 of those executive actions. One of those executive actions was the abuse of the parole system. That is how Jose Ibarra, who killed Laken Riley, got into this country. Joe Biden paroled him into the country, meaning he was arrested by Homeland Security and then released."

"Laken Riley's death, and the death of every other American caused by this border crisis, rest with President Biden and Secretary Mayorkas," stated Tuberville. "Hope they can't sleep at night. We need to go back to the policies that worked."

Sen. Tuberville has introduced or cosponsored over a dozen pieces of legislation to increase border security. These bills have all been blocked by the Democratic Senate majority and if they had passed Congress President Biden would have vetoed them. This situation has nothing to do with ideology; but rather the simple fact that immigrants overwhelmingly vote for Democrats, First generation immigrants tend to also be in the Democratic camp on election day. Republicans dominate election among voters whose grandparents were born in the United States and so the Democratic administration is doing everything possible to encourage as many people as possible to enter the country legally or illegally. Higher crime, inflation, the housing shortage, and strains on schools and federal programs are all acceptable as long as it helps the Biden administration get four more years in power.

Tommy Tuberville has represented Alabama in the Senate since his election in 2020. Senator Tuberville has spoken about his concerns on the floor of the U.S. Senate and called on the Biden administration to act.

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