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Screening of the Joey Hale Story on May 2

There will be a special screening of the film: "A Walk with Joey" at St. Mark the Evangelist Catholic Church on Thursday, May 2 at 7:00 p.m. hosted by the Knights of Columbus and the United For Life Foundation.

Joey Hale suffered a skull fracture in 1976 when he and his entire family were involved in a hit and run car accident caused by a drunk driver.

Joey's five-year-old sister was left with permanent brain damage from the crash. Joey was later diagnosed with a brain tumor at the age of 12. Hours after the doctors removed the tumor, Joey suffered a series of seizures that left him paralyzed, nearly blind and unable to talk. Joey's young life appeared to be effectively over as the prognosis for the recovery of his mental and motor skills were both dim. Joey's father never gave up hope to reconnect with his son. Joey's favorite football team was the San Diego Chargers. Joey's family connected with the Chargers through a mutual friend. Joey received an autographed photo of Dan Fouts and then a trip to meet and greet with the Chargers. Somehow the interactions with the NFL stars sparked something in Joey's damaged brain and the friendships made on this trip inspired a miracle.

Joey's story is about the power of faith, football, friendship, and community coming together to do what is right for a remarkable family in need. It's the "pay it forward" gestures of kindness from a friend of a friend that kept this family up when it was down. The tale of Joey Hale is the story of one of God's walking miracles.

Dana Abercrombie is the producer and director of the film.

"I'll never forget how big of a deal it was when Joey Hale returned to St. Rose grammar school after a two year recovery from a brain tumor," said Abercrombie. "I distinctly remember every time Joey walked by hearing a parent, teacher, or Dominican Sister utter the words, "There goes Joey Hale...a walking miracle". As a child, I never would have known by his huge million-dollar smile."

"Twenty years later, Joey and I crossed paths again at my local Publix," Abercrombie said. "The first time I saw him I made my way over to him with no hesitation to reintroduce myself from St. Rose. For years I diligently shopped at Publix so he could walk me to my car and from there his story unfolded. Come to find out, he had suffered a great deal years before I had met him as a child. The things he went through were unimaginable. Then it hit me, what the adults in my youth were saying - he truly is one of God's walking miracles."

"It's been a passion of mine to tell Joey's story for over eight years now," Abercrombie said. "He has made a major impact on me. His outlook on life puts things into perspective and points you in the right direction with you laughing along the way. I feel we have captured Joey's essence and look forward to seeing it play out when we start editing with OutPost Pictures. Many thanks and blessings to everyone who can help us tell his story."

The movie was recently shown to the student body at John Carroll Catholic High School in Birmingham. The students were inspired by the film and Joey's story.

"Joey was really inspiring. I took away that even if everything seems to go wrong for you, whether it just be in your day or in your life, that there is always a positive, and everything i what you make it," one student wrote.

"What I took away was that we can have such a huge impact on people if we simply tried to do the will of God, in whatever circumstance - Joey wasn't able to become a football player, but even as a Publix employee, he's touched so many hearts - more than many professional athletes! It's about giving over your 5 loaves and 2 fish and watching God multiply them. Whatever circumstance, whatever stage of life someone is in - it can be turned into something beautiful," another wrote.

The movie screening is free; but donations will be accepted.

St. Mark the Evangelist Catholic Church

7340 Cahaba Valley Road, Birmingham 35242

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