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NFL Draft is tonight

The NFL draft begins on Thursday night with the first round. The second and third rounds will be on Friday. On Saturday the remaining rounds of the draft will be held. The NFL draft has become a major sporting event itself as fans of NFL fans hope that their team's next great player will be found. College fans also watch to see how the NFL views their favorite college players. There are numerous examples of players who were great college players who were not nearly as successful at the pro level and even of a few who were better pros than they were college players.

A number of players who excelled in college football in the state of Alabama are being considered in this year's draft. Oregon quarterback Bo Nix, who actually started his playing career, is one of those players. The NFL has a tremendous shortage of quarterbacks and Nix very well could be taken as early as the first round. There is some criticism of Nix due to his age.

Alabama pass rusher Dallas Turner is expected to go off the board early. Skilled defensive ends are a premium position of need for NFL defenses.

Teammate Terrion Arnold is also expected to go high in the draft. He is the first or second rated cornerback in this draft on most draft boards.

Alabama Tackle J.C. Latham also has a first round grade. He is expected to come off the board in the second half of the first round.

Alabama cornerback Kool-Aid McKin could also possibly go late in the first round.

Alabama pass rusher Chris Braswell is projected to be a late second round selection.

Auburn defensive back Jaylin Simpson is expected to be a day three selection.

Troy pass rusher Javon Solomon is expected to be a day three selection.

Alabama kicker Will Reichard is expected to be drafted by a team on day three.

Auburn defensive back D.J. James is also expected to be a day three selection.

Alabama receiver Jermaine Burton is a possible day three selection.

Auburn cornerback Nehemiah Pritchett is another possible day three selection,

Alabama defensive tackle Justin Eboigbe also is a possible day three selection,

Auburn defensive tackle Marcus Harris is projected to be a late round selection.

Troy running back Kimani Vidal is also projected to be a late round selection.

Troy pass rusher Richard Jibunor is a possible late round draft pick.

Alabama running back Jase McClellan could potentially be drafted.

Alabama safety Jaylen Key could potentially be drafted.

Auburn defensive tackle Justin Rogers is a possible draft pick

The Chicago Bears have the first pick. They are expected to take USC Quarterback Caleb Williams.

The Washington Redskins have the second pick. They are also expected to take a quarterback.

The New England Patriots have the third pick. They are expected to take either a quarterback or a wide receiver, if they do not trade out of the pick.

The Arizona Cardinals have the fourth pick. They are followed by the Los Angeles Chargers, New York Giants, Tennessee Titans, and Atlanta Falcons. The Bears also have the ninth pick. The New York Jets have the tenth pick. The Kansas City Chiefs are the last team to draft in the first round at number 32.

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