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Alabama Cannabis Coalition endorses Michael Rectenwald for President of the United States

The Alabama Cannabis Coalition announced that they will be attending the 2024 Libertarian Party National convention this weekend, May 23 - 27, 2024 and are endorsing Michael Rectenwald for the Libertarian nomination for President of the United States.

H Marty Schelper is the Founder/President of the Alabama Cannabis Coalition.

"The Alabama Cannabis Coalition is proud to announce we will be whole heartedly endorsing Libertarian Candidate Michael Rectenwald for President when he wins the Libertarian Party nomination," President Schelper said in a statement. "Mr. Rectenwald is an author of 12 books and a member of the Mises Institute."

The Alabama Cannabis Coalition favors the legalization of cannabis, including a right of individual to grow the controversial plant in their home gardens.

The Alabama Gazette spoke with Schelper about her group's endorsement and why she is endorsing Rectenwald.

"Because he supports the same things that we do," said Schelper. "He supports home grow. He supports the legalization of cannabis. He supports the decriminalization including the expungement of criminal records for cannabis convictions."

President Joseph R. Biden (D) has recently made headlines for delisting marijuana as a schedule one drug. The Gazette asked Schelper why she is not endorsing President Biden.

"No he is pandering for votes," said Schelper. "That's nothing."

Schelper explained that moving cannabis from schedule one to schedule three is "a compromise" between the Department of Health and Human Services and the DEA. Under schedule three medical cannabis patients could get a prescription for it.

"It open the door up for the pharmaceutical industry to get control of the cannabis industry, and they are the ones behind closing the door in the first place," Schelper stated.

Schelper said in her statement that her and her colleagues are eager to participate in the political process.

"This is a huge opportunity for the Alabama Cannabis Coalition because prominent politicians and speakers, such as Robert F. Kennedy Jr, President Donald Trump, Congressman Thomas Massie - Kentucky, Vivek Ramaswamy, Senator Ron Paul, Spike Cohen and Dave Smith," said Schelper. "The Libertarian Party will be nominating their 2024 Presidential candidate. We hope that attending the convention will provide us an opportunity to speak with the National Media."

The Coalition is upset that even though the State Legislature passed medical cannabis legislation in 2021, no one has received any legal medical cannabis because the program has been stymied in the Alabama legal system due to failed applicants for cannabis licenses suing to block the process.

"We are hoping to have an opportunity to speak with the National Media regarding the quagmire in the state of Alabama regarding "Medical" Cannabis, the Federal Hemp Farm Bill and the possibility of rescheduling Cannabis," said Schelper.

"The state of Alabama and our Nation are at a crossroads regarding Cannabis, for 87 years Cannabis has been prohibited and placed on the "Controlled Substance List" for 34 years, it has been a crime against humanity," said Schelper. "The movie "Reefer Madness" was NOT a documentary, and we should now all know, it was all a propaganda effort to demonize a plant. Cannabis prohibition has been a crime against humanity."

Schelper is a delegate at the Libertarian National Convention representing Alabama.

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