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Alabama Republicans shocked and furious over Trump guilty verdict

On Thursday afternoon, 12 jurors in New York City announced that they had found former President Donald J. Trump (R) guilty of all 34 counts in his hush money trial.

"This will go down in history as a sad day for America," said Congressman Barry Moore (R-Enterprise) on the social media platform X. "This verdict is a travesty of justice in a kangaroo court, and it proves Joe Biden's sole focus is not to help the American people, but instead to weaponize against his political opponents to help his reelection during a failing administration."

Alabama Secretary of State Wes Allen (R) also commented on Thursday's Verdict in the Trump Trial

"Today's verdict is a perfect example of why our judicial system has an appeals process in place," said Secretary Allen. "It is a fail safe for every American citizen against errors made in the court system. Every citizen has a right to a fair appeal and President Trump's appeals case should be a slam dunk for any unbiased and fair appellate court. It is obvious to anyone paying attention that today's verdict is a travesty of justice. This verdict will not stand!"

Alabama Republican Party Chairman John Wahl released a statement following the guilty verdict,

"The Alabama Republican Party fully stands behind Donald Trump," said Chairman Wahl. "The leftist-inspired court case against him is clearly politically motivated. The facts surrounding this entire situation date back to 2016. These Democrat elected officials had eight years to bring charges but chose to act only when Donald Trump started leading Joe Biden in the polls. The justice system should never be used as a political weapon, and we are deeply disappointed by what we have seen throughout this case."

Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall (R) said, "I have never been part of a criminal investigation or prosecution where the target was a person, not a crime, and the outcome was determined before a single piece of evidence was gathered. This was only meant to serve as a distraction from Biden's disastrous record – on open borders, inflation, and national security. Fortunately, the American people will see this for the hoax that it is and I believe that the wrongfulness of it all will only strengthen President Trump's re-election bid."

"Americans will be outraged by this obvious weaponization, because they now know that anyone can be targeted," said Congressman Moore. "They deserve better than a President who convicts his opponent because he's too afraid to face him at the ballot box."

"The Trump trial has been nothing more than a political assassination attempt," said Congressman Gary Palmer (R-Hoover) on X. "The only reason this case proceeded is because the defendant's name is Donald Trump. The left will do anything to stop him before the election in November."

"The weaponization of our justice system and the use of guerrilla lawfare against President Trump caused this asinine verdict," said Alabama Lieutenant Governor Will Ainsworth. "A politically motivated liberal prosecutor, a partisan and abusive judge, and an election-year trial are the recipe for injustice. I'm voting Trump 2024!!"

"It is crucial to recognize that one of the true enemies of democracy is the misuse of the justice system to target political opponents," said Chairman Wahl. "With the conviction of Donald J. Trump, it is evident that our country is heading in a very dangerous direction. This is not how a republic or a democracy should be run. The conviction of a former president, especially one who is a current candidate for the presidency, sets a troubling precedent."

"I am disheartened by the verdict," said Congressman Dale Strong (R-Huntsville). "I strongly believe that these charges would not have been brought against Donald Trump had he not sought the office of President. Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg brought this case because of politics, not justice. It is clear that Democrats weaponized our court system to try to undermine President Trump."

Congressman Robert Aderholt (R-Haleyville) said, "Trump Verdict: The prosecutors in this case, with I believe help from the bench, had to take the law and make origami out of it to try and get the verdict they wanted. This was not about justice. This was about politics. This will be overturned on appeal. ABSOLUTELY NO DOUBT."

"This blatant attempt to win an election in the courtroom is an all-out assault on democracy," said Alabama Speaker of the House Nathaniel Ledbetter (R-Rainsville). "At the end of the day, the real jury is the American people. We aren't being fooled one bit."

"Throughout American history, our Republic has been anchored by principles of fairness, impartiality, and the rule of law," said Wahl. "These principles are now at risk when legal actions appear motivated by political agendas rather than genuine legal infractions. Targeting a former president through legal means not only undermines the integrity of our judicial system but also threatens the very foundations of our democratic system."

"The people of America should decide who our next president is, not Democrat elected officials or politically motivated prosecutions," said Wahl. "This fundamental principle is at the heart of our democratic process. Our nation must remain vigilant in protecting the integrity of our elections and ensuring that the legal system is used to uphold justice, not as a tool for political gain."

"This verdict is an absolute disgrace and an abuse of the American justice system," said Congressman Jerry Carl (R-Mobile. "The American People can see right through the Left's tactics of weaponizing the courts to keep an innocent man from returning to the Presidency. Our country needs Trump back in the White House."

Judge Merchan has set President Trump's sentencing hearing for July 11.

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