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Moms for Liberty accuse publicly funded libraries of North Alabama with exposing children to sexual content

On Tuesday, Moms for Liberty expressed their frustration with public officials for their slow pace at adopting reforms to remove age inappropriate sexually explicit materials from public libraries.

"For months citizens of Huntsville and Madison City have been sounding the alarm about the sexual content provided to minors in the public library system and our elected officials have done nothing to protect the children of North Alabama," the group said in a statement.

The group is asking for supporters and members of the public, "To email the Huntsville and Madison City Councils and Madison County Commission and let them know that their reprehensible inaction is noted."

Moms for Liberty was created in Florida to oppose mask mandates and COVID vaccine mandates in public schools during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Alabama chapter almost by accident discovered that there was a problem with LGBTQ+ groups using the Alabama public library system to push their agenda on children. Books about homosexual acts and gender transitioning were being printed out of state and then finding their way into libraries, sometimes with the support of local librarians.

Moms for Liberty Alabama was outraged by this situation and soon acted to expose this situation.

"Join Moms for Liberty – Alabama and Clean Up Alabama in the fight to stop the library from sexualizing our children by petitioning elected officials to Protect the Children of North Alabama!" the group wrote. "Recently, the Huntsville Madison County Public Library doubled down on their policy to KEEP providing children with pornography and sexual content in their library system. You heard that right. The HMCPL board of trustees stands by their decision to sexualize the children of North Alabama despite the ruling of the APLS to protect children in Alabama public libraries."

Moms for Liberty denounced the action by the HMCPL Board of Trustees.

"This is despicable! And you can do something about it right now by contacting your local elected officials," the group wrote. "We've made it easy, just click here to email Huntsville and Madison City Councilors and Madison County Commissioners. Moms for Liberty- Alabama has spent months gathering parents, grandparents and other concerned citizens of North Alabama to attend HMCPL board meetings and city council meetings asking for simple solutions to protect children in their publicly funded library system."

The Alabama Public Library Board, at the urging of Governor Kay Ivey (R), has adopted new rules governing this situation making the libraries more parent and child friendly. Moms for Liberty Alabama claims that the Madison County libraries have not adopted the new rules.

Legislation that would have made it criminal for a public, or public-school library to have age-inappropriate books on the shelf in the children's section after it was brought to the attention of the librarian passed the Alabama House of Representatives; but died in the Senate during the mindless spats over gambling that marred the last days of the otherwise productive 2024 Alabama regular legislative session.

"So far the response has been silence from North Alabama elected officials and outright refusal from the HMCPL library board to stop the sexualization of North Alabama children in the publicly funded library system," Moms for Liberty claimed. "The HMCPL board recently convened to assure the public that they stand by their recently updated policies that do not protect children and will continue to promote and provide these materials to minors with public funds. They would rather forego state aid than simply protect the children of North Alabama from exposure to content intended to SEXUALIZE them. They plan to continue supplying minors with sexual content using public funds."

The Alabama Library Association (a private group – not a state agency) opposes the new rules and claims that they are opposed to censorship.

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