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Prof. Roberts, there's a Cancer on the Presidency…

The Lagniappe returned to reporting on AU corruption with a piece on Matrix [] which appears a first salvo on another series by investigative reporter Rob Holbert. Some forecast these courageous articles by one of our best reporters in the State may finally end Roberts’ presidency. A presidency filled with impropriety and intentional cover-ups like Aistrup’s $500,000 federal court determination not witnessed since the public servant ‘daze’ of Prof. Ed Richardson. Lavish incomes allocated to malicious administrators along with legal fees to crony law firms, settlements and judgments against such ‘pillagers’ on the plains of Dixie (plains once held dear by kindred Spirits in the Auburn Creed) are incredible sums by any reasonable comparison.

Lagniappe’s reporting exposed $90k/year UA payments to a high profile political columnist who shamelessly shills for the ‘Shelby Britt’ to Felon Hubbard parasites destroying our quality of life. Little doubt this ‘hired gun’ payment is now accomplished via some other ‘Birmingham Downtowner’ funding scheme which uses our “education industrial complex” institutions as well-oiled money laundering machines for favoured apparatchiks, politburo members and other high-end political prostitutes. Reporter Holbert’s [4/25/24] piece focused more specifically on $1 mil./year AU payments to a controversial firm headed by one dubbed ‘Skeletor’ according to some of the Montgomery insiders I’ve interviewed, proffering credibility for such nomenclature. These insiders were VERY clear they must remain anonymous given Skeletor’s history and connection to some of the most ‘morally challenged’ among the Intel-community tied to AU.

Readers unfamiliar with Skeletor influence in Alabama politics these past decades may want to begin with lawsuits between Perkins and former Matrix CEO Jeff Pitts which included revealing supportive documents on par with BCA Bill Canary, Sen. Shelby, Gov. Riley, Felon Hubbard, et al email correspondences submitted to Judge Jake Walker’s Lee County Circuit Court. The intrigue swirling around Alabama Power/Southern Company, Florida Power & Light minions attracted international attention [Guardian in UK] to investigative news articles about Matrix published in the Orlando Sentinel, Miami Herald, Florida Times Union, Tampa Tribune, NPR, and the investigative site Floodlight, along with Lagniappe and cited by Holbert.

Investigation into Matrix efforts to impact news coverage of utility companies seemed of little interest last I spoke with Twinkle… sad our PSC seems disinterested in power companies’ spending on Skeletor type activities. Much of the Pecker/National Enquirer ‘influence peddling’ (for those keeping up with the Trump trial Kabuki theatre in NY) type payments appear to be laundered via APCO’s Charles D. McCrary Institute. The Alabama Power Foundation promised a $10 mil. donation about ten years ago for creation of this entity in honor of their recently retired president and CEO, later installed onto the AU BoT. McCrary now serves as a member of the Institute’s advisory board along with fellow APCO minions Zeke Smith and Jim Helibron. Also worthy of note from Holbert’s reporting, Smith took McCrary’s place on the AU BoT.

APCO did pay a more reasonable amount for this named Institute (unlike YellaGrubber: for his student/taxpayer funded ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ boondoggle) seemingly used to launder political hack payments. Observers of the rise and fall of Felon Hubbard understood the ‘Bride of Felonstein’ role in that chapter of the AU Horror Picture Show staged with amazing benefits ‘magically’ bestowed upon her on the Plains of Dixie. Bill Britt [Alabama Political Reporter] uncovered some important nuggets years ago with their classic article entitled, “Hubbard: Keeping it in the Family,” seemingly before receiving APCO ‘influence peddling’ payments. This appointment to College of Human Science Dean is yet another example of “Auburn being Auburn” as ALL of her degrees and academic record occurred at AU, the home base and training ground of her fellow grifter public servant mate.

Prison was a great place for Felon Hubbard types to leverage laundered hush money payments of this sort. Most real universities do not hire their own PhD students as tenure-track faculty and then magically make them lavishly overpaid and underworked public administrators. Auburn is no longer a real university now morphed into a junior college (where culinary arts belong) sponsoring semi-pro football and basketball teams. Felon Hubbard’s fat Southeast Gas Association checks keeping it “All in the Auburn Family” weren’t enough - but they LOVE Auburn… just ask these political parasites.

For those who truly care about AU, it is time to boycott sports shows, stop reading APR, YellaHubbard, et al ‘Pravda on the Plains’ propaganda from highly overpaid hired guns and look to corruption fighters like Holbert at Lagniappe, Attorney Harry Still ‘Backstory’ podcasts and of course the Alabama Gazette with the addition of Brandon Moseley who stand against Pecker Skeletor types who’s stock and trade is to intimidate in their relentlessly comprehensive efforts to influence litigation and public perception of corrupt institutions like AU and their administrators. Matrix payments smack of the hide behind ‘Legal Fees’ playbook used to cloak how money is specifically spent… from our corrupt Lee Co. Commission, AU, EAMC locally all the way up to Biden/Trump crime family White House ‘ledgerdemain’ - faux spelling intended…

With enough light on AU’s exorbitant payments to political operatives of such ill repute, President Chris Roberts was asked about the school’s involvement with Matrix. Roberts had shown questionable public servant skills in what is now one of the longest ongoing federal lawsuits where even former President Steven ‘Crash’ Leath was unwilling to stand with Roberts’ poor administrative decisions. Auburn likes to bring in corrupt ‘public servants’ they immediately exercise leverage over to keep the graft churning. Roberts was already a well-known quantity in this sort of public service and already in a compromised position in federal court documents. Again, no problem ‘stalling and spinning’ in our federal courts - esp. when you have ‘peckers’ like Matrix led by ‘Skeletor’ to protect the long list of parasites feeding on our students and taxpayers.

Seems the usual Matrix/ McCrary Institute playbook doesn’t work as well when you have the Wall St. Journal, Chronicle of Higher Ed, Lagniappe, Gazette type newspapers along with Harry Still, Michael Pickens podcasts in the mix undoing false narratives and fluff-pieces. Soul crushing to witness once normal, uncorrupted players from an installed Dept. Head to remove elected chairs up to Executive Vice President retired U.S. Army Lt. General and former Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency Ron Burgess (also noted by Holbert serving as Matrix’s contact at Auburn) polluted by all this undisciplined corruption. Does anyone really think, given Gov. Ivey’s dirty laundry associated with college funding, she’ll stand up against these demons? I do relish thinking what could’ve been if voters elected Dr. Jimmy Blake as Governor to clean house at Alabama and Auburn in 2022.

Writing this AU horror-movie chapter would be parody of the White House 50 years ago with President Nixon being briefed by counsel John Dean (also worried about obstruction of justice charges) and the fates of favoured aides, Chief of Staff H. R. “Bob” Haldeman and Chief Domestic Adviser John D. Ehrlichman completely intertwined in the web of the president’s corruption and cover-up. Courageous reporters and publishers made the cancer on Nixon’s presidency untenable, even with the Skeletors (vulgarly named ‘Rat F-ers’ in the Watergate era) in full spin and intimidation. Easy to script a similar moment when Roberts’ legal counsel and his incompetent law firm must similarly explain the cancer on his presidency and advise him to resign, with public servants McCrary and YellaGrubber waiting in the hall…


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