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May is National Mobility Month

National Mobility Month was established by the National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association (NMEDA). National Mobility Awareness Month was created to recognize the power of mobility accessibility to enhance lives and improve health and care.

Those with mobility-impacting disabilities or diagnoses still play large roles in our society as workers, caregivers, neighbors, family members, and as consumers within the community. Take the time to see the world from their perspective. What to us is three steps to the front door can sometimes be an insurmountable obstacle to attending an event.

We've made great strides with laws mandating access, particularly the Americans with Disabilities Act, to public locations, but that has not eliminated all barriers.

Mobility is more than someone's ability to walk, move about independently, or complete activities of daily living without assistance. It is also reliable access to medical providers and emergency care when needed. It is also access to consistent, reliable, and safe transportation by use of assistive devices, including walkers, canes, wheelchairs, power chairs, and prosthetics. Mobility needs include protection from significant health risks with individuals living with disabilities who need specialized care and equipment to keep their bodies strong and prevent falls, muscle deterioration, pressure sores, and blood pressure issues. Mobility is also access to consistent therapy or rehabilitation services to enhance health and mobility. It also includes accessibility to full participation in activities of daily life and the community without safety risks; as well as access to a wide range of devices, medical essentials, and home health care to maximize daily mobility and reduce limitations.

Check with your healthcare and/or insurance provider for assistance and options related to mobility aid devices and additional health care services such as physical therapy, rehabilitation services and home health.

The Central Alabama Aging Consortium (CAAC) has programs and services to help those needing help with mobility and safety in their home. Their In-Home Services program provides minor home modifications such as ramps and grab bars in bathrooms and in some cases widening doors to allow for wheelchair access. You can contact their office at 334-240-4680 to speak with the Aging & Disability Resource Center for further assistance.


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