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Katie Britt and Lindsey Graham toured Omaha Beach

During the 80th Anniversary of D-Day, U.S. Senators Katie Britt (R-Alabama) and Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) toured Omaha Beach, one of five beach landing sites for the Allied forces during World War II.

"...80 years ago today, so many brave men came to protect freedom, freedom that we're enjoying now in America and across the globe," said Sen. Britt. "...we're the Land of the Free because of the Brave, and we got to see and celebrate the Brave today."

"We hope that today, you will join us in remembering [the veterans and the fallen], remembering their sacrifice, and remembering that we must fight for freedom each generation," said Sen. Britt. "It doesn't just get passed down. It's something we have to be intentional about. We owe it to the next generation."

"This was one of the most amazing experiences of my life," said Sen. Graham. "My dad was a World War II veteran in the Pacific in New Guinea. There were 66 [American] World War II vets here today. They all [had] just incredible stories."

"[These veterans] still love our country," said Graham. "And it reminds you what can happen if you don't do your job right, politically. If you let evil go unchecked you wind up getting a lot of people put in harm's way." "The best thing we can do here is not only honor these people who defeated Hitler, but make sure that on our watch we don't let this happen again."


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