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Steve Bannon is going to prison by July

For most Americans the first week of July is the heart of their summer and a celebration of the freedoms we enjoy in this country. For former Trump political aid and conservative news commentator Steve Bannon the first week of July will be the end of his personal freedom.

A federal judge on Thursday ordered Steve Bannon to begin his four-month prison sentence by July 1.

Bannon has appealed his contempt of Congress conviction.

In 2022, Bannon was found guilty of contempt of Congress because he refused to appear for a deposition before the now defunct House January Sixth Committee. The committee, a creation of then Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-California) was so partisan that Pelosi even handpicked even the Republicans who served on the Committee. Bannon refused to appear before the committee and refused to turn over documents they subpoenaed.

The Judge's decision to effectively silence Bannon for the four months before the November 5 election comes just one day after the House Judiciary Committee held hearings on the alleged weaponization of the court system against President Joseph R. Biden's political enemies.

"We are making the justice system political. That's what's going on in American and the people are waking up," Congressman Barry Moore (R-Enterprise) said to Attorney General Merrick Garland about the Trump guilty verdict. "When you convict a man or at least charge a man and they donate $200 million in forty-eight hours, they are sending the message that they have lost all trust in this system."

Former President Donald J. Trump (R) lashed out at the Department of Justice and the Committee in a social media rant after the order to imprison Bannon.

"It is a Total and Complete American Tragedy that the Crooked Joe Biden Department of Injustice is so desperate to jail Steve Bannon, and every other Republican, for that matter, for not SUBMITTING to the Unselect Committee of Political Thugs, made up of all Democrats, and two CRAZED FORMER REPUBLICAN LUNATICS, Cryin' Adam Kinzinger, and Liz "Out of Her Mind" Cheney," President Trump wrote on Truth Social. "It has been irrefutably proven that it was the Unselects who committed actual crimes when they deleted and destroyed all material evidence, in a pathetic attempt to protect Crazy Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats from the TRUTH - THAT I DID ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG. The unAmerican Weaponization of our Law Enforcement has reached levels of Illegality never thought possible before. INDICT THE UNSELECT J6 COMMITTEE FOR ILLEGALLY DELETING AND DESTROYING ALL OF THEIR "FINDINGS!" MAGA2024"

I have got great lawyers. We are going all the way up to the Supreme Court if we have to," said Bannon to reporters. "Merick Garland, Lisa Monaco, the entire Justice Department they are not going to shut up Trump, they are not going to shut up Navaro, they are not going to shut up Bannon and they are certainly not going to shut up MAGA. If you look at the two and a half years that we have been here look at the rise of MAGA, the rise of Donald Trump. If the election were held today, according to Harry Enten at CNN, Donald Trump would win in a landslide."

"All of this is about one thing," Bannon continued. "This is about shutting down the MAGA movement, shutting down grassroots conservatives, and shutting down President Trump. Not only are we winning, we are going to prevail and every number and every poll shows this. There is nothing that can shut me up and nothing will shut me up. There is not a prison built or a jail built that will ever shut me up. All victory to MAGA. We are going to win this. We are going to win at the Supreme Court and most importantly we are going to win on November 5th in an amazing landslide with the Senate, the House, and also Donald J. Trump back as President of the United States."

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