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Temperatures in Alabama could hit 99 degrees on Tuesday

Sunday saw 99-degree temperatures and higher in many parts of Alabama and according to NBC 13 News's Brylee Brown Tuesday could see temperatures reach 100 degrees from much of Alabama with very low chances for precipitation.

"Tomorrow we will be very close to triple digits," Brown said. "Birmingham topped out at 99 yesterday."

According to Birmingham meteorologist James Spann for June 21st, the average high for Birmingham is 89° and the average low is 70°. The record high is 99° set in 1981, while the record low is 54° set in 1972.

Spann is predicting a slightly milder forecast for Tuesday.

"Tomorrow will be a hot and mostly dry day with a highs again in the mid and upper 90s," according to Spann. "Rain chances are very low, but not zero, but really worth mentioning in the forecast. On Wednesday, scattered showers and storms are possible statewide as the air becomes more unstable and moisture levels rise. It won't rain everywhere, but rain chances will be in the 40-50%t range. Otherwise, expect a mix of sun and clouds with a high in the mid 90s." Across the country an "ongoing heat wave will continue today and Tuesday from much of the Great Plains to the lower Mississippi River Valley and into northern Florida. Dangerous heat is also expected in southern California and Puerto Rico."

There are significant differences between 90-degree temperatures and 99-degree heat. Be sure to bring in your pets, if possible, on Tuesday and make sure that they have plentiful weather. Pets, much like people, will run through water rapidly in these conditions.

Try to avoid exercise or strenuous exertion outside in these conditions and drink plenty of fluids.

If you are going to be at the Beach this week to cool off be aware that water temperatures are being reported in the mid-80s. Also rip currents are being reported up and down the Northern Gulf Coast; so pay attention to the Rip Current Flags System at each beach for the update on rip currents. Moderate rip currents are being reported from Dauphin Island east to Destin, while Panama City is reporting high rip current threats.

Make sure that your plants are well watered and that plants who are vulnerable to high temperatures are either brought inside or placed in shady areas.

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