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Alvin Bragg abused prosecutorial power in Trump case

Alvin Bragg said that they proved the case "beyond a reasonable doubt" literally citing the civil burden of proof in a press conference. Or at least that is what I heard. I also thought I heard him say, "I'm stronger" under his breath during a pause between talking about Trump. So yes - targeted prosecution, incompetent at best - perhaps corrupt and thus devoid of integrity.

For the reality is, if a prosecutor elects to abuse his authority and power - he can convict just about anyone of a "crime" in the modernity of laws we have in our jurisprudence system. And so it goes - now he will be hauled before Congress to do some "fessing up" about his ego - his internal clear desire to be seen as powerful and his subconscious agenda to "get Trump".

It is so very evident and Congress will dissect and expose - some of it. But the spirit of the matter is what must be broken. Hence, B22 and the Team continue to pound the digital ground with undercurrent news and Op Ed calling out the clear targeting. And to act so absurd in announcing that it was "handled like any other case" is prosecuted in that jurisdiction. Bull(expletive).

For Alvin to be such a moron of the English language that he uses a civil standard in the damn press conference of a historic, never done before prosecution of a former President - and then "ALVIN" - like a chipmunk - just pretends right along. "Oh, this was handled like every other case". Bull bull bull.

You just gutted the integrity of the federal democratic process, unilaterally prosecuted an accounting dispute and made America look foolish and undignified on the global stage. And yes - you are morbidly obese - an indication of being selfish and undisciplined. So naw Alvin.

You are a fat boy. Not saying that because you feel "black". But because you are. You played the White Man Right Man - just do whatever you want to the rights of others in this situation and you do it out of fake suffrage authority. You sit in your American Blackness and mock the very laws that are designed to protect us all. And yes - again I have my "papers". I was made a Slave of Robert E. Lee County Florida - ILLEGALLY - by a prosecutor like you.

Bi-directional text messages. Just like in Trump's case - where is the prosecution of Stephanie Clifford the "Great Whore of Babylon" on the world stage and her legal pimp Mr. Cohen? When are you going to trump up charges against them for the objective crimes that you elected to not bring up in your false narrative conviction of Trump. A former president.

And as a Vet of the U.S. Army with an Honorable Discharge who threw his body around for years in order to "obey" the community, let the "black kid" get ahead running the ball and fulfill the work so we can have a "team win". But then there's Alvin.

He's like the kid so motivated to score that gets the ball unexpectedly and runs down the court to only shoot in the wrong goal. The entire stands of his family are silent - in awe. Some friendly bystanders are yelling, "Alvin - no Alvin. Wrong goal. No Alvin." But there he goes. Throwing up his "Beyond a reasonable doubt" shot - the wrong damn standard in a press conference about prosecuting and convicting a president while saying - "This is how our run of the mill goes" as he says - that's how we normally railroad people - so don't worry.

Just absurd and illegal frankly. If Alvin made it look good, clean and sexy - then hey - at least he put his awe/all into it. But naw - he looked like the kid that didn't value practice, didn't prepare in the off season, is only playing because his dad is a "coach" and otherwise really just wants to go home, eat and sit on the couch. With the world mocking "Fat American's" and now - they see that.

For to them the entire "black suffrage" cry - is true and yet in some ways - the world finds much of America to be wicked from top to bottom. A lot of complainers and fakes. People who do not live in moderation, but hoard. Those who talk about "goodness" and "love" but make no sacrifice. So are we seeing the Great Whore of Babylon plan.

So I tried Alvin. I did. But you are a Chip Monk. A big ole kid with a chip on his shoulder pretending to be cloaked with a robe of Justice while it is the same ole "just us" game - targeted and unilateral unconstitutional prosecution.

And a Freudian slip to boot - citing the wrong burden of proof b/c you know you did not even properly convict him in your bogus unilateral prosecution. So let that settle in your soul for a while Alvin. Go to confession. And be born again. Trust in the Lord Jesus.

Also do yourself a favor and lose 40 pounds. Based on that your best day is 180 days in purgatory but perhaps hell. I do pray for you to make it to heaven.

Note - I use to weigh a lineman weight for football so I could block for all the poor black kids - so yes - I am saying it. You are a fat boy in a suit. Stop pretending. There are plenty of "Black Men" who can find the gym and read a law book and make it look stellar. In fact, Jesus will be Afro-Semitic - I believe.

But you - you Alvin. Naw man. Just another slob of the system. Strapping "we the people" to your egotistical, slothful selfish bull(expletive).

Peace be with you. Bow to the Constitution and shut your milly mouth Alvin. Or note your spiritual fate - mocked as a boy with a chip on his shoulder - advanced likely through fake suffrage and hand-outs of pity. Cause it sure ain't been the same road 'we the people' trod.

It is called the First Amendment - Alvin. Go read the entire Constitution (I would say again but I would bet a pinky finger you have never read it in one setting you look that lazy). Then we'll chat perhaps again my way of the AI digital world.

But you bought it Alvin. Biden became your "boss man" and you simply can't see it. Get mad - but I've had a Pittboss master in Lee County during my illegal detention. So yes - you are being controlled and it's spooking us real American's.

But as for us Americans. You are a traitor to the Constitution and should be brought up on Treason. Period.

Trenton "Trentesimo" Garmon is a Christian civil activist, a seasoned trial lawyer, and father of five. He believes in natural law, the Constitution and inalienable civil rights. He enjoys his faith, family, fishing, campfires and football.

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