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Defending Our Republic - We Must Stop Shomari Figures and the Progressive Caucus

The Congressional Progressive Caucus, huge supporters of Shomari Figures, has just put forth an agenda so radical that it threatens to dismantle the very essence of our

nation. Under the guise of progress and reform, this agenda seeks to impose a sweeping, government-controlled overhaul of healthcare, housing, and Financial Institutions. It aims to redistribute wealth on an unprecedented scale, undermining the principles of free enterprise and individual liberty that have defined America for generations. This is not mere legislation; it is a calculated assault on the core values that make our country exceptional. If enacted, these proposals would fundamentally alter our way of life, pushing us down a perilous path toward economic ruin and societal upheaval.

Among the lowlights are:

The proposition starts with a so-called effort to "Lower the Cost of Living." Sounds innocent enough, right? But dig a little deeper, and you'll find the first nails in the coffin of our free market system. Expanding Medicare to cover all drugs, publicly manufacturing generic drugs, and cracking down on private equity in healthcare—this is a thinly veiled attempt to nationalize our healthcare system. When the government controls healthcare, it controls you. Remember, the same people who brought you VA hospitals now want to run your entire healthcare.

Then there are billions to expand public housing and end homelessness. This isn't a helping hand; it's a government takeover of the housing market. Prohibiting landlords from discriminating against renters, controlling and stabilizing rents, and cracking down on private equity—these are steps straight out of the socialist playbook. We've seen how this works out in places like Venezuela, and it’s not pretty.

The agenda continues with a push to "Expand Social Security" by closing tax loopholes. Let's be clear: This is code for massive tax hikes. The Progressive Caucus wants to penalize success and hard work by taxing millionaires and billionaires into oblivion. And let’s not forget the proposal to fund affordable utilities, including post office banking and Federal Reserve checking accounts. We’ve seen how efficient the Postal Service is—imagine them handling your finances.

The "Advance Justice" section may be the most dangerous. Codifying rights to abortion, contraception, and gender-affirming care undermines the moral fabric of our society. Legalizing marijuana and providing a roadmap to citizenship for millions of undocumented immigrants essentially rewards illegal behavior and undermines the Rule of Law.

The environmental policies proposed are a death sentence for our energy independence. Binding, enforceable federal clean-energy standards will kill jobs and hike energy prices, all while our competitors like China continue to pollute unabated. Ending fossil fuel subsidies and taxing Big Oil's excess profits is nothing short of economic suicide.

And, finally, the audacious "Make Our Democracy Work" section seeks to abolish the Electoral College, grant statehood to D.C., and create fairer elections through ranked- choice voting. This is a blatant attempt to rig the system permanently in favor of progressive policies, ensuring that conservative voices are silenced forever. This proposal, if enacted, would not just change America, it would destroy it. Our nation was built on the principles of freedom, self-reliance, and limited government. This agenda replaces those principles with dependency, control, and tyranny. We must reject this radical proposition and fight to preserve the America we know and love. Our

future depends on it.

As we stand at a crucial juncture in our nation's history, the stakes have never been higher. The election of Shomari Figures would bring this nightmarish vision one step closer to reality. Figures, as a good Democrat, would be a staunch supporter of these radical policies, representing a clear and present danger to our American way of life. His election would embolden the progressive agenda, accelerating the erosion of our freedoms and economic stability. We must remain vigilant and resolute, understanding that this election is not just about our candidate, but about preserving the very soul of our nation. Our future, our prosperity, and our Liberty depend on it.

The Republicans currently have a one-seat majority. The control of the House of Representatives may very well rest on this election, and the stakes could not be higher. Every vote counts, and the future of our Republic is on the line.


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