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I will proudly vote for a convicted felon for President of these United States in November.

Thursday's verdict-guilty on all 34 counts-was shocking but not surprising.

How could it be surprising? We've known from the outset this was a sham trial in a kangaroo court, a purely political bit of theatrical lawfare intended to persecute the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party.

Even after the verdict, there's a fair amount of confusion as to just what law President Trump supposedly violated. What is certain is that this case had previously been investigated and rejected at both the state and federal level, only to be picked up again by an obviously biased DA. The judge in the case is an "acting judge" who somehow was "randomly selected" to preside over three Trump-related trials, has donated to a "Stop Trump" organization, and has a daughter who makes bank working for Democrat campaigns. Conflict of interest? Judicial bias? Grounds for recusal? Of course not, when the defendant is Donald J. Trump!

It's almost gilding the lily to talk about how the jury was selected from the voter rolls in a district that voted 90%+ for Biden in 2020. A change of venue to, say, upstate New York or West Virginia would have risked the case going before an unbiased or ethical judge and jury, and that just couldn't be allowed.

This was never intended to be a fair trial. It was only ever intended to be just one act in this election year's performance of To Kill A Movement, starring Donald J. Trump, with a supporting cast of millions of MAGA deplorables.

MSNBC all but admitted this when Ratchet MadCow & Co. tried to frame legitimate criticism of this judge, venue and prosecutor's judgment as President Trump and his supporters trying to "undermine the rule of law." The only thing notable about MSNBC's reaction is that they look like they actually believe this drek. In their eyes, Alvin Bragg is a relentless crusader fighting to right wrongs, statute of limitations be damned! Judge Merchan is a paragon of moral rectitude and legal sagacity seldom, if ever, seen on this earth. And Trump, naturally, is a vile Threat To Our Democracy(™) who must be stopped at any cost.

Predictably, the Left have been in a state of quasi-orgasmic bliss since the verdict was announced. Social media exploded with their gushings of "Guilty!" and "Lock him up!", and we can expect that to continue for several days. After multiple failed attempts, the Left have finally scored a concrete victory against Trump. Again, as MadCow said, "we now know what it is to put a former President on trial and see that trial to fruition."

Indeed, we do, Ratchet. Indeed we do. Even better, we now have the Bragg Precedent to follow-namely, that there are no statutes of limitation where former Presidents are concerned. I see no reason why that precedent couldn't extend to former senior administration officials as well. There are two Clintons and an Obama that shouldn't rest easy after this verdict. Lest you think I'm just being silly, Megyn Kelly discussed this very thing on Thursday (which I saw after I'd already drafted this piece).

Regardless of the outcome of the inevitable appeal, President Trump has now been convicted in a case where a recent poll showed 82% of Americans think he's innocent-and we'll be reminded of this conviction again on July 11th at the President's sentencing.

FYI, the Republican National Convention begins on July 15th. Are the Rikers Island facilities up to managing Presidential Nominee Trump broadcasting his acceptance speech from his cell? Somebody might want to look into that...

The reaction from the rest of the nation was about what you'd expect. Shock, that any jury, even one from deepest blue New York City, would return a guilty verdict based on such a shoddy case. Surprise, that having a proven liar and self-confessed thief as the prosecution's star witness wouldn't sink the case. Outrage, at the judge's antics, bias and conflicts of interest. Sadness, at the realization that the Republic has indeed fallen, replaced by an illegitimate Regime, a Banana Republic like we used to make fun of.

We're the Banana Republic now, and it's not funny at all.

Right after the verdict there was intense anger from Trump's supporters on social media, but that seems to have morphed into a simmering rage and determination the likes of which I've not seen in my lifetime. It's highly significant that Trump's campaign donation site crashed on Thursday evening, and social media was swamped with posts of people donating after it came back online. Countless videos have gone up, variations on the theme of "Don't care-still voting for Trump."

Have there been tears? Yes. But, the tears have been a tiny minority compared to the anger and steely resolve. The general consensus is that the Dems have gone too far, and that this must not, will not be allowed to stand.

My own personal favorites are those people saying this verdict has sealed the election of Trump as the 47th President in November. Given a halfway honest election, I can't disagree. With a stolen election like 2020? Well, #CivilWarII was also trending Thursday evening.

The Left have misjudged their entire lawfare campaign from Day One. The harder they've attacked, the higher Trump's climbed in the polls. They think they've finally won, but they have no idea just what kind of beastie they've poked. When they realize what they've done-that they've awakened the MAGA dragon at long last-they'll have no choice but to fight like the cornered rats they are to win in November.

Why? Because when Trump wins in November, we, the MAGA base, will remember May 30th. We'll remember what the Left did and has done from November 3, 2020 onward. We'll remember, and we'll insist that justice be done. We'll remember, and so will Donald J. Trump-the convicted felon I will proudly, joyfully, gleefully vote for this November.

Dr. Bill Chitwood is a retired Child, Adolescent and Family Psychiatrist who does political consulting and media relations. He is the author of Beyond Maga, available on Amazon under his pen name, Doc Contrarian. He can be found on Substack and social media as @DocContrarian.

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