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Ballot Box v. Jury Box

Those familiar with Alabama’s rigged duopoly election results understand Jury Box removal of corrupt politicians (re)installed via uncompetitive Ballot Boxes. Highly restrictive ballot access laws, hyper-gerrymandered districts, poor voter turnout with week open records laws, buttressed by our unresponsive ethics commission make our State ripe for a higher incidence of attempted Jury Box discipline with election results so unrepresentative of the population. Well seasoned, righteous politicians like Dr. Jimmy Blake (who the Red Party exiled because of his sound stand against authoritarians) noted Republicans wouldn’t have achieved ballot access allowing them to compete decades ago - i.e., when Alabama was a one party Blue State -- if the current Red Party ‘super-majority’ rules had been in place back then. The traditional Democratic Party now long faded away… modern Democrats take a cut of the graft from their increasingly shrinking turf which aids and abets the duopoly result destroying our quality of life. This exacerbates the shrill, bi-polar Kabuki Theatre - most visible when Bush/Clinton and Biden/Trump type political crime families take center stage.

Fundamental knowledge of statistics is required to understand a well voir dired jury box will not mirror the low-turnout, uncompetitive ballot boxes which install so many mentally and morally deficient candidates. Recent polls suggest approx. 70% are dissatisfied with the ‘recycled’ duopoly presidential candidates. The parasite(s) blindly voting for Biden because their wealth transfer flows from the Blue soviet in power is no surprise; oft referred to as social welfare queens. The parasite(s) blindly voting for Trump because their wealth transfer flows from the Red soviet in power is similarly no surprise; oft referred to as corporate welfare queens. These biased sycophants can be shepherded out of jury boxes but on the other hand, they’re the ‘die-hard’ participants in our low turnout duopoly ballot boxes.

Among the ‘dumb masses’ who want to put on their Blue/Red jersey instead of being informed on issues, it is clear about 20% will vote for whoever the Blue soviets nominate; about 20% will vote for whoever the Red soviets nominate. Voters who refuse to participate are exactly what the duopolists want. In keeping with the spirit of Stalin for those who anguish over which soviet is ‘better’ - doesn’t matter which authoritarian you voted for -- you voted for ‘us.’ This is why a very small number of eligible voters determine election outcomes where very little is communicated from results driven more by party than issues and adherence to one’s oath of office.

The greatest ‘soul searching’ some jurists may suffer in Ballot v. Jury Box cases is coming to terms with voting for Biden/Trump (here in Alabama, Siegleman/Hubbard types) contemplating the ‘lesser of two evils’ while digesting how corrupt a politician they keep wasting their votes as they listen to testimony and consider documents in evidence. Shameful how many support and vote for Biden/Trump crime family types justifying a small, short-run wealth transfer... discounting the long-run harm to our economy and quality of life.

The ‘ballot box v. jury box’ case I followed most closely was the Felon Hubbard trial. God bless the efforts of Judge Jake Walker, Prosecutors Davis and Hart along with righteous jurors. Even long time ‘public servant’ Pebblin Warren’s assistance with jury determination didn’t save her fellow corrupt politburo member. This unpolluted, unbiased jury vote was undoubtedly a different sample than Speaker Hubbard was accustomed to - i.e., more representative than Hubbard’s hyper-gerrymandered district, low voter turnout skewed result he’d so easily exploited. Unanimous guilty votes are more fathomable without straight ticket voting, protective duopoly party primary fundraisers, uncompetitive ballot access laws, big money BCA subsidized ad campaigns, etc. to shield this felon, extremely well funded by coconspirators. Shameful Auburn voters reinstalled this political prostitute knowing the 23 felony counts - able to read Canary, Riley, Shelby, et al emails, view evidence and witness the poor intellect and flawed integrity of this public servant. The amount of resources and talent required to discipline corruption proffered by this terribly uncompetitive political result is a huge tax on our economy and collective Spirit; better done at ballot boxes than courts if a more competitive political process were allowed. Akin to weeding the garden (a job which is never done) one of our biggest destructive weeds was removed as House Speaker. Sadly, Felon Hubbard’s replacement is a similarly spirited public servant decaying our quality of life.

Some readers ask my forecast. It’ll be sometime before witnessing a similar Siegelman result for Biden until he’s out of office. Although politburo members try to hide behind immunity (from the White House to our local corrupt minions at county courthouses) doubtful many high courts may be that vulgar, more specifically to allow so-called “absolute immunity” to Biden/Trump offenses we’ve observed. The ‘I Believe in Mike Hubbard’ minions, in eerie déjà vu, congregated for Trump months ago in Montgomery, now officially ‘donning’ the Felon Trump moniker as expected by those anticipating a righteous verdict. Entertaining DC Impeachment Kabuki Theatre these past years, but does anyone really expect the politburo to address real violations which would bring down most of the presidents I’ve observed in my lifetime?

If Alabama history is any guide (sadly we bear the shame of ‘kick-starting’ this big government Democrat’s installment into the White House with mental pigmy types like Sessions) this is the likely playbook for sentencing. And yes I know Trump currently ‘dons’ the Red jersey for those who care more about Party than consistent rule of law for Biden/Trump crime family types…

Religious leaders of questionable integrity will stand behind Trump. Recall an Auburn UMC retired pastor still shilling “Belief in Mike Hubbard" while some thought our community would be better served advancing belief in God. Furthermore, as a good Spiritual advisor, shepherding a political thief (as a correctly convicted felon) toward penitence to save his soul seems the more convincing narrative before sentencing.

Next may be bankers who will claim Trump did nothing wrong as they were paid back - no discussion of the loan(s) rejected to sound businesspeople (without several Chapter 11 failures) who refused to commit fraud, etc. Loans/economic activity which would’ve proffered more competitive, productive results than the usual soviet outcomes from manipulating disuniform tax favoritism, eminent domain abuse, etc. Remember an Auburn Bank executive sobbing on behalf of his friend Mike Hubbard? Getting unsecured loans at the expense of stockholders and other [proven] competent businesspeople who could improve our general welfare over Hubbard's political theft and cronyism wasn't part of this sentencing witness’ diatribe. Sad the prosecution didn't provide some I know harmed by Hubbard's reign, similarly doubtful anyone will have the courage to speak at Trump’s sentencing of his past harms which make his fraudulent business reporting mild in comparison. Banks, coaches, duped donors, friends, et al who provide even more money to postpone thieves and manipulators of Felon Hubbard/Trump sort from finally meeting an unbiased, righteous reckoning are most deleterious.

Then there will be minions using their politburo clout to get Felon Trump off on appeal. Recall a city mayor on the witness stand also shilling belief in Mike Hubbard as a 'good man' reiterating Felon Hubbard’s impetuous (dare I type contemptuous toward Judge Walker’s Court?) attorney’s assertion of exoneration on appeal. Considering ALDoT and other transfers to facilitate the cancerous growth and tax collusion in Lee County, one certainly wondered this mayor's criterion for "good." Too bad anti-trust laws are not evoked against colluding entities like Auburn and Opelika when raising taxes. Revealing to see low income residential electric customers subsidizing ‘Gig City’ corruption and using county equipment to clear and grub for this mayor while rural (mostly poor, black) folks can’t get to their churches and jobs because of poorly maintained roads which result from misallocations of this sort. Little surprise a corrupt mayor(s) will label Felon Trump a ‘good’ man.

Of course there’ll be many DC political prostitutes slobbering all over themselves to be the ‘Trumpiest’ sycophant… from Felon Hubbard’s minion Rep. Barry Moore to Senators Teletubby and BCA Britt. I recall the most vulgar of ‘unrighteous witnesses for the wicked’ was Congressman Rogers reminding Judge Walker of Felon Hubbard as a “first offender.” It was all the more laughable this dullard attorney lawmaker offered no discussion of Hubbard’s serial felony offender status. I’m sure this public servant would make the same argument for rapists convicted on 12 counts if it served his self-interest, regardless of others harmed.

Mr. Hart did finally take this despicable DC witness to task as ringleader of the “I like Mike" PEP RALLY (even the memory of Eisenhower is not safe in the hands of these Republocrat charlatans) impugning the grand jury immediately after handing down 23 felony indictments; resulting in 12 convictions. Shamelessly undeterred, Rogers went on to berate the jurors (sound familiar?) who correctly convicted this pollutant that damaged our economy, taxpayers, students, etc. Hubbard and Rogers political ‘graftmaster’ public servant dance is easy to follow in: Prosecutor Hart explaining to Felon Hubbard’s defense ‘Dream Team’ their innocence rhetoric had no bearing on sentencing was perfect; Hubbard no longer enjoyed the presumption of innocence once convicted on 12 of the 23 felony charges. Rogers was again an embarrassment to the citizens of 3rd District showing such great contempt for our legal system in open court. Shameful voters re-install such an abomination these past many elections instead of participating/writing in a righteous name when no competition is allowed on the ballot.

Another glaring point of irony is the lack of ‘bluff and bluster’ on how great the system is and how well it works with the Felon Hubbard/Trump results. One could see ‘Noon Day Devil’ Hubbard reveling when ‘public servant’ Rep. Moore was found not guilty of a well documented perjury charge. Perhaps it served the purpose of emboldening Hubbard all the more for the jury to see his true colours. Similarly, Felon Trump is never at a loss for hubris on his accomplished parasitism subsidizing his failed business acumen.

Wish more applauded sage Jake Walker’s judicial performance. His patience given all he endured from the defense team and Felon Hubbard minions to adjudicate the 23 felony charges was inspirational to deliver the final result honourably. Long time readers are accustomed to my citing the Decalogue of Exodus; I’d like to close with Exodus 23 (KJV) which I find most applicable to those planning to be sentencing witnesses for Felon Trump:

1 Thou shalt not raise a false report: put not thine hand with the wicked to be an unrighteous witness.

2 Thou shalt not follow a multitude to do evil; neither shalt thou speak in a cause to decline after many to wrest judgment

In closing, be wary of political hacks championing ballot box re-installment of Biden/Trump as some sort of vindication over the jury box. Duopoly voters are the problem and our once righteous Republic’s greatest shame. Either authoritarian back in the White House provides little relief for the generic productive citizen, once again displaying the dysfunction of an unconstitutional (post 435 limited HoR) electoral college, restrictive ballot access laws, etc. destroying our once great, independent coalition of States. Deo Vindice… in the end God vindicates.



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