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Why Can't America Get Elections Right?

The UK just wrapped up an election, and guess what? They managed to count the votes the same day, the Prime Minister conceded that night, and today, the next day, there is a clean transfer of power. No drama, no chaos, no endless counting, no mysterious “late-night” ballot drops. So, why can’t the United States, the leader of the free world, get its act together when it comes to elections?

First, let us talk about efficiency. The UK managed their election like a well-oiled machine. The votes were counted the same day they were cast, and there were no allegations of shenanigans. The Prime Minister conceded gracefully, and power was transferred without a hitch. It is like watching a professional football game where the referees know the rules and apply them fairly.

Now, compare that to the US. In America, we treat elections like a never-ending reality TV show. The counting drags on for days, sometimes even weeks. We have late-night ballot dumps that mysteriously favor one candidate. We have lawsuits, recounts, and more drama than a season of “The Real Housewives.” And the worst part? We spend a fortune on this circus. To add insult to injury, this election was scheduled for May 22nd.

So, the UK can hold an election in a little over a month, yet every 2 years the first Tuesday in November is asking too much for many of our election officials.

Despite their incumbency advantage, the ruling party of the UK could not overcome the widespread discontent and calls for new leadership. Remarkably, the transition of power was executed with remarkable efficiency and integrity, underscoring the robustness of the electoral process. The change in leadership did not slow down the process, proving that a vibrant democracy can swiftly adapt to the will of the people while maintaining order and stability.

The United States spends more on elections than any other country. We are talking billions of dollars. Yet, with all this money, we cannot seem to figure out how to count votes in a timely and transparent manner. It is embarrassing. The UK manages to run smooth elections without breaking the bank. What is our excuse?

Most countries in the Western World require voter ID for elections, and it is hardly a implemented voter ID laws as standard practice, ensuring the integrity and transparency of their electoral processes. These countries view voter ID as a common-sense measure to prevent fraud and uphold the legitimacy of each citizen’s vote. The policy is widely accepted by their populations and has not sparked significant controversy or

accusations of voter suppression. Instead, it is seen as a basic safeguard that reinforces trust in the democratic system, ensuring that every vote cast is legitimate and accurately counted. But in the US, the mere suggestion of voter ID sends the left tizzy. They scream “voter suppression” while ignoring the fact that most Americans support voter ID laws. It is not about suppressing votes; it is about ensuring that every vote cast is legitimate.

The US needs to take a hard look in the mirror. We need to demand accountability from our election officials. We need to streamline the process, implement common-sense measures like voter ID, and stop wasting taxpayer money on a broken system. If the UK can run efficient and clean elections, so can we. It is time to stop making excuses and start making changes. America deserves better.

It is time to cut the nonsense and get serious about fixing our elections. Every state must follow states like Alabama and require Voter ID and have available same-day results; the American people deserve it. We must insist on an election process that is efficient, transparent, and trustworthy. As the leader of the Free World, we must learn from the UK and other countries that get it right. Enough is enough. Let us get it done.

Perry O Hooper Jr is a former State Representative who writes columns on his political perspective and has been published in a number of publications around Alabama and beyond. He was an early supporter of Donald Trump and was the 2016 Trump Victory Chair.

This is an opinion column. The views of opinion writers are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Alabama Gazette, the staff, or the publishers.


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