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The Kabuki Debate

Who had “12 minutes” in the betting pool for when old Joe would have his first mental gear-stripping in the debate? You won!

The only real question I had before the debate was whether the Dems would send in a Stunt Biden, or if Joe’s medical team could create a Frankensteinian aberration of modern medical science capable of mimicking a coherent, competent, fully functioning human from the doddering dementoid that currently serves as the sock puppet figurehead of these United States.

They tried the latter and failed miserably. The nursing home refugee they sent out shambled, mumbled, stuttered, coughed, and had the blank gaze of a Pawpaw who shouldn’t be driving or allowed to wander unattended, much less be the Leader of the Free World.

Let me ask you this: if Joe was your family member, wouldn’t you have already taken his car keys? Would you trust him to go to the grocery store for you? Would you let him sit on the porch unattended with your daughter or granddaughter?

And how ironic is it that Prevagen, the memory supplement, was one of the ads I saw during the debate?

This debate was pure kabuki theater, but for the Dems it was necessary kabuki theater. For one thing, it was too early. Never in my lifetime can I remember a debate occurring between two presumptive nominees. Until now, the debates were always held after the conventions, with the nominees locked in. By holding it now, before Trump’s sentencing in New York, the Dems are desperately hoping their corrupt judge will lock Trump up, preventing him from campaigning or sending out those mean tweets that make the Left lose their alleged minds. If that happens, they’ll be able to legitimately say “But he had a debate” as an excuse to keep Trump incarcerated. That jailing Trump might be the Black Swan event they desperately fear (or hope to use as an excuse to declare martial law and cancel the election) is only a minor consideration for them.

More importantly, Biden’s dismal performance gives the power players in the Democrat Party the excuse they need to remove old Joe and Kamaladingdong from the ticket and replace them with a new set of progressives. This has been the rumor circulating on social media for several days--that Barack Obama, Bill (read: Hillary) Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, and Chuckie Schumer have been planning to replace Biden/Harris with a ticket that won’t be a total disaster come November. The “deep, wide and very aggressive panic” in the Democratic Party that started in the first minutes of the debate will no doubt cause sleepless nights and frantic Zoom calls in the next few days over what’s to be done about a replacement for Joe.

Who will that be? Hillary Herself has been suspiciously visible recently, and she’s looking a lot better than old Joe at this point. Gavin Newsom has great hair, and the train wreck that is the California economy has been, and will be, conveniently ignored by the legacy media if he’s on the ticket. Big Mike is many Dem’s dream pick, but he/she has repeatedly said no, most sources say. Of course, Big Mike might not have a choice in the matter, considering just what too many powerful Dems would face under Trump 47. Sauce for the goose lawfare, anyone? Only with real crimes like treason, election fraud, malfeasance, corruption, RICO violations….

Looked at from the “Joe’s gotta go!” perspective, this debate was a “success” for the Dems because it showed the nation that they’re perfectly justified in replacing Biden before (or at) their convention. There are signs here in Alabama that this may already be in the works. The conflict between U.S. Rep. Terri Sewell (D-AL7) and Alabama Democratic Party chair Randy Kelley over what Mr. Kelly called “racial shenanigans” by the DNC in replacing “81 bonafide Biden candidates” with delegates reportedly hand-selected by Sewell and the DNC could very well be setting up a convention floor bait-and-switch on the Democrat ticket.

Remember the Democrat superdelegates, and the inordinate power they have during the nomination process. If the superdelegates align, it will only take a handful of ordinary delegates to clinch the nomination. Is that number 81? Probably not…but it won’t be too many more than that.

I’m sure that over the next few days, we’ll see articles listing old Joe’s “mistakes” (lies, gaffs and whoppers). We’ll see something similar from the Left, trying to satisfy their base’s “Orange Man Bad” urges. Bless their little lefty hearts.

We’ll see speculations on the frequent changes in “Joe Biden’s” eyes, ears, chin, teeth, and skull morphology. It’s a fun little internet niche to watch, and I’ve seen one estimate that there have been as many as six versions of “Joe Biden” over the years. And, we’ll see guesses, educated and otherwise, on just what wonder drugs were pumped into Joe these last few days. Not that it matters, considering how poorly the cocktail worked, except as one more indication of just how low his current baseline really is. Sow’s ears and silk purses, after all.

If you were waiting on this debate to make up your mind about who to vote for in November? Please, do the nation a favor--don’t vote. You’re too uninformed, wishy-washy, and/or dainbramaged to be voting. Seriously. Please stay home on election day.

If you can’t compare the first three years of Trump 45 (before the plandemic was unleashed on us) and the last three years under Biden’s handlers and make up your mind based on that? Just stay home. Tear up the absentee ballot. Unscrew the cap on another bottle of Chardonnay or pop a Bud Lite and enjoy the day.

This debate didn’t change anyone’s mind about who they were going to vote for, and if the internet rumors are correct, that won’t matter at all. Old Joe came out, didn’t fall down, and was about the best version of him we can expect going forward, as sad and scary as that is. President Trump came out, didn’t let himself be baited by Tapper and Bash, and didn’t lose his cool. By any objective standard, Trump won the debate hands down, but we all know there won’t be any objective standards applied to it. Even my own calm, unbiased analysis might be viewed by some as showing favoritism, but that’s obviously just their own bias showing through. Bless their little hearts, too.

The important thing is that the debate happened. It’s over. The Dems have what they need, and Trump did a good, solid job. It was impressive kabuki theater--nothing more, nothing less.

Now, let the REAL games begin!

Dr. Bill Chitwood is a retired Child, Adolescent and Family Psychiatrist who does political consulting and media relations. He is the author of Beyond Maga, available on Amazon under his pen name, Doc Contrarian. He can be found on Substack and social media as @DocContrarian.

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