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Trump Dominates Debate 90 Minute Senior Moment for Biden

What we witnessed in this debate was nothing short of a political masterclass by President Trump and a disaster of Biblical proportions by Biden. Despite the deck being stacked against him, former President Donald Trump obliterated Joe Biden, who had spent the last seven days holed up in Camp David with sixteen advisors, meticulously prepped and rehearsed to the hilt. If this had been a heavy weight fight President Trump would have bee awarded a technical knockout 15 minutes into the debate. If Biden had a good corner man, he would have thrown in the towel.

Joe Biden, the supposed leader of the free world, who abandoned his presidential duties to spend an entire week in a secluded retreat, practicing how to stand for 90 minutes and memorizing canned responses. His team of sixteen advisors, including his former chief of staff Ron Klain and campaign co-chair Cedric Richmond, were there to hold his hand every step of the way. Yet, despite all this preparation, Biden came off as weak, confused, and utterly out of touch. As Trump San Francisco Fundraiser host David Sacks so apply stated: “All the king’s horses and all the king’s men couldn’t put Biden back together again.”

Contrast this with Trump, who did not waste time hiding away. Instead, he was out there, engaging with the American people often in blue strongholds, holding rallies, delivering speeches, and addressing real issues. His relentless campaign schedule showcased his stamina and commitment to leadership. Trump’s performance in the debate was a natural extension of his daily engagement with the public. He was sharp, commanding, and, most importantly, genuine.

Much to my surprise the CNN moderators were balanced and fair, so Trump’s dominance was evident from the start. He tackled every question head-on, exposing Biden’s record and failures with precision. Whether it was on the economy, immigration, or foreign policy, Trump’s responses were clear and assertive, leaving Biden stammering and struggling to keep up. Biden’s rehearsed lines fell flat, and his attempts to attack Trump were weak and unconvincing. Biden constantly looked lost and staring aimlessly into space mouth a gasp. As Sean Hannity stated, “Biden was the biggest train wreck in Presidential debate history.”

Throughout the debate, Biden frequently slurred his words, shifted between incoherent words and meaningless statements so often that the President actually had to state he “had no idea what Biden just said. I don’t think he does either.” His attempts to make a point were muddled and lacked clarity, leaving viewers struggling to follow his train of thought. In stark contrast, Trump was concise and always to the point, delivering his responses with clarity and confidence. His direct and unwavering communication style highlighted Biden’s erratic and often confusing performance, further underscoring the

disparity in their respective abilities to articulate their visions for America’s future.

Lost in Biden’s morass was one of the best lines in debate history was President Trump, a scratch golfer, showing his quick wit when Biden was telling a whopper about his golf game he merely stated” I have seen your swing you are not a six handicap.” Touche.

In the end Trump wiped the floor with Biden. The American people deserve a president who is strong, decisive, and capable of leading from the front. Last night’s debate proved once again that Donald Trump is that leader, while Joe Biden is nothing more than a weak incoherent puppet, manipulated and controlled by the leftist children around him. Joe Biden asked for this debate. As Linsey Graham so emphatically stated:

“We have seen enough no need for another debate.” The choice could not be clearer, it is time to Make America Great Again!

Perry O Hooper Jr is a former State Representative who writes columns on his political perspective and has been published in a number of publications around Alabama and beyond. He was an early supporter of Donald Trump and was the 2016 Trump Victory Chair.

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