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  • Millennial Musings - RHYTHM AND BLUES AND SHAME

    Ethan A. Wilkinson|Jan 1, 2019

    I stopped listening to R. Kelly’s music a few years ago after being introduced to his monstrousness when the abuse at his Atlanta-maximum-security-McMansion first made headlines; I simply didn’t know and hadn't bothered to learn about the shade around him until then, despite its ubiquity in the popular consciousness (highlighted by the famous Chappelle Show sketch). What the new 6-part docuseries “Surviving R. Kelly”—produced by Lifetime and over a year in the making before premiering its first...

  • MILLENNIAL MUSINGS (Or, the Terror of Climate Change)

    Ethan A. Wilkinson|Dec 1, 2018

    We would like to enjoy the world after you’re gone, please. And spare me the “well, it’s cold right here, right now, so it couldn’t possibly be warming in general” spiel. (By the way, this is the exact same argument that leads to people continuing to spank their children despite literally every single medical, psychological, and children’s group that has studied it saying it is terrible. The planet is getting hotter, and we are the cause. In the words of the report commissioned by the United...


    Ethan A. Wilkinson|Oct 1, 2018

    Hello. I am a millennial. I am 27 years old. I have $130,000 in student loan debt. That's a lot, I know. I work hard, make sacrifices, and have the good fortune to be employed in a profession where I have a reasonable opportunity to pay that money back in the next decade (I am an attorney). Still, I have the pleasure of being routinely lectured by my "elders" for being a lazy millennial. By the way-and this is a point that I and countless others of my peers cannot reinforce strongly enough-KIDS...