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Welcome Sheriff Elect Derrick Cunningham

First, let me start off my very first article in the Gazette by thanking the voters in Montgomery County for their overwhelming support and encouragement. I feel that I have been very fortunate in having the best trainer, mentor, and most of all, friend, for the past 16 years in preparation for the position of Sheriff of Montgomery County.

I would like to thank Sheriff D. T. Marshall for this opportunity to learn the responsibilities of this job from a dedicated law enforcement officer. I credit Sheriff Marshall with my victory of becoming the 39th Sheriff of Montgomery County. When the Sheriff won his first election back in 1998, he had the freedom of choice to select anybody in the United States to be his Chief Deputy. He selected me so I give him the credit for this victory for allowing me to prepare myself for this position. Sheriff Marshall and I have worked together since 1998 in the Sheriff's Office. I have had my hands in on every aspect of the Sheriff's Office. We have brought new technology, community programs, completed a new Detention Facility, organized various units such as Sex Offender Notification and were instrumental in establishing the Community Corrections program. I feel that together, Sheriff Marshall and I, have made the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office a law enforcement agency in which the citizens of Montgomery can take justifiable pride.

I will officially be sworn in on January 19, 2015. I hope to have the ceremony on Friday, January 16, 2015. I will then be ready to assume the duties of the office on Tuesday the 20th of January following the holiday on Monday.

I would like to remind the citizens of Montgomery County that our office will continue to have an open door policy related to any issues in our communities. We still want your input on how we can help you.

Many of the citizens in Montgomery have inquired as to the changes that will be made initially. Let me say that working as the Chief Deputy for the past 16 years has been great, and Sheriff Marshall has allowed me to run the day to day operations of our office. With that being said, I have already started making changes throughout my entire 16 years as Chief Deputy. I plan to continue on the road we began 16 years ago. With God's help, the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office will continue to be of service to the citizens of Montgomery County.


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