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Improving Our 2nd Amendment Civil Right in Alabama

As I’d like to make this an uncharacteristically short column, I’ll not address all the flawed reasoning from extremist who’ve successfully imposed the unconstitutional result we observe today. All FEDERAL gun laws are prohibited as guaranteed by our 2nd Amendment civil right. Republicans giving us the first unconstitutional gun laws in their successful effort to assert federal hegemony and set us on our soviet path are generally accepted by Lincoln apologists to be defended at all cost by pro-soviets. Even more effective destruction of our 2nd Amendment civil right are implemented by progressive jurists and lawmakers of the last century who did not want mostly poor and the disenfranchised able to defend themselves from pro-government thugs.

Whenever I suffer the hard to witness documents, pictures and statistics of progressive command and control governments (esp. National Socialist Germany) mass destruction of life, liberty and property, it is difficult not to recall it was accomplished over their citizens via restrictive gun laws. Gun laws of this sort imposed by NAZI Germany’s central govt. (much like our central govt.) reduced the ability of individual citizens as well as decentralized geo-political units to defend themselves from Berlin. Dare I type when soviets shill for even more federal gun laws to ‘save the children’ there are many other Alabamians who think of the millions of children murdered by progressive governments as their parents (and others) couldn’t defend themselves?

It is time for greater understanding our lives and freedom are in jeopardy from an increasingly out of control Moscow on the Potomac. Those who want to still devote effort, time and money trying to reverse our soviet result at the federal level - I wish you well, however small I see the probability of success over these far too entrenched extremists. Efforts to curb harm imposed by big govt. Extremists at the State and local level promise the best long-run outcomes. States who have the least distorted, unsubsidized economies will best weather future contraction(s) and/or collapse. Please make the effort to support electing local politicians who have the vision to help us through these difficult times ahead. The Riley/BCA model of more corporate welfare and unbridled/cancerous growth driven by politburo cronyism isn’t sustainable. This will bury many places (think Birmingham’s foolish sewer debacle) once the short-run feeding frenzy of greedy political sharks is over and the surviving little fish are on the hook to pay.

In the Spirit of protecting us from the hegemony of federal gun laws and further advancing and affirming our 2nd Amendment civil right as designed in the US Constitution, Alabama State Senator Gerald Allen of Tuscaloosa has proposed a change in our Concealed Carry of Firearms Law for the upcoming 2015 Legislative session. As many avid readers know, I hold our civil rights to firearms and property of greatest importance to advance the general welfare of citizens over special interest. Sen. Allen’s proposed change would adopt a Car Carry provision as in other States which recognize one’s automobile as an extension of their home property provision allowed for concealed carry of pistols. Sad most do not know concealed carry laws began to promote the positive externality disappearing today. With firearms no longer visible to outlaws, it discouraged armed crimes as it was less known who would be one(s) armed to defend themselves; others who chose to be unarmed benefitted from the increased probability there may be other armed citizens around to deter unlawful use of firearms.

Simply put this is a significant improvement for Alabama’s law with little projected change to local Sheriffs' income. This appears to be the biggest identifiable special interest group against the change, but I no longer trust much of anything out of my Sheriff who publically announces he ‘believes’ in public servants while under active grand jury investigation to later be indicted on multiple felony counts. Sadly, my locale in Alabama has become more interested in ticket quotas, red light cameras and special election tax increases (after failing multiple times on general election ballots) to increase revenue instead of ticketing reckless drivers, prosecuting rape, deterring murder from unlawful gun use, etc. on the rise with all the unhealthy/unsustainable growth we’ve endured. Some are cynical enough to assert law enforcement do not want reduced crime statistics improvements of this sort generate as it may lead to smaller budgets.

Gun enthusiasts want this change for several reasons. One scenario is a man with a concealed carry permit leaving a firearm in the auto then his wife takes the vehicle to the grocery store and back; if she does not have a permit, she is breaking the law. Another illustration arises under the recently adopted Parking Lot change in our concealed carry law allowing employees to keep a firearm in their car at work regardless of the employer’s desires or policy. Intertwined with reasoning one’s vehicle as an extension of their home, thus for personal protection so is the firearm.

Many proponents of this proposed change are Constitutional Carry enthusiasts who believe the 2nd Amendment allows ownership and carry to be totally protected and no state can restrict that Constitutional right. Again, this is not how the Constitution was designed to operate; it would be an improvement if the current extremist result of unconstitutional federal gun laws were reversed. Some seem comforted by recent recognition of the Absolute Right of Ownership and Personal Protection by the SCotUS guaranteed in our 2nd Amendment civil right, but I do not share their comfort. If that translated into repealing all federal gun laws to be determined by a State’s legislative process, I would see a ray of hope. Until then kudos to Sen. Allen for doing his job asserting the State of Alabama’s role on improving this important civil right. It is my sincere hope the usual cadre of good Senators (Brewbaker, Samford, Ward, Whatley, et al) who understand what’s at stake and sincerely care about our civil rights will support this proposed legislation.

Postscript: Sorry so many disliked my last column; I’m not asked to write to be liked, but to evoke thought. I remain a steadfast advocate of indicting and prosecuting corrupt liberals AND conservatives. Thanks to Frank Dillman who passed along some interesting observations about the House Rules Committee. Mike Jones was removed and Barry Moore (R) added as a new member. Moore is one of many embarrassments to our State, recently re-elected after investigations revealed him as one of the Hubbard machine henchmen in corrupt political ‘quid pro quo’ arrangements impeding our State. Not quite as vulgar as Republicans reinstalling Hubbard as ‘Spender of the House’ with 23 felony indictments filled with cronyism/corporate welfare, but nonetheless shameful.

Also of note in our neck of the woods, Pebblin Warren (D) was installed as a new member; she sponsored and carried legislation for tax increases in Auburn (rejected by voters) and Lee County (approved by a small voter turnout special election sham) so Speaker Mike Hubbard may hide from his despicable big government record. One may intuit her political payoff came shortly after the close of the session. Before the elections, Ms. Warren was appointed by Gov. Bentley to the Tuskegee University Board of Trustees and now a member of the powerful rules committee. It harkens back to the days of doing everything possible to keep Lowder on the AU BoT to be yet another ‘public servant’ embarrassment from football scandals to FDIC failures in our State to keep the graft churning.


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