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Attacks on Faith, Family, and Freedom

When America's Constitutional Republic was founded as a Christian Nation, the entire culture reflected Moral Absolutes. While it is true that not every citizen was what we call a “born again Christian believer,” everyone enjoyed the blessings of liberty brought to our shores, the fruit of moral absolutes. Our Republic was birthed by the Protestant Reformation and the Biblical mandate that formed courageous character.

Education was important from its inception. From the home school around the open fireplace, to the first New England "Dame" school in the most humble village, Biblical world views were taught. By the turn of the next century, Noah Webster was the foremost schoolmaster in America and his influence remains to this day. From the training of pastors to the teacher of reading, his definitions of the English language, are unmatched for clarity and Truth.

His definition of Education includes these words: “Education comprehends all that series of instruction and discipline which is intended to enlighten the understanding, correct the temper, and form the manners and habits of youth, and fit them for usefulness in their future stations. To give children a good education in manners, arts, and science is important, to give them a religious education is indispensable; and an immense responsibility rests upon parents and guardians who neglect these duties.” In speaking of manners and habits, he defines these as the “course of life: in a moral sense.” Webster's reference to religion is the Protestant Christianity, related to every subject.

In the early 20th Century, changes entered America's textbooks. The long proven Phonics as the best way to teach reading was cast aside and replaced by inferior and unproven experiments. History, the glorious history of Providence was cast aside for the new concepts evident in Social Studies. Even in the late 30's and 40's, parents were distressed over the Dick and Jane readers, boring and inferior, compared to what they had in school twenty five years earlier. Missing were the moral teachings of the Bible stories, which has helped form character for hundreds of years in education. By this time, Science had introduced Evolution, first as a “theory,” and then as “fact.”

What could be more damaging to children than to instill in them the idea that they are an “accident?” Darwin's theory has taken hold in the academic world, that all life has developed “accidentally” over eons of random interactions with chemicals and gases, with no life purpose, other than to survive. As preposterous as it seems, the leading universities in this once Christian nation embrace this atheistic philosophy.

By the time I was in college in the late 1940's, this arrogant philosophy had infiltrated every academic discipline. Children were in school many more hours than they were awake at home, or in church or synagogue. Is it any wonder that children from Christian homes were and are confused? And nearly 100 years later, is it any wonder that bewildered young people from Christian homes have walked away from the church in masses?

In 1964, the Sex Information and Education Council of the United States was formed in New York; a Tax Exempt Health Non-Profit. This organization, SIECUS, had a revolutionary plan to change all of Education through their program of Sex Education for all children and youth.

The Executive Director, Dr. Mary Calderone focused on radically new teaching materials for Sex Education in all schools. She had previously been the Medical Director of Planned Parenthood. Her husband, Dr. Frank Calderone, was a Chief Administrator for a number of years of the World Health Organization. The pair were known as “Ultra Liberal One Worlders.” Dr. Mary Calderone proudly believed that “everything that science knows about sexuality, our children should have access to.” She did not intend for teachers to be allowed to inject the restraints of “old fashioned morality.” Federal funds were made available to promote the agenda, as she traveled the states teaching educators. Some of the people associated with SIECUS had earlier been identified with the Communist Party, according to the records of the House Committee on Un-American Activities (as early as 1955 and up to 1968).

Many of the programs were presented through schools as “Family Life Education.” Parents complained about these as being "lewd" and relating the most intimate sexual experiences to very young children. Descriptions of slides presented cannot be described in this article out of respect for children.

Let it be known that the lessons were an open invitation for children to experiment with Sex. The textbook contents have increasingly become more obscene over the last decades. Parents who hold to moral absolutes are looked upon as totally “out of date,” and unrealistic by these one-world educators. They were working passionately throughout the 1960’s on their agenda. The Congressional Record of June 26, 1968, mentions Dr. Albert Ellis, Director of the Institute for Rational Living, Inc. He was the author of “Sex Without Guilt” and also, “The Case for Sexual Liberty.” In the drive for new sexual freedom for America's youth, you will find the names of Dr. Isadore Rubin, the editor of SEXOLOGY magazine, and Dr. Lester Kirkendall, prominent in the American Humanist Association. To him, any moral absolute was unthinkable. These are some of the leaders who built the movement to capture American culture through government schools. To these people, “sex without guilt” includes: adultery, sex perversion, and premarital sex relations. Organizations prominent in the business world have continually assisted with funds and promotions for decades, while major funding has been the government from the top.

Speakers were bold in praising Sweden for their approval of vast freedom to young people to enjoy “sexual activities without shame..” Look Magazine reported (November 15, 1966) that “most high school Swedes regard premarital sex as natural and acceptable.”

Many honorable people were ignorant of the content promoted and believed that a Sex Education program in schools might reduce sexual activity among teens. However, without a moral foundation, without a strong sense of “right and wrong,” how could they expect moral choices?

Another name to remember is Dr. Joseph Fletcher, “religious” author of “Situation Ethics---The New Morality.” He urged amending the Commandments: “Thou shalt not covet, ordinarily. Thou shalt not kill, ordinarily. Thou shalt not commit adultery, ordinarily.” There were to be no rules; everything would depend on the situation. He also, was associated with the Communists, according to the House Committee on Un-American Activities. The New Morality in American Schools is based on Situation Ethics. What is right for me, might not be right for you. There is really no absolute right or wrong. How prevalent is this attitude in today's culture? Far more than we choose to believe.


Dr. Melvin Anchell, world renown Jewish Psychiatrist from California, was an expert and published author on Human Sexuality. Called on by California legislators who had complaints about textbook content in the classrooms, Dr. Anchell sounded the alarm as to the damage to children. He explained that the physical component of sexual activity must be inseparably fused with spiritual and mental needs. When researching the way that sex education was presented in the classroom, Dr. Anchell wrote the Legislators, “It may just as well give the same children guns and a cache of ammunition with the admonishment not to use them.” He continued to speak and publish and sound alarms.

It was my great privilege to work closely with Dr. Melvin Anchell for several years in the 1980's when we both worked for Protect America's Children. I witnessed his expertise in both writing and in active testimonies in courtrooms in America, to protect children from sexual abuse and other dangers. Later, the Hoffman Education Center published a book which he authored, titled. “What's Wrong with Sex Education?”

Much of the content of school textbooks is too pornographic for me to quote, but it is easily researched.


A Long process.

Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion or prohibiting the exercise thereof.”

Alabama was one of the strongest voices in the Opposition to the removal of School Prayer from schools. Alabama teachers were vocal in their opposition. Parents in Baldwin County were among the most vocal finding bias in Alabama textbooks. Parents from other towns and counties joined in the exposure of false and demeaning content in school texts. But the removal of School Prayer in (1962), generated alarm and fear for the children and their future in this “land of the free.”

In reviewing textbooks used in Alabama, Dr. Paul Vitz, professor of psychology and history at New York University, exclaimed, “that Alabama history and social studies textbooks convey a message that religion is irrelevant or that it more or less doesn't exist.”

School textbooks would be challenged in the October 6, 1986 - March 1987 trial held by District Judge W. Brevard Hand in Mobile. An earlier case involving School Prayer took place in 1981 when Ishmael Jaffree challenged Alabama's School Prayer Laws. Hundreds of people were involved in this case, and the State Board of Education, the defendant, declined to sign a pre-trial settlement agreement. The prayer advocates contended that the teaching of Humanism, a man centered theory (religion) rejects the teaching of Christianity and Judaism. People for the American Way and the American Civil Liberties Union entered the case as “intervenors.” Taking the leading role for the prayer advocates, then attorney Tom Parker and attorneys Tom Kotouc and Bob Sherling were assisted by The Freedom Council Foundation of Chesapeake, Virginia.

The people of Alabama have consistently stood for America's Christian Founding and the Rule of Law articulated in the Constitutions of the national and state governments. Their voice was loudly heard when 81% of Alabamians stood for traditional marriage in a state constitutional amendment. Our Alabama Supreme Court has been valiant in interpreting the laws of our nation. It is not their role to rewrite new laws. They have held to the standards to protect law, life and liberty. The greatest jurist of the Founding Era, Judge William Blackstone, would applaud them. It is the judges on the federal benches across the land that have placed their hand on the Bible, and then, denied the God of the Bible as the Source of Truth and Law.

A friend in California called to say, “Thank you Alabama, for taking a stand for us all. If you fail, we all fail.” Thank you, Alabama Supreme Court. As a retired History teacher, I am one of many Alabamians blessed and encouraged by your opinion.

The following list of rulings against “We the People” clearly reveals the attack on Faith, Family and Freedom -- war declared on moral absolutes by unelected federal judges:

A verbal prayer in school is unconstitutional, even if non-denominational and voluntarily participated in Engle v. Vitale, 1962, Abington v. Schempp, 1963.

Freedom of Speech and Press is guaranteed to students UNLESS the topic is religious, at which time such speech is unconstitutional. Stein v. Oshinsky,1965; Collins v. Chandler Unified School District, 1981.

Kindergarten children may not recite “God is great. God is Good, let us thank Him for our food.” Wallace v. Jaffree, 1984.

It is declared unconstitutional to hang a plaque of The Ten Commandments in the classroom because it might lead children to read and meditate and perhaps obey them. Stone v. Graham, 1980;

Ring v. Grand Forks Public Schools Dist.1980, and Lanner v. Wimmer, 1981.

“If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?” Psalm 11:3

“Be on your guard, stand firm in the faith; be courageous; be strong.” 1 Corinthians 16:13

“And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” John 8:32


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