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Roby, Rogers Visit Maxwell for Cyber College Update

Maxwell Air Force Base is taking its reputation as the “Intellectual and Leadership Center of the Air Force” to the next level as it expands into the realm of cyber warfare.

U.S. Representatives Martha Roby and Mike Rogers, whose districts include parts of Montgomery, visited Maxwell on Friday for a briefing from Lt. Gen. Steve Kwast, Commander and President of Air University, on plans to establish the Air Force Cyber College on campus.

Gen. Kwast’s vision for the new college is bringing the best and brightest minds in cyber techno-logy and strategy to Air University to offer instruction in this emerging front of global warfare. By connecting the region’s existing data infrastructure and significant intellectual resources, the Air Force Cyber College could soon be a catalyst for major economic development opportunities as well.

Rep. Roby said this exciting new venture was critical for the future of the Air Force.

“The cyber war is here, and many believe we are already struggling to keep up,” Rep. Roby said. “It seems like every day you hear about new attacks or breaches, and our adversaries are growing bolder. If Russia or China built a new fleet of bombers, we would absolutely make sure our military had the proper resources to deter that new threat. So why wouldn’t we now do everything possible to combat the growing cyber threat?

“I appreciate Gen. Kwast’s vision and leadership on this issue. It is clear we have a tremendous asset for Maxwell in Gen. Kwast, and I look forward to supporting his efforts in Congress.”

Congressman Rogers was impressed by the collaboration taking place to make this cyber initiative a reality.

“I was pleased to see the Cyber College collaborating with different entities across the state to allow the sharing of data and information at rapid speeds. It's a dangerous world and our war fighters need the best tools available. I am proud to see this cutting edge initiative taking place in Alabama."

For more information on Air University and the Air Force Cyber College, visit

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Don’t Forget the Economy

I’m glad the Congressional calendar allows me time in the month of August to travel around the 2nd District and visit with constituents. Listening to the cares and concerns of those I represent is a critical part of my job because it allows me to be a better voice for you in Washington.

With all that is going on in the world, there is no shortage of issues to discuss. One important issue I don’t want Americans to lose sight of is the economic challenges that we still face. I’ve talked a lot about the “squeeze” that hits hardworking taxpayers when incomes remain stagnant while the costs of goods and services rise.

That’s why I’ve spent time over the last week meeting with those who are sometimes affected the most by economic uncertainty: those who operate or work at small businesses, including the construction industry. I’ve visited with the Alabama Associated General Contractors in Dothan and Montgomery, met the Greater Montgomery Area Homebuilders in Millbrook, and held roundtable discussions with gatherings of small business operators in Headland and Prattville organized by the National Federation for Independent Businesses.

These groups each have unique issues. However, at every meeting and in each conversation, one common theme emerges: the burden unnecessary federal regulations place on their ability to operate, grow and create jobs.

Many times homebuilders are the "canaries in the coal mine" for economic conditions. General contractors and their employees face a great deal of uncertainty due to Washington’s inability to enact a comprehensive infrastructure plan. Small business owners bear the brunt of the "regulatory state," with red tape from Washington tying them up at every turn.

I can't tell you how valuable it is for me to listen directly to those who sign the front of the paycheck about how they are affected by federal policies. It allows me to bring real stories back to Washington and push for common sense solutions.

What are those solutions? For one, Congress has to aggressively push back on the “regulatory state” by exposing unnecessary regulations and limiting the Obama Administration’s ability to implement them. Also, it’s time to pass a comprehensive infrastructure plan that provides certainty for how our roads and bridges are going to be funded over the long term. And, we need to restore welfare-to-work policies that encourage citizens to join the workforce and then connect them with quality job training programs when they get there.

Homegrown Alabama businesses are the backbone of our economy. Sometimes it is an uphill battle, but I’m proud to advocate on behalf of those who operate or are employed at small businesses in Congress.

Martha Roby represents Alabama’s 2nd Congressional District. She is currently serving her third term.


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