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The Tragedy of a Welfare State

In a free society, welfare of any description is never a legitimate function of government. It is in fact, an important element of communism-i. e. "From each according to his abilities and to each according to his needs." It might seem like a great idea to some people, but Russia, North Korea, and several others have proven that it is both an economic and social disaster.

Our founding fathers would have never considered even one of the numerous welfare programs that currently consume trillions of our tax dollars, and have in fact, radically increased poverty instead of relieving it.

Up until the 1930's, people who immigrated to America did so to escape the heavy hands of oppressive governments and be free to work for themselves and earn their livings. Nobody even dreamed of handouts from any level of government. However, they did enjoy the benefits of much lower taxes and nearly nonexistent regulations. But beginning with FDR's "New Deal," various "relief" programs became established, and over the years, they have expanded into the jungle of money-draining, morale-destroying abominations we have today.

Through ignorance, many people now believe it would be cruel if we eliminated our government-run welfare programs. They envision children starving, living in shacks, and never getting educated. Today, through government-run education and their own parents, children are actually being taught that public assistance is necessary for a civilized society.

Call it "tough love" if you wish, but the absence of all government-run public assistance is a crucial recipe for everybody's prosperity. Free people are expected to take care of their own affairs and earn their own livings, not be moochers and beggars, and certainly not robbers who use the force of government to extort resources from their fellows.

What about the truly needy-those who are disabled or otherwise unable to survive without help? That is why we have charities and churches in the private sector. They are far more efficient in managing their funds and sorting the truly needy from the mooching riffraff.

Today, we are swamped with millions of illegal aliens. Yes, some come to earn honest livings. But our huge and numerous public assistance programs attract endless hordes who come and receive massive quantities of "freebies."

Here on the home front, we have another invasion-reckless child bearing. Many welfare programs, along with portions of our tax codes, offer endless incentives for people to bear excess children so they can receive more benefits. This creates an explosive surge in the welfare classes as future generations expand exponentially.

These wasted resources help nobody. They only provide a portal into slavery. The very existence of welfare gives people the attitude, "Why work for a living and pay taxes when I can get on relief and get it for free-food, housing, utilities, health care, child care, and just about anything else?"

People on welfare are parasites, pure and simple. Not only are they unproductive, they have little to keep them busy. But they do have ample time to make nuisances of themselves and perform demonstrations to demand even more and support political candidates who will do just that.

Life on welfare is undesirable in every respect. It is a life of destitution and dependency-unable to take care of oneself and unable to produce. Since FDR, and especially since the days of Lyndon Johnson's "Great Society" in the mid-1960's, the percentage of our population on public assistance has skyrocketed. Some sources say that it is now approaching 50%, a dangerous tipping point where the people who vote for their livings will out number and out vote the productive sector of our population. Should that ever happen, then American civilization is primed for a catastrophic collapse.


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Steve writes:

What complete and utter rubbish. What ignorance and uncompassionate selfishness. Totally lacking in empathy or compassion.