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"I am writing about a lady, one of God's angles. She is a very caring person. Nineteen years ago my grandson was born. His mother went to prison and his father died. Mrs. ___ took him in as her own and raised him and he graduated. God was always there. He was in an accident, she continues to care for him. She really is a mother by God's blessing and my grandson is so lucky. Thank God for Mrs. ____."

Ft. Deposit, AL.

"I think ______should be one of the $100 winners because he is handicapped and disabled and disabled born like that and is having trouble paying his bills and supporting himself"

Montgomery, AL.

"A Servant's Heart" "I want you to know of my mother, _____, 70 years old and has a heart to serve people. My mother has served God, family, friends, and community selflessly and with no regard to her own well being. She single-handedly took in a homeless man show as found laying on her porch years ago and continues to help him. She bakes for numerous events in the community... My mother has never sought accolades, but continues to trust in the Lord for her blessings, unselfish loveing kindness, compassion, etc. is my mother."

Pike Road, AL.

"I would like to nominates my daughter...She is a very amazing woman. She volunteers for anything at Wetumpka Elementary School. ... She collected over 1,000 can goods for the Elmore County Food Bank. I have a lot of medical issues, she has been my shoulder to lean on, my tears to fall on, and my heart to carry me thru each day. She is also an amazing mother."

Wetumpka, AL.

"_____ goes out, over and under and beyond the call of duty to help anyone in need. She got sick...did not let her go back to work... off her job of almost 31 years... she was put on disability. She continued to help people... a beautiful person inside and out... She continued to help others. She is a very lovable person and is liked and loved by everyone."

Goshen, AL.

"I would like to nominate a special friend...she is a 32 years old single mother

to twelve year old twins. She has a true and pure heart for serving the Lord. She at times struggles to keep food on the table for growing twins after paying all the bills. ....when I am feeling low she is there to lend a ear, a shoulder to weep on and give encouraging words. I have and will be in prayer that she is one of the nominees for this precious gift."

Montgomery, AL.

"I would like to nominate ____. She is raising two little girls (not hers) after

own children are grown. She does a wonderful job for the children (with no assistance), but also aids friends and neighbors who are home bound. She is 64 years old and has serious health issue, but never fails to help others if at all possible. Thanks you for considering this sweet soul.

Ramer, AL.

"We wish to nominate _____. She deserves this for her unselfish work in giving to others in South Montgomery County. ..she provides services for her neighbors when they ave family crisis...takes home cooked meals, delicious cakes and reading materials to their homes. She is such a sweet, positive personality...this personality is probably her greatest service."

Pine Level, AL.

Other excerpts from previous letters...

"young child very sick-spent all money for doctors and hospitals."

"rough family life..."bad lungs" homeless.."

"she lives by herself, has had cancer...can hardly meet her bills, lost her husband about a month ago, had surgery on her would be appreciated,,"

"This family could use some help for the holidays. only a parttime job... have a 2 yr. old... could use it for Christmas. ..."we are living off of one husband receives disability... I'm sick, but I still want to work... don't think we will be having a Christmas this year...would appreciate if someone could help us."


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