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"Beautiful in God's Timing"

Happy Spring! Time to open up the house and let the sunshine in. Perhaps, grab a few dozen trash bags, go through all the closets and the attic, and throw away everything that has cluttered up the house.

I decided this spring I needed to clear the junk out of my head first. Only a few months into the New Year, and I already had too much on my mind. I still had a lot of questions built up from the past few year. God, why did this happen? Why did I pray for this, and it still fell apart? Why, God, why? The questions were piling up, and no answers were in sight to help with the mess. “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven” Ecclesiastes 3:1.

We are reminded that every season of life is purposeful. We will face times of great difficulty and times of great joy. We will experience seasons of hard work and seasons of plenty. And if we’ll let Him, God wants to use each of these seasons to teach us something new about who He is and how much He loves us

We will never wrap our minds around what God has planned from the beginning to the end. But our attitude toward life changes when we learn to see good times and bad times as opportunities to grow closer to our Heavenly Father. As we learn to trust Him, we begin wholeheartedly enjoying the good times because we’re not worried about what’s coming next. And, we start to embrace the bad times knowing God is with us and

He will make everything beautiful in its time.

Many Blessings!


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