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Why can't guns be removed or something done to prevent this gun violence?

I am as truly horrified as you over the senseless killing of others especially when it involves random attacks on multiple people. However, there are several arguments against tighter gun restrictions, plus being unconstitutional.

First lets put it in perspective; murder by gun this year over 5,200. Yep, that’s a lot. This year for alcohol caused deaths it is over 45,000 and drunk driving over 15,500. Is it the alcohol that makes someone pick it up and drink it? There would be over 60,000 people still in the U.S. (some innocent victims of those using alcohol to excess) if it weren’t for alcohol. Maybe we really need to focus on alcohol legislation more? Over 115,000 deaths from medical errors. Do we need more legislation to control medical personnel or maybe avoid hospital stays since there were over 45,000 deaths attributable to being in the hospital this year so far? Deaths from prescription drug overdose topped murder by gun thus far, in at almost 6,900. Over 160,000 tobacco related deaths and about 141,000 obesity related deaths. Do we outlaw tobacco, legislate it more? Not that, our President is a smoker! Do we legislate fast food places more? And the biggest cause of death is purely intentional, over a half million Americans died at the hands of an abortionist.

I belong to the NRA and I enjoy shooting guns and an occasional bird hunt. And I have it to protect my family and me, hoping I never have to use it. The Second Amendment says, A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed. Some argue that the purpose of the Amendment has to do with arming militias. Historically I have never been aware that to be the only reason in this country. The United States is one of the least restrictive countries when it comes to gun ownership.

In England where you cannot own a gun, you will recall the recent attack and death of a Member of Parliament. While she was stabbed she was also shot by some type of gun that was reported to either have been antique or home made. Great Britain has a lot of problems with knife violence, reported by one Brit to be almost epidemic. When the guns are removed a murderer can always find another weapon. Maybe a knife might not have killed as many in Orlando but what if the terrorist had instead taken a pressure cooker type bomb into the Orlando club? How many deaths would there have been? Maybe many more than 50. Notice that many of these cowards strike where they know people are defenseless and without guns. Look at Russia where guns were removed from the citizens under Stalin and it is reported that as many as 40 million Russians lost their lives when they could not defend themselves or in China where the Communists removed guns and it is reported that as many as 50 million died who could not defend themselves and the Jews in an occupying Nazi Germany who lost their right to bear arms and their 6 million deaths.

Many on the left talk about the ease of buying a gun. Neil Steinberg, a writer for the Chicago Sun Times decided to buy an AR in Illinois to prove his point last month. There is a mandatory 24-hour wait time. He paid for the gun and waited to go back, maybe shoot it at a range a few times and then give it to the local police. The surprise came when he was called and told his application for gun ownership was rejected and his money refunded. It seems he has had a problem with alcohol and hitting his wife. No AR for you!

The deaths caused through the use of a gun are tragic; some are murder, some accidental, and some suicides. Guns don’t just jump up and shoot people any more than alcohol forces itself down someone’s throat to die a slow death. Yes we need to keep guns from those that are likely to harm themselves or others but we have to figure out how to protect our liberties and pray that God will protect us from ourselves.

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